Saturday, 24 December 2011

It's Christmas.....It's Love....It's Truth...

It's love when there are no bondages ....
It's love when you're not expected to be what you're not..
It's love also when friendship runs through it's every vain...

It's love when it's in all purity ..nothing but The Truth!!

Thinking about love on Christmas is nothing out of the way....
It's Christmas....It's lots of love....
It's truth....
Merry Christmas all you wonderful people....

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Life is (beautiful) like that part unknown IV

While for sure your positive attitude can help you cope up with the sorrows of life in a better way but it sure can take your determination and strong will to get, want , make something happen by any means a long ride. But beware let not the opposite of optimism here be cynicism or pessimism. They but weaken you too.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Why the STRESS??

>> "I love him soo much but would he think I was an easy catch if I give in so early?"

>> If I don't show off my money would she think I am poor?

>> "I'm gaining a lot of weight these days. Would he go after someone with those sexy curves?"

>> "If I tell her about all that I've done in the past would she leave me and go?"

>> "If I don't cook well would he find it difficult to live with me?"

>>"If I don't remember her birthday would she think I don't love her?"

>> " I feel sooo damn sexy today...would he thnk I'm sluttish If I just do what I feel like?"

>>"If I don't tell her that she's the best girl I've ever met would she be hurt?"

>>" My hair is so messy ahhhhh I just need to go to some place and make it okay".

>>"If I cry would she think I am a coward?"

>> "If I mail/message/call him first would he think am sucha leech ?"

I have been through a few of them (I won't lie) and the rest I've seen gals and guys I know and others around me doing.

Why do we play mind games??

Why can't we be honest in love?

Why can't a girl or a boy be as (s)he likes?

Why can't (s)he be more relaxed in a relationship?

Why can't sometimes she look ugly?

Why can't sometimes he just tell you that he's not as strong as he appears to be?

Why cant she look fat sometimes?

Why cant he tell her that he can't affort that perfume for her.


I have this certain friend who is trying to be to be someone she's not. WHy?
It's because her boyfriend wants someone like "that".

I have this another friend who thinks he needs to get his girlfriend everything she asks for else she'd just feel what a poooooor chap she's with.

I surely don't deny that adjustments are a BIG part of a relationship.

I completely agree that once you are in love you surely do forget yourselves.

You do get up in the middle of the night sometimes to make tea for your loved one. You do need to miss your favorite show to attend a party that's important of that special someone. You do sometimes stay awake whole night when (s)he is ill. But all that's done out of the unconditional love factor.

What I don't agree to is when all these sacrifices come from just one end. Be it a man or a woman.

Though mostly Women (That's not important here).

Why has it to be the either one??Can't it be divided as well??

Why so much of stress??

Can't you be calm?? Can't you just take it easy??


ps:) I need your valuable inputs to this!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Life is (beautiful) like that part unknown IV

If someone could give you all the freedom in the world then either that someone loves you a lot and is afraid of losing you or he/she is a bit too indifferent.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Relationships "Two"

Back to love and relationships :P
Someone told me that I am good t it. Go spy :P
Two things..just two li'l things that matter :D

1.Don't change!!
This one I guess is pretty girly :P I mean girls always have this complaint that the men in their life change after they commit themselves seriously. Until then it is a dreamy idealistic world. But only later on do realities come is. They find that they give them lesser time. The romance is all gone. The care the perfect things are all gone...The expectations are too high and am sure many women have to "ADJUST" with things coming on to them later on. Of course they do get irritated a lot of times. Lose temper.
The one thing that men can do here is... be real always do. Be honest. Women do have the courage to accept a man as he is. They do have the courage to accept realities and practical life as it comes. GO SLOW. Let her not have to adjust later because she's caught. Let her know you well and then only commit.

2. Don't try to change!!
This is pretty boyish! Let me explain. Men always complain of a thing like this. I've often seen that women think that they can change a man into a completely new person. Someone who keeps his things in place. Someone who is a gentleman n so on. Stop him from being with his buddies. Stop him from his occasional stress release drinking parties...That's not fine at all. You loved him for what he is. His good and bad all are yours. And everyone needs time out of a relationship.. SPACE you know? And yes it's good that the house remains in a mess sometimes. It looks awesome that way. It's good that he's out with his buddies sometimes  you have your very much needed private time.

I bet these two things need to change! The CHANGE has to come in without actually "changing".

ps:) you can add up your points as well.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Controlling the urge!

Writing after a while. And this time not on "Love" :P
The urge(s) I'm talking about in the title is....

1. The urge to show off. To make people believe you're no less. No doubt every single person in this world has it. OK lets not stray. What I'm trying to say is how necessary it is sometimes/always to control the urge to show off. 
A little incident I'd like to share. I was in Rajasthan till this june 14th. Living in a very small place called Suratgarh. Tiny you might want to call it.
What happened was a couple of years ago the owner of a big provision store opened a super market in our city. It was all well built...looked awesome...and no less than any of the big outlets that you might find in the bigger cities. We weren't much aware of it. But since it was on the way where dad and I usually went for morning walk we both just once decided to try that place. Found it good. It was cheaper.  We kept going again and again.But one day while just stepping out of the SM, I told dad that I wasn't very much comfortable with all the "rich" people coming there with all their put on . I wasn't very much comfortable to speak English just to show that I was no less posh. And not surprisingly dad felt the same.  Since that day we never went there.  Well there have been hundreds of such situations in my life where I've failed to control that urge. But yes there have been a lot of times when I've controlled it. I've felt good about it.  It's a beautiful feeling when you aren't bound to show off. You aren't bound to slavery actually.

2. And the second is the urge I'd not thought about when I began writing  but which struck me while writing the above. It's nothing but doing something for others who're may be dearest ones or may be not so close and not letting them know how much you did for them. The Bible says let not your left hand know about the charity/good you right hand does. So I think not letting everyone and particularly that person know that you did something for them is a great virtue. Difficult indeed! But that's why it's called a virtue. and I wouldn't like to share any incidents with this one for the very purpose of the virtue.

ps:) Written in haste :P just ignore the typos :P be kind hearted :P

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Love is like....

Love is like a bird they say...You adore it so much.... it's so cute... You want to hold it tight... cuddle it to death...but then all you need is to let it be free...let it be happy...may be just watch it from afar watch it being happy.... and then somehow you find it coming and sitting near you wanting to get that touch from you...That's when you can actually call it love. That's when it starts blooming...
That's when it's a pleasure for both and not just one...

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Life is (beautiful) like that part unknown III

Loving someone is but gradually moving to being your real self before that someone..

Tuesday, 27 September 2011


He: Hey darlingggggg...
She: Public mei sansani ek baar karne do??
He: No I need your gmail password.
She: Okie why spy?
He: Naaahhh I trust you u know.. Just like that..
She: Ok *********
He: Why r u being so mean?
She: just like that.

To all guys and gals who ask their love for their passwords.

ps:) Dreamt this :P

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Addicted or Loving are you?

Definition of addiction. Meri nazar se addiction ko dekho :P

To define addiction would be difficult for me as I doubt if I qualify for it at all. (I'm lying :P)
Ok lets take a chance. :P
  • If you check someone's SMS more than 5 times to find out what he/she wants to actually say through it then you are addicted.
  • If the first thing you do when you open facebook is checking his or her profile then be sure you are addicted. Provided this happens almost daily. Tera kya hoga kaaliya?
  • If you always read his or her mail first ignoring everything else even a good job offer mail or any other important mail. Then trust me it's going to be tough for you in the coming days.  To get over him/her.
  • If you type his or her name in google and keep searching for anything and evrything what he or she does or did. Then don't ask me where you've reached with this.
  • If you keep checking (I mean SPYING) who all he/she talked to specially people from the opposite sex and ask him/her later about them or even if you don't ask him/her but feel terribly bad when he's/she's away from you for a while. Situation is critical dear.
  • If any thing from him or her be it just a miss call(which his/her li'l nephew must have accidently dialed,about which he /she tells you later) can give you relief...can give you lots of happiness because you think he's or she's lying and is just not ready to express him/her self.Doctorrr!! 
  • And finally if you introduce him/her to a friend of yours just to check whether she's/he's going to stray. My dear you have lost it

    These seem to me like the after effects of LOVE(yah of course I've written them don't yah even doubt :P)

    But then I can see a fine line between these two.Love and addiction I mean.
    That line is called trust. But that doesn't mean you don't do all the above. You sure do. But with trust :P
    ps:)  if the person you love is cheating upon you what much can you do?
    Ok fine emotional attyachar right?? :P but after that? Ok sit and cry?

    pps:) I
    dreamt about this post in the 2.5 hours of sleep I got :P
              So bear with it.
              thanking you.
              In advance :P

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Chat with a kamina :P

 Some hilarious morning conversations with a crazy kamina friend.  She: gud morning yaar
He: very gud morning yaari :P  ************************

She: hahahah......aur kya haal shaal h?
He: bas chal raha he
She: tum bas chalaate ho ?:o :P ************************
She: lolz
mei aati abhi Bbsrpitoge
lolzzzz :PHe: aaja aaja
chipkali ka godown pe chod dunga tujheme tera khoon NAHI piunga
She saale
:Pbtw kyun?
He: it sucks
She: tera scented hei kya?
:P **********************

She: ek baat poochu
it's very personal
He: pooch
OMG :s

She: Hmmmm wat PC do ya own? :P
He: mujhe pata tha grrrrr x(
She: :P:P
He: my PC
She: hahaha
slept off??
He: sexxxyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
He: continue karoon??
rehne de
bacchi he tu
She: baccha hoga tu
:Pmeeee adult
continue karo ji

ps:) wanted to start the day on a positive note :))

Monday, 22 August 2011

Life is (b'ful) like that part unknown III

While a woman can give birth to a child a man can determine it's sex...God was never partial!!

Friday, 12 August 2011

Love that is...

In the tense vicinities and pressure to get through the rat race..
With weary arms and a tired soul...

When you find someone to give you a tight hug...
That's Love
When you can just drench someone's lap with your tears...
That's Love
When you can just tell someone "I need you".
That's Love

Love that is...

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Why I was named Priyadarshini Joyce...

I am a bit confused about where to start from. Maybe because I am going to write about something about which I've just heard and not actually been there even after being very much there...

So Priyadarshini Joyce...
Why was I named so?
When I was a li'l girl many people used to fool me saying "Itni si ladki aur itna bada naam".(Such a big name for such a small girl).

Of course that's not the case now though :P It's more the other way round. Ok lets not go there. :P
There were many a times when at school I used to just say Priya instead of the whole name. My friends used to fool me to the maximum.

It's just now I guess after 20 years of life on this Earth have I been able to mention my full name to people may be because I now know why my dad named me so.
It's not what I thought. It's not because he saw I was a beautiful baby that he named me so...
The inspiration comes from the emperor Ashoka.
The title Priyadarshi was given to him. This actually means "He who regards everyone with affection"
My name is just a feminine form of it which comes to Priyadarshi-ni. ( Joyce(means bliss) is a beautiful Christian name...that he added to it)
Something to be very happy about.

So all you dear friends...who are proud to be called by their name...should please do this tag like thing...just to let us know what it means and of how much value it is to you.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Thursday, 7 July 2011

It's been a while...

It's been a while I've had a real laugh....fake ones, I keep showering them...
It's been a while I've cursed the heat...It's pretty cooooool now...
It's been a while I've stood at my gate ... I don't step out of my house much now...
It's been a while I've seen street dogs... They kill them here...
It's been a while I've got excited on seeing the raindrops... It rains every five minutes now...
It's been a while I've had a dust allergy.... it is...
It's been a while I've been with my best of friends... I miss them...

Nature and it's ways...
But I don't want amnesia/Alzheimer's please :P

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Dilemma!

There is a dilemma about you...
I come closer I wonder if you are the one...
I move a bit away I wonder why you are in my thoughts...
I try to come closer again...
No no... " it has to be with violins playing in the vicinity. It has to be honest. It has to be truthful. It has to be pure ".
I move away...
And I dream of you...

I pray...
Yet from some where you seep in...
I stop. And I never ever give in again.
My soul weeps.
I don't, even on the pew.
And so there is a dilemma about you.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

She ......concluding part

ps: posting the concluding part after almost a year.
for She part 1  chk this ... it's small enough :P


Thought then she....
"yes I cried...
yes it pained...
yes I expected more...yes I yearned more...
yes I hoped...
yes deep down I believed you were mine"

Sad yes she was...human ain't it?
Expectations made her cry...human ain't it?
She let in....she hoped....she trusted....
human ain't it?

Pure it was...
Introspected she..
"Me it was"
Then came someone...
who kissed her ..but asked for a kiss back..
who hugged her back....
who let her be her...
who never said "I miss you"
but only asked "do u miss me?"
who never wore a chain with her name or carried a wallet with her pic
but who was always just a ring away...
who forgot to wish her "happy Birthday"
but wanted to cut the cake with her....
who was weird and crazy...
but who was close...
who was special...
who was her love...
Ideal in no sense...
but yet the one....
yet the one...

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Life is (beautiful) like that part -unknown

Often you may not be able to prove your theories to the world...
But do you need to ?
that's the question.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Happy B'day Daddy!

There can be no one else who I copy so much. There can be no one who I admire so much. There can be no one who amazes me so much.
And above all there can be no one either who I argue with so much. :P

To be his daughter has been and would always be special.

For all those songs in English and Hindi and even Latin that he used to sing to put me to sleep at night after a tiring whole day’s work.
For all those unnecessary demands of mine which he agreed to.

All those walks to the school bus stop which had that essence of his philosophy, psychology and lots more.

For all those speeches and assignments he wrote for me.

For all those times he kept awake for me whole night just because I had to wake up at 5 am in the morning to study for exam and our alarm clock wasn’t working.

For being a walking encyclopaedia available with almost anything at any time of the day.

For always having told me the truth behind everything even at a very small age when I couldn’t understand the depth of it but now when I look back I can understand. It would have been very easy for him if he scared or scolded me to make me do things. He chose the difficult but surely the best way and I am glad that he did.

For having treated me as a mature being and for giving me my space.

In true sense he’s my best buddy…now that doesn’t mean I don’t respect him.
I am not scared of him. I love him and so I respect him.

He’s someone who I know will always support me what come may.

He I know will always be someone who’ll still have high hopes from me even if I screw up my life.

He’s also someone who thinks I am his son as well as daughter. Well that’s why  I guess my friends always see me buying things from the market,  paying bills, doing the dishes and even dusting and cleaning up the house. :P

For all those times he stood against illegal practices in his own small way.

And above all, for having always kept me as a princess. :)

It needs courage to be someone like him. And it’s a matter of great pride for me to be his daughter.

Happy birthday Daddy.
Wish you lots n lots of tension because of me in this “new year” of your life. :P

Ps: Am sure he's going to find out my grammatical mistakes in this too :D

Friday, 18 February 2011

Intezaar khoobsoorat banaa hi doge...

Waiting for you is but...a Pleasure

Aaj phir ummeed hei 
tum.. aaoge...
bahana kuch toh zaroor banaa doge..
nazar se nazar toh mila hi loge..
kareeb na baith sake 
door se ishaara kar hi doge
kuch shayad kahe bhi doge
kuch humse puch bhi loge...
apna pan jataa hi doge
apna na bhi banaa sake 
ek ummeed phir jaga jaoge
Ishq ho na ho...khoobsoorat
intezaar khoobsoorat banaa hi doge...