Monday, 22 August 2011

Life is (b'ful) like that part unknown III

While a woman can give birth to a child a man can determine it's sex...God was never partial!!

Friday, 12 August 2011

Love that is...

In the tense vicinities and pressure to get through the rat race..
With weary arms and a tired soul...

When you find someone to give you a tight hug...
That's Love
When you can just drench someone's lap with your tears...
That's Love
When you can just tell someone "I need you".
That's Love

Love that is...

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Why I was named Priyadarshini Joyce...

I am a bit confused about where to start from. Maybe because I am going to write about something about which I've just heard and not actually been there even after being very much there...

So Priyadarshini Joyce...
Why was I named so?
When I was a li'l girl many people used to fool me saying "Itni si ladki aur itna bada naam".(Such a big name for such a small girl).

Of course that's not the case now though :P It's more the other way round. Ok lets not go there. :P
There were many a times when at school I used to just say Priya instead of the whole name. My friends used to fool me to the maximum.

It's just now I guess after 20 years of life on this Earth have I been able to mention my full name to people may be because I now know why my dad named me so.
It's not what I thought. It's not because he saw I was a beautiful baby that he named me so...
The inspiration comes from the emperor Ashoka.
The title Priyadarshi was given to him. This actually means "He who regards everyone with affection"
My name is just a feminine form of it which comes to Priyadarshi-ni. ( Joyce(means bliss) is a beautiful Christian name...that he added to it)
Something to be very happy about.

So all you dear friends...who are proud to be called by their name...should please do this tag like thing...just to let us know what it means and of how much value it is to you.