Thursday, 30 July 2009

Hemanth Ji Potluri ;)

Woof so at last am here with a post.

So finally in Aug this guy...called Hemanth would tie a knot.

~~History that would never be history~~

I first saw the name “Hemanth Potluri” on my blog comment section on 2nd of July ahhh…those days.

We first became blog friends then became chat friends..and then more than just online friends.

This one year just slipped away of my hands.

I remember those times at noon…we used to chat….and after days of chatting..we’d notice our chat boxes wud be full of nothing but


then suddenly I’d see “so what’s next”

and then wud come a question round….we’d keep on asking any quest that comes to our minds until It’s tym for the chat to end.

Ahhh I really cherish those moments…

~~Friendship n Hemzi~~

Friendship is the most beautiful relationship in this world. And friends like him make it even more beautiful. They add special color to your friendship.

Every person has something special in him/her that everyone likes to possess.

And In his case its his innocence and simplicity and care.

And I believe Simplicity is what ultimately appeals.

I say this only about my special friends because they are the only ones who’ve passed this ;)

And hemzii is one of them.

You try to know someone more You would feel he/she is not as good as you thought.

But some people only very few .you’d discover more and more good in them as you keep knowing them more.

And I’d surely say I am to know a lot more of this guy. A lot more good about him.

I would wish him all success in his married life…My warmest and heartiest wishes for Hemanth and Lakshmi .

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Ten years of GlOrY??

Its 10 years today after "Kargil".
A great matter of pride for India. Whenever I hear about such sacrifices tears come out of my eyes.
It distresses me even more when people around me (my friends) do not take it as a very big thing.

Yesterday I told one of my friends...about the tenth anniversary of "Kargil" and the sacrifices that bring tears to my eyes.

She exclaimed "they get money na what's the big deal then?"
Not only her many people in India think like that.

My only question to them would be "Can you really compare life with money?"
We did give Pakistan a back breaking reply. We did achieve success.

It's a dilemma...Should I be happy or sad?

We win or lose..lives have been lost on both sides.

Is there anything more precious than life?
Even a paradise on Earth is not.... surely not!!...

That's the IrOnY!!

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Ende Keralam :)

That pic my dad my daddy's cousin Antony(another Anto :P) one li'l neighbour (dad's holding him) and me...Anto uncle is holding me..

I miss Kerala... I miss Kannur.....I miss the sea...I miss the rains...I miss the guys :P
I miss my state :(

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Daddy's Girl :)

We daughters are real wonderful creatures.

Specially daughters like me...they just put their dads in fix...

If I start writing about all the silly questions i've asked my dad...then I'd better have to write an epic.

Well anyway I'd give a small version of pj's questions to her dad... n mind it some of the questions could be really (I dun have a word :P)

At the age of some 9 or 10...I had the habit to secretly read my mommy's magazine..

and yeh I used to find the words that used to be real confusing.

if I ask mom then I'd get one answer..."I dunno" (tat's wat she told me if she didn't wannaa explain)

Then dad was the best ever option for me to ask "crazy things".

I once asked my dad...wat does "virginity" mean??

And surprisingly he answered me. Yeh of course he told me something what i could understand only. But today when i look ito it I am grateful that he answered :P

I remember one fine day i told my dad "daddy am a woman today" hahah how silly but am really very free with him. I just dun thik twice before telling things to him while with mom it's different.:P

Once recently I asked him... can i look sexy??

He asked why I wanted to look sexy?

I didn't have an answer :P

Then wat i heard was really an insight like for me..

"Pri..dear..I think you should never try to look like something/someone. It should rather be evident what you are. I am sure there would be someone who'd adore you for what you are.
And if you cover up the real yourself..then you might miss that..person.
And moreover you are what you cannot live a lie..for whole life . But then yeh I dun find anything bad in you looking sexy".

My papa n me..we discuss anything and everything that is in this world. About sex, about love, about life, about marriage, about college, about guys.. everything ..
he tells me a lot of things he experienced as a guy at college and school.

Once I was just arguing about how much women face and all cos of the eve teasers.

He says.."once I was standing in a suddenly the driver put brakes...and I collided with a woman standing just in front. And she gave me real evil looks"
He says he really felt bad ...For being blamed for what he didn't do.

Well then's when I realized...yeh many such cases do exist.

He shares experiences of gals he liked when he was young...

He says there was a girl in the college next to his boys' school...(St Micheal's Kannur)
He used to go there daily to just get a glimpse of her...hahaha...(she'd once asked his name n h said Denzil..she asked Denzil what ..he remained silent..N so from them she called him Denzil Nothing n he used to love it hahah)
All he did when he was in his 9th grade...

Well..When parents share many incidents of their lives I too feel the confidence that i too can share anything with them...specially my dad...
Moms get worried...

Once Dad and I sit and start arguing then mom knows that now to get them (us) out of it is kind of a hopeless case :P

Thursday, 16 July 2009

College results outttttt :):)

Yipieeeeee.....any good news in my life i gotto share it with you all ...

So here's pj sharing the good news...

I scored 77% for my first yr exams...(yeh not much)

I had thot i'd top anyhow I came (stood) second in my branch :P

That's all...:P

hugs to all

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Love part 4

Love part 1 n Love part 2 n Love part 3

We start falling in love with someone's eyes....the way they walk...the way they speak...
but a time comes..

When you no more care how their eyes look...n fall for how they see the world...

when you feel their walk no more matters..but you just adore them for every step they take..

and don't bother about how they speak rather look for what soothing words they speak.

N that is when yu are in love true love.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Dark achievement :P

Have you ever meditated on what can exams do to a person. Specially to a person as me...
Don't you know me?? The same chirpy happy gal :P

Exams can make you look 10 yrs older and 10 kgs more :P

I am by birth not a very studious child. I mean I am not studious at all...well Anyhow..this year there was a big difference. Looked like the first year(BCA) exams had made me serious :P.

From my childhood days only I always craved for those "dark circles" some studious girls used to have in my class due to over-studying lol.

I've tried to watch TV all night to get those dark marks below my eyes :P But never succeeded.

But this time during Feb-march I didn't have to watch TV or anything.

The texts were so much that I got them automatically :P

(Dark circles aren't visible niway)

well the pic ...... Let me Explain.....

This was taken on 4th of March 2009 at (donno wen :P) just a day(hours) before my exams began.
The tension you can see...(bechaari bacchi :P) on my face...

I eat a lot during exams..(due to depression tension...n all :P ) unconsciously :P ..See I got a double chin tooo :P Luks like the old Malayali actor..Madhavan Nair(Madhu :P)

Then my face...tell me if ur exams were gonna begin the very next day how else would you pose for a foto. I pose like this only :P

Strangely very very strangely Priya was scared (oops dreaded) of exams this time lol.

Can make bindaas fun of me lol ;) (after all I achieved Dark circles na :P)

ps:) wud reply to comments of previous post soon..:) hugs till thn:)

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Homosexuality..i differ in opinion!!

I think the hottest topic these days is the legalization of homosexuality by Delhi HC.

Well I'd like to make it very clear it now itself...that it is not a post for people who cannot see both sides of the coin..and rather it's for people..who can understand both sides..and not just believe what the majority says.

Disagreement would be surely taken but indifference would not be tolerated.

Sexuality is now not the same as it used to be in earlier days. Years have passed by and now not just agree to what the society sayss but are ready to stand for their personal feeling (about sexuality).

Sexuality is no more an aspect which can be put either in this/that category.
It's a "gray" aspect now. The underrstanding people have of sexuality now in these "modern" days is different very different(I mean it) from what it used to be.

I don't say that it's a crime. But neither do I agree with it's legalization.
Well If you ask me for a particular opinion then may be I'd prefer to go with it's legalization.

Anyhow...Let me explain...

We all feel hungry...why??

To have a particular...urge in ourselves which makes us work/of do things to get food..which in turn relulates bodily functions.

Sex is as such an issue. Whyyy??

The answer is "sex" is a hunger...which we have/or is given to us...for the perpetuation of the human Race.

And I believe any kind of sexuality that doesn't fulfil the not correct.

I perfectly am out of/don't agree with issues like "morality" and crime.

But then i also feel..
There are many other life and death problems..other than "gay sex" so this can in a way be ignored.

What the hell is going to be wrong if two people of same sex have sex. But after it's legalization...
All are big ^^^^very big questions!!!!


Thursday, 2 July 2009

Taggie..(Devil Incarnate) :P

Saw this tag on Devil Incarnate's blog. Copied, stole..or watever u thnk :P
1. I've come to realize that my last kiss..... (kids do not answer kiss(y) quests :P)
2. I am listening to... When I found you (Britney Spears)

3. I talk... a lot perhaps that's the only thing I do :P

4. I love... my parents... n.... ;)

5. My best friends.....r who make me feel special

6. My first real kiss... is yet to come. (kids dun kiss nyone except their papa n mummy :P)

7. Love is... what I feel incapable to define.

8. Marriage is... a step two independent souls take to come together.

9. Somewhere, someone is thinking... of me ;)

10. I'll always... try to be a happy.

11. The last time I really cried was because... daddy scolded me for something after 2 months n 4 dys :P

12. My cell phone ... keeps ringing n ringing.

13. When I wake up in the morning... I pray..

14. Before I go to bed... I doze off on ma chair haha

15. Right now I am thinking about... college...n same boring routine ...hah!

16. Babies are... cute creatures!!

17. I miss... KV (my sr school)

18. Today I... Thank God for whatever he did for me last night.

19. Tomorrow I will be... someone special as I am today in the eyes of those who care.

20. I really want to be... doing something for others.