Saturday, 29 August 2009

Life A challenge....Happy B'day Suree :)

I've always seen my mom adding a pinch of salt in any sweet dish she makes.
I gather something special from that small act of her's.
Something that allows me to see like in a better way...

often very often life is a big surprise...ahh for me it's always hahah.
But I've concluded that it always brings me something better at the end..

That small pinch of salt added to our lives actually increases its sweetness..
The small sorrows adds more happy moments to cherish life long...
The small hatred adds more love to feel all through.
Every little piece of unhappy moments have a special meaning...
Try and search some meaning in your sorrows...

Think once...what would you be if you had all happy moments bliss..and no challenges at all...
Challenges n sorrows keep us going fight it out.
Accept all challenges....:):)

I'd like to conclude with a small wish for my friend Suresh.

Happy B'day buddy....Wish you all happiness today and in the coming year of ur life :):)

Signing off for today :)
Hugs to all :)
ps:) wud soon reply to the comments :)
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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The best way...

Emotion Hidden Deep DownImage by Megyarsh via Flickr
She was jumping in joy, laughing, joking, reading out funny SMSes from her cell fone...
ahh she was too happy...ahhhh

Her dad was really happy to see her like that..cos he'd got back his li'l gal all over again..

Her mom was skeptical ...
but her doubts..were nothing but the truth....

After all Laughter is the best way to hide the unbearable sorrow...

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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Pics n Poora sach :P

I had a habit to pose silly every time I took a pic..and this still exists :P This is when dad as talking to one of his colleagues and a family friend and mum clicked the pic..hahah :D:D:D:D

Awwww Dad attempting hard to teach me violin :P hahah me was a genius to try it at age 1.5 lol
haha this is the profile pic at facebook appears like me bending to cut the cake..but the truth is a li'l (:P) different :P

So Howzatttt?? :P:P

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Aneesh weds divya :)

The few months that have passed by have been full of surprises for me.
Three of my closest buddies on blogger have found their life partners. That's Hemanth, Aneesh and Smriti.
Hemanth as you all know tied the knot on the twelfth of this month...Ahh what a day that was..

Well here's another special buddy of'll be surprised to know he's the first ever person on blogger who dropped a comment on one of my blogs.
Even more surprising is that we both share the same birth dates..wowww...:P
The always optimistic funny humorous guy on gonna get married at a church in Trivandrum tomorrow..17th Aug 2009.

Wow last year this time this guy had no ideas of marriage and now is full of surprises my friends..
And it's the most beautiful thing about life..when what we never thought happens..
all of a sudden

Hehe ...

I wish him a very happy wedded life...
So it's tomorrow guys...

With sincere prayers...and best wishes......for this very special friend..

I sign off for today :)

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Happy Independence Day India....

It's quite strange to say that we actually think that we are a part of this country only on the two important days...One of which is today..

India has so much of wealth in it..people find it difficult to realize...

So much of much of much of love and hospitality.....

Well it would be like a cliche if i go on saying about the beauty and people of India...

Well it's more about love for the country not only on these two days but also on other days...
Today world has reached a stage where common emotion is neither sympathy nor's apathy..
Who cares...whatever happens of

It's just important to realize love is one emotion which makes u do anything...
A little love could improve many things..
Well but today nothing works without checks and balances....things like conscience, kindness and love sounds silly and absurd to be spoken about..

Well so it becomes even more important to motivate people to do good..
I just wonder when we find it too difficult to motivate ourselves but the terrorists..and criminals have all the determination to come and do their heinous act...

Determination works for them...

It is a happy moment...we became free today..we actually became a country today ...
Just remember the leaders who sacrificed and did so much to do it...
Ahhh....I feel proud of my people...atleast those who lived at those times...

Just a your own..and may be that might make you love it's people...
It's special to be one
"Unity in Diversity"
Sounds great....we got to make it like that...

Happy Independence Day India....(My first love).
Jai Hind.... Jai Bharat...

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Crush crush n crushes..

Those who know me have stopped keeping a count of the number of crushes I have. Coz i get crushed every now n then :P

In std 12th I suffered a peculiar syndrome...wanna know?? :P:P

So as you know..I get a new crush every 15 days...but but but...a new crush means a total change in the way of my behaviour....Oh my God so much of change new "crush" project channel on TV...ahhh so much energy consuming :P:P

So Pj's best solution was to share some work with her dad :P

12th much of study..then KV mastii...I was left with very less/no time at all to download pics from the internet..

She would go to her dad...

"Daddy can you please download pics of "______" for me?"
"Oh..a new fellow already??"
"yeh's 15 days so" :P
"Gud ..keep going I think if you progress in this speed then I doubt my hard disk would be sufficient".

"Oh daddy dun waste my time..tell me If you will do it for me.?"
"haha ok ok wud do it...but pleez keep him in ur "heart" for at least a month"
"wud try my best but can't promise :P"

Pj is a practical joke..:P

n pj loves her name pj cos "pj" is rahul's amanat :P

silly post .plez blame the mood ;);)

hugs to allll :P

Monday, 3 August 2009

Death is not scary.....

I/you/we often think what would happen if one day I/you/we get the news that my/your/our life on Earth is now going to be numbered and would end soon.

Well as for me I have always spent my time thinking about such people and sympathizing. But it is only now that I think that these people who know that they are going to die in months or weeks are luckier than us. Such people get time to prepare for the ultimate and not like others(some unlucky souls) who die all of a sudden.

I don''t think death is scary when it comes to us...(yeh when it comes to others it's really scary)
You can just drown into your thoughts...and also achieve a few(if not all) things that you've been wanting can do good to others...

What would you like to do if such a thing happens to you and now you have just months/weeks to live?

for me it would be making people around me it with jokes, be it with a favour they asked for or be it with just a hug...