Monday, 28 December 2009

Memories .2009...Welcome... 2010

Yet another year gone...
For me this year was the year of extremes...
Extremely emotional year .Which ultimately made me more mature and be moderate to
handle situations and emotional breakdowns.

For me this year started with a long 3 month break from blogs-ville cos of various reasons.. main being Exams..
Yet I could not maintain that..
There were lots of situations when I just thought "this is the end of it"
Yet something made me get up and fight it out...

When my cat died..on 14th Jan..I just had to vent out my emotions some where..and I found my blog to be the best place .. (I still am thankful to each and everyone who supported me then).

There was a time when I decided to quit blogger....Well misunderstandings can cause blunders specially in relationships...yet some people are so good that they just forgive you even if you have spoiled their name in public (though unintentionally) :):)

My of the most beautiful ones I've ever had...I can only thank God for all the wonderful friends I've got...who care so so much for me...Thanks everyone :) that's the least I can say :)

There were many mushy moments..this year..the word "committed" in front of my "relationship status" brought questions in many minds...hahah...

But God willed something else...someone else..So here I am back to the old crush(y) and non-mushy moods of mine :P Yes outaa love :)

My college was like a picnic this time...the picnic which I was very irregular to attend..yet..I got a second rank ...and..scored well(not so well though, guys, who actually want me to top this year ...I can't promise you :P)

At the end of this year Nov 18 precisely...I lost my dear classmate...and the most hurting was the way people were speaking about her character...

I had to learn cooking. For the first time I managed the kitchen as mom does..yes I got a lot of help from daddy(he did the dishes for me :P)...
Basically that was a lot of work...haha.

Christmas was good anyhow.. I met many of my old schoolmates...bus mates..after a long long time..and celebrating it the way we used to then. It was a nice feeling all together.

And yes finally after 2 years of no non-veg(which I personally said no to cos of certain reasons of mine) I had to get back to non-veg specially fish.. cos my Doc says so...hmmmm:(

Extreme happiness extreme sadness...all came this year...
What I take from this year is the maturity I gained, the positivity that helped me a lot to not question life and yes..the ability to let go happily...

I think I have basically learned to be a person who now thinks a lot about every step she takes..
Now I no more share so freely as I used to...I became stingy in expressing my sadness..not happiness though
yes that makes my kiddish ness..a lot less also helps me to not fall into unnecessary troubles..

Any how...I know my facebook friends specially would keep calling me a kid...however much I try..hahah..Secretly I love to be a kid too :P

The year is gone..or just hours left...
Hope 2010 brings us all more happy moments than sad.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year :):)

Take care. Hugs to all :)

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

It's Christmas :):)

Living in a place where most of the people wonder what Christmas is? or assume it to be just the festival of Santa and gifts and's difficult to explain to them what Christmas really is..
Every time I hear people telling me..."hey pj this time what new have you bought for Christmas..??", "How are you decorating your house?", "When would be the Santa coming at your place?" I feel is Christmas all about this? No.
It surely has a more divine and important message..

The message is Humility which is followed by simplicity.

Jesus Christ was not born in a grand palace. He was not born to very wealthy or learned parents. Also He was not born in the full blaze of daylight with the knowledge of all men. Jesus Christ was born in a simple lowly place, a corner of a stable. He was born to humble and poor parents, who had nothing to boast about, except their own spotless character and holiness.

Also He was born in the darkness in the obscure hour of midnight, when no one even knew about it, except a few Divinely blessed people.The quality of true humility is one of the indispensable fundamentals. Then we find simplicity, holiness and the renunciation of all desire for worldly wealth and pride of learning.

This is the message I would like to give it to all of you too...
Yes..buying new clothes, decorating your houses with stars and bells ain't bad..but that shouldn't make us forget the true spirit of this festival...

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas...

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Truth hurts...but...

It's sometimes better to say a stern "no" rather than making a person doubt about what's going on in your mind...

I hate it when people take your generosity and hesitation to hurt them as something else..

The truth hurts but sometimes there is no other way around..

Yet....telling a truth to someone early can reduce their pain...
I believe so...

Monday, 14 December 2009

Friendship Love hmmm??

Somethings make me question...
Is the most beautiful relationship friendship and not love?

Thursday, 10 December 2009

NEver open the door for strangers :P

Read the title?? :P:P

Well this happened in 2006 feb the time I was preparing for my tenth board exams...
My mom had to go to the doc. for a routine check up. My dad told me to get ready and I as usual was lazy to go and told him I have to study so he said "okay you stay here...but if anyone comes tell then that we are not here ..please come later.."
Saying this they went away..

I was alone at home...I had to study ...but I was more worried about the match going on between India and Pakistan (first ODI)
Since it was almost getting over..I switched on the TV...but at that very moment someone rang the bell...
I looked through the window and saw two women...they came to ask something from my mom.
yes I opened the door for them and told them that my parents weren't there and they'll be back in half an hour.
They said "yes we have to go to the nearby shop we'll be back in half an hour"
They went away...
I watched 2 or 3 overs and then suddenly bell rang again...
I looked through the window(we dun have a spy hole :P)
THis was one Malayali uncle. :P
What went through my mind was "men cannot be trusted" :P:P
I switched off the TV
went into the bedroom and switched off the main power that the bell goes off..
he kept banging the door loudly..I remained silent (meanwhile I was talking to my friend on phone to get updates about the match :P)
He tried Tried...
then finally as he was going away the two women who had come earlier came in..
He asked them "Where have they gone ?? do you have any idea".
They said "they have gone to the doc. but their daughter was here she opened the door for us"
and then I see that mom and dad are back.
After that what could I do??
I had to open the door
switch on the main power switch
and what then all I had to hear :P:D

This was one of the biggest goof ups I ever had :P:D

Moral: Open the door for males who are Malayalees :P (though they cannot be trusted too :P)
ps:) wud reply to the comments of previous post soon :)

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Love at all times :P

The first time you fall in love it's a strange feeling..You don't even know that you are in love...
It feels as silly and naughty as one of your crushes...but then at some point when you realize it's love. That's when you almost lose stand amidst of a crowd and yet you feel alone...
It's all strange ..... strange ahh ...You find your reason failing before emotions. Yeah madness and absent mindedness are its symptoms too :P

Second love is quite strange often tend to compare your second love with our first...
that's perfectly human..
You don't fall in for any search for search for a better search for someone perfect ..your dream life partner..
But however wise the human brain is..however loses before emotions ha ha ha

you fall madly absent minded ly for someone yet again :P

I never thought I'd say this..but I think Love is love be it first or second...
it's equally mad at all times..hahaha

ps:) silly mad post please blame it on my mood :P

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Devilish me :P thnx to Ste ;)

Recently Stefun I mean Stephen :P tagged me on Facebook as the devil...
Well at that time I became furious :P but it's only now that I realize that there's a lot of truth in
it :P

I came to the conclusion based on the following things I do :P

  1. I love to fool 2 of my friends actually 3 :P who are now madly in love :P
  2. I eat my lunch in my parents' room on my mum's pillow tastes gr88 believe me...:P
  3. Recently one of my professors got married...and yeah since yesterday I and my two friends started fooling him too...:P that's the most enjoyable of my devilish acts :P
  4. I can sit and surf the net for hours but when dad/mom tell me to do some work I tell them I am a second year student and I hav lotsaa syllabus to cover :P
  5. Recently I was standing in a group and talking to my friends..when one of the guys came and almost took me away to talk something and I punched him in his tummy :P how the hell he disturb me and take me away from the girl talk :P
Now ain't these acts enough to prove me a devil?? :P

I thank Ste AKKA Stephen Anthony for helping me realize this :P devil in me ;)

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Love part 5

To find out that you are in love with your best(est) friend is one of the most beautiful feelings even more beautiful than knowing that the person you are in love with is a good friend of yours.

heyy guys am not on ur blog cos my net connection is bad...wud be back very soon...:)
hugzzz to you all :)

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Mixed feelings...!!

It'll be one year on 26th after the terror attacks in Mumbai.
It feels like one year has passed away so fast....
It feels like it was yesterday all this happened...when India was so tensed about what would those ten gunned men do next..
It feels like just hours have passed by after the mess... was one of the biggest, worst and most humiliating terror attacks ever...
humiliating because those men in some way slapped the faces of our security forces..

What is lost is lost..what has happened has happened..there are lots of negatives...and very few..or rather no positives at all...

We who have just heard the journalists reporting and the newspapers printing the whole issue..can perhaps move on but who have actually gone through it....hmmmm

Certainly I am not happy but I am not sad about this either...the fact that they didn't succeed completely in their motives gives me some sort of happiness...
and also the people who laid their lives protect their fellow men is also a matter of happiness.

It actually takes nothing to write a post like this about how I feel about the whole issue...well yet this post would be in remembrance of the many people who lost their lives..Jai Hind...
Tuesday brought me a bad news..
My classmate and one of the dearest friends passed away...
It was a completely shocking news.. I still cannot bear the shock..
Rest In Peace Poonam....

Am proud of you for donating your eyes dear...

tc all...

Saturday, 21 November 2009

The annoying ex-classmate :P

Yeah as the title says...this post is going to be about one of my ex-high school classmates and yah those who are expecting some philosophical post am sorry to disappoint you :P

Well yesterday was one of the tiring days for me..I was dead tired when I connected to the ISP just to check for mail on my yahoo account (around 9:30)...and that's when I realized...I was visible to my chat friends.....and yeah this irritating guy pinged me and that was the beginning of an interesting chat :P:D

Small (and the most interesting) part is here....

V:heyy... do u remember we joined schoolon the same day
same yr
same class

Reeelyyyy?? oh!

V: yuppzzzz and btw
we both r Geminionly 2 in our class

: reely????
How come you remember/know so much??btw I also remember one thing that we used to fight like hell :Pand I hated you like hell... :P

V: BUT I liked you a lot I like you even now..and that's why I remember so much. Yahh I loved fighting with you well in fact that's the only time when you talked to me haha. Oh so you don't hate me now?
me: lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzztu sudhrega nahi (u 're not gonna change)tym pass karna hei toh kisi bhi ladki se flirt karo lolzzzzzz (for passing time you'll flirt with any girl hahah) yeah I hate (Upper case "HATE") you even now :P
V:Don't make a joke of my feelings gurl... :(

me:Hahaha Okay Okay...Dun get emotional now :P
So why didn't you tell me all this when we were at school?
Is it because we weren't friends?
V: Well I reely wanted to tell you that you looked really good in your school uniforn..I mean short skirts...I think your's was the shortest in the whole school...
me:Well Thanks....mine wasn't the shortest btw :P
BTW i saw u some day here V: Where?

me: septmbr
nt sure
tho near P.Plaza

V: Yahh...I'd gone there...btw am coming there on 27th of this month...would you like to come on a date?

me: Whattt?? a date? and that too with you?? GODdddd!!
V: Attitude!!
me: well yeah ..whatever you take it not coming niway.
V: heyy please don't say no...just want to spend some time with you. me: Okieee then come to my home...we can talk... :P V: what the your home some place where we can date? :-o me: you said you wanted to spend sometime ahem btw you ddn't tell me the reason...why you couldn't speak out to me at school abt ur feelings?? V: That's because you had a crush on someone else...hmm rahulllI ddn't like that guy X-( me: ohhhh jealous?? :P well okie..I can think about the date thing..if you get me a pic of Rahul .
V: So you haven't forgoten him yet? hmmm..I don't keep guys' pics anyways...
me: you think I can?? lolzzz...ahemm...well heyy never mind...I dun need his pic actually :P ... This actually is not the end of the chat..anyhow I said a big NO to him for the date but yaah since he wanted to meet me I said "I'd be there if you organize a reunion"..I guess he'd make it..if not never mind... :P:D he thinks he can get some time alone with me..amidst that reunion ..fool :P

I am extremely clever :P

tc buddies hugs to all :)

Friday, 13 November 2009

I love

At times when it hurts , pains... we feel it would have been better if we had not taken that road...
but then you would have missed an experience..

Life is strange
it sometimes gives us things when we least want it...
but then...that's why we call it life...

Experience each it it hurting..sad...or be it happy... glad...
or mad...exhilarating... or funny...

Cos' at times it's great pleasure to just sit at the window and think of all these and see tears accompanying you...

I am me...cos' of my experiences...

I love you .....

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Friends Rockkkkk :):)

My friends rock...

They come and hug you when you are sad...

They laugh when you crack a joke...

They share everything with that they can show the strong bond that exists..

They giggle when you say something naughty :P:D

They help you when you are in a fix...

They pull your leg when you have a crush..

They test your partner when you are in love

They wipe away your tears ...

And they even propose you or say "I love you" if you just had a heart break...and you can do nothing but just laugh it out... :P:D

Friends rock...

For me all my friends rock....

Ps:) Siddhesh has taken a good step in doing this...I think you all should go through this post and try to follow it too :):)

And do pass this information to all your friends too :)

and paste this pic on your blog sidebar...

pps:) wanted to post something else...but thanks to some very cool friends who made me say this :)

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Look around....

When you love someone very much and you don't see that person loving you even a bit...look around..there sure will be someone ..who loves you a lot and you don't love that person a bit.

When someone hurts you everyday..and doesn't even feel that he/ she is hurting you...look'll find someone who you hurt daily...

When someone you sacrifice a lot for doesn't even realize that....look around sure will find someone who you are doing the same to.

When you don't like someone because of some particular reason...look around if someone else doesn't like you for the same reason.

It's all about what we do to others...
What happens to us is often an eye opener...

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Amal's Tag!

I'd been tagged by Amal during my exams..doing it now....Thanx for the tag man :)


Respond and rework – answer these questions on your blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your own, and add one more question to the list. Then tag eight or ten other new set of people.

1.What is your current obsession?

Stupid face book quizzes with stupid answers :P

2. What are you wearing today?

Pyjamas and long sleeved tee.

3. What’s for dinner?

Its 3:06 in the noon...and am not God to guess wat wud be for dinner hehe :P

4. What’s the last thing you bought?

A pen-Am proud to be a student :P

5. What are you listening to right now?

Chiquitita -ABBA

6. What do you think about the person who tagged you?

A very dear friend who shares many of my views.

7. If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be?

Ahem I guess here in Rajasthan..

8. What are your must-have pieces for summer?

That's lemonade.

9. If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?

That'd be Madhya Pradesh. To meet the first ever friend on blogger .... feels like coming and meeting you Joie

10. Which language do you want to learn?

Yeah I wanna learn Konkani :P

11. What’s your favourite quote?
Oh there are lots and lots... my favorite is "tough times never last but tough people do"

12. Who do you want to meet right now?

So many..friends relatives, ahh.. so many people not just one :)

13. What is your favourite colour?


14. What is your favourite piece of clothing in your own closet?

My wrap around which I cannot wear now cos of winters :P

15. What is your dream job?

Psychiatrist....but currently am doing graduation in computers :P

16. What’s your favourite magazine?

Reader's Digest...which I no more get cos of our stupid post office here :P

17. If you had $100 now, what would you spend it on?

Obviously..not on books :P haha

18. What do you consider a fashion faux pas?

Nothing at all (I think faux pas is as I guess the violation of accepted rules in____ here fashion)

19. Who according to you is the most over-rated style icon?

I think that's BP..I mean Brad Pitt ;) gals dun kill me for that...:P

20. What kind of haircut do you prefer?

Short as mine :P

21. What are you going to do after this?

Sleep of course :P

22. What are your favorite movies?

That's difficult....I like many... The favorite category is suspense thrillers.

23.How many tabs are turned on in ur browser right now?
Tabs...Gmail, Facebook, reader, You tube, My post editor, Data structure tutorials...:P and Orkut :)

24. What inspires you?

I inspire myself...

25. Give us three styling tips that always work for you.

Nothing but everything works for me..

26. What do you do when you “have nothing to wear” (even though your closet’s packed)?
I ask my daddy...

27. Coffee or tea?

28. What do you do when you are feeling low or terribly depressed?

I go and lie down on my bed and cry it out.

30. Which other blogs do you love visiting?

Everybody whose blogs I visit ...

31. Favorite Dessert/Sweet?
Sheer Khurma I first ate this when one of my friends called me for lunch on Eid. (am sorry if I have not spelt it correctly).

32. Favorite Season?


33. If I come to your house now, what would u cook for me?

I dun have that talent Amal :P but yah I can make you cook for me :P

34. What is the right way to avoid people who purposefully hurt you?

No one hurts purposely. Either that they don't know that they are hurting someone or that they have a psychological problem which they themselves are unconscious about .

35. What are you afraid of the most?

Seeing my loved ones in pain.

36:What brings a smile on your face instantly?

My mummy's PJs. :P She cracks lots of them :P

37:My Question: What makes me the most sad?

Seeing people around me sad/suffering...

I tag..





dhesh aka Sid

Sunday, 1 November 2009

I am back......

So finally my exams are over.
And I am baaakkkkkkkkk :P

I simply hate this exam times.
Whatever the it a class test be it the internals or the finals I feel the same tension all the time...
ohh what a studious student :P ahem btw the tension is most of the time because I haven't completed my syllabus :P
The last minute study is really challenging..and only people like me can take it ...
the people with Einstein I stress Einstein brains.... oh come on that's not what I say ..that's what facebook says :P:P and that's very true ;) dun ya thnk so? ;)

Exam time ...n it sure it interesting as well as boring :P

I always wish that if only all subjects were maths :P that's the only subject I have good comand on...yeha programming also os fine..what i hate the most is ahem...ahem any subject that's completely theoretical ewwww

And finally the best thing :P
the best thing ever pj talks about...ahem crushes :P (one more entry to my crush diary :P)

Yeah during this exams I got a crush on one of the seniors of my branch.
The seating arrangement was such that he was sitting just next to me...
yeah he luks really gud :P
ahem he doesn't cheat during exams and I like men of principles ;)
well it's almost 2 years since I am in college and I never noticed this handsome senior :P
I think I am quite studious type of a gal and I go to college to study and not to notice guys :P
That's the plain truth :P

Well yesterday was a great day.
Had lotsaa fun with friends as if have won a battle :P

Today is my Granny mom's b'day....and also one of my dear blogger friends' ahem that's Amal
Many many happy returns of the day...... two dear people :)

And yah since I am fully back. you can expect me o your blogs too :P
Hugs to alllll :):)

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Love is not just LuSt!!

He was mesmerized by her beauty...n she by his voice... They were in love....

She hugged him tight with moist eyes......they dissolved in each others' arms.... as if it were the last.....

He pulled her towards him....they were lost in each others' arms yet again.. but her tears ..were of happiness..

She'd just gone through... Mastectomy...

Love is not just lust......

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Trains, Tunnels, Rain, Food and lotsaaaa mastiii

Hey buddies am back... Yeah my exams are delayed all over again hahaha.....

Till noon today I was damn upset..ufff...studying hard...but nothing was going inside my head...the weather outside was so felt like aww...I don't want to sit with my books ....I just want to go outside ..may be on a trip...with anyone...friends, parents..anyone...I really enjoy konkan railways...ahh..I take great pleasure in counting the tunnels..I guess the last tym I went there were 73 of them with the longest one being 7 1/2 minutes.

The best thing is when a tunnel comes...and I go near the door...and shout loud....and what makes it interesting is people from other compartments also shout back..and it becomes a game..ahhh I simply love doing that...hahaha

I've had great experiences with the co passengers...the best of them was with a guy called..Ravi...who was in the same cabin as us....he was basically from Gujarat(Ahemdabad) and he was doing his MBBS from Karnataka (Mangalore) I remember he entered the cabin at 2:30 or 3:00 am and I wasn't sleepy we got talking and then we ended up drinking at least 16 cups of coffee hahaha...poor pantry car waala :P (I was in my seventh std then :P)

Then Its great fun...when my dad explains everything about a place (if he's been there) ahh I get to know every little detail of that place...and it's great fun watching all with binoculars haaha...then train time table is a real past time lolzzzzz

Ahh then there is rain...ahhh.....Goshhh ...May June time...It keeps raining all the time...As we come out of Rajasthan's just greenery and rain...ahhh blisss....

Fooddd.....welll am not a foodie...still I enjoy stuffs like veg cut late..pazam pori(banana fry :P) Lots more :P:P

OMG I so Love travel....heyy do share ur experiences at travel in the comment box...:):)

Monday, 28 September 2009

Will be ryt baak :)

I think now it's tym to move on all over again...
So guys am taking a break..
yeh I'll be baak very soon..
As soon as my exams get over...

So see ya after a while...

"If you miss me that's not coz you love me but that's just because you are in a habit of me."

Hahhaha that's a joke...I guess Its copied...I don't quite remember....yeh have not taken almonds for a while kindaa memory loss....:P:P

But if it's mine..then wooooooooo *claps* :P:P hahaha tc see ya all soon....

ps:) wun be available even on gtalk n ya my cell fone..u'll find it switched off :P Moh maaya se dooorrrrr :P:P

pps:) if you think this post is extra crazy....then blame it on exams pleeeeessss....
Skapegoat lolssss

ppps:) N I promise ya all to return baak with extra crazyness :P

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Rahul is his Name :P

The week before last.. a small test was announced in one of my programming subjects...
I was quite happy as I had good notes of that particular portion...

I got home...had my lunch then siesta...and the finally when I sat down to study..but it was only then that I found that a guy called...Rahul (oops not my Rahul :P:P) had borrowed those notes from me on the earlier day...and I'd forgotten about that(ufffff...Alzheimers :P)

Well I didn't want to take the trouble to take his number from one of our common friends and then call him up ...
I sat down with my book..and just opened the first page...

What I hear was the door bell....

It was him....

My mum opened the door.......he handed her the notes... and went away without much of this hi a n hello s :P

As any curious parent......(my overtly curious mom)
Mom: He's in your class??
Me: yes ..
Mom: What's his name..
Me: (with much ado..ado ado n ado..:P:P) Rahul ..
Mom: (all expressions changed....n became more n more curious)...How's he in studies?
Me: Now why are you asking all that ...hmm?? he's a gud boy he borrowed my notes he knows ter's a test tomorrow so he came and returned..tho he was to return it day after tomorrow..
Mom: (Doubts..increased......eyebrow raised...) Why is he being so kind....For how long do you know him....and how does he know your house..?? Is he spying on you??
Me:...Hmmm I dun know...I think from a year and a half or so.....Well he knows my house because...he knows it hahah I dunno how he knows....hahah (I simply loved that worry in her eyes...if a guy spies me...and knows my home...wooooo :P:P)

Mom: Well I think you should concentrate on your studies girl...I don't think...He's worth spending time with...

She went away....
and I kept wondering....Is all her anxiety just cos of the name??
If he was Ravi, Parikshit or..Raj...Would that be fine??


Yeh yeh That would have been..

Pj has a special inclination towards people with that name..... Rahul(mera rahul :P) Rahul Dravid..Rahul Gandhi, Rahul Khanna, Rahul Bose, Rahul Roy etc etc :P(no no not Rahul Mahajan:P)

ps:) those who haven't collected there awards plzzz do take it from the previous post :)

Friday, 18 September 2009

Remembering blogging n blogger frnds of 2008 :):)

Hemanth Potluri, Smriti Srivastava, Raka, Chriz, Aayushi, Kartz, Trinaa, Anwesa, Amrita,Tara, Saranya, Thanamoi, Sameera, Sinduja, Suresh Kumar, Vinayak , Aneesh, Divkiran, Nikhil, Rahul(resurgence) Lukky Divz, Divya, Neha, Mayank, Amit (quest), Nidhi Sormita, Harshita, Vishesh, Keshi, Preeti, Siddharth,Srinivas, Diana, Pooja Prashant, Lena, Solotaire(sneha), Nithin(kochu), Madhuri, Preetilata, Pri, Ashwin, Tusshar, Alien(raj), Anil Sawan, Siddharth(riversoul), Archana, Prajyot, Kiran, Mel, Aparna, Ayushi, Sameer, Farah, Shiva, Karthik, Arko, Meghna, Praveen, Yamini and Vinay.

Last year was one of the best years of blogging..tats wat many of my friends say who hav been on blogger for years..N I too joined blogger last year...These are friends I made last year on blogger....Had a great time blogging the first yr of my college...
Oh it was lovely sharing all my school and home experiences...

I miss most of my friends...the one's I've highlighted in red(they are no more blogging...or either they dun blog as before..cos of their various engagements..)... I miss you friends... please come baaaaaaaakkkkkk......

I want those good old days baaak....I wanna see ya all...posting stuffs as u did before..please come baakkkkkkkk........:(:(:(:(

Niways....I'd gotten an award from Parzi, Vyshu n Sam(thnx a lotttttt buddies...hugzzz..))....I'd like to pass it to all of the above names....(highlighted n non- highlighted.)

ps:) The previous post is deleted ...

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Men :-|

I just read a top story on Times of India ...

"Rekha was an Ego trip for Amitabh"

I just wonder...if it's the same....for all men.....
Are all women(except their wives) in their life just some ego trip....
for them??


(edited) ps:) it's not any generalization..its just a quest......frnds :):)

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

My Ideal(wat's Ideal?? :P) Husband!!

So back...actually my exams have been postponed to first week of October... But I am not very happy coz..I got fever.....niway...blogging is what brings me back to here i am back with something funny...

Well so lemme begin....btw those who want to take it as a tag can take it ...well Ideal wife of ideal Husband :P:P
My Ideal(wat's ideal?? :P) Husband...
  • A man who believes in equality...equality in the sense...who respects me....n doesn't consider me his servant..
  • A man who says no to dowry.... I hate men who marry for money...I wish to remain unmarried..rather than give dowry and marry...And I mean it...
  • A man who tells me everything about himself.... every little detail...and doesn't hide his past from me...cos everybody has a past(here I mean relationships) and if he takes courage to tell it to me..I'll love him more.. Cos I dun think having a past is wrong..unless it interferes in the present...
  • A man who gives me enough freedom..I require...I surely wish to consult him in everything i do..but it should be the same for him...Cos marriage means being one.
  • A man who believes in God..immensely...n is just not traditionally religious...and consults God in every step he takes...
  • He should be an intellectual...ahhhh I love brainy men :P:P man who believes in charity...a man of kind heart...understanding to the poor...
  • It happens rarely...all this in one person..well I am seeing it for years...18 yrs ..n tat's my dad...I am happy to hav got him as my dad...

Too much serious :P:P now i'd give what i promised to ..the funny stuff...

Some craziest stuffs here :P
1. He should dine in the morning and take his breakfast at night :P
2. He should sleep like I sleep...hours at a stretch :P
3. He should be as naughty as I am and even more :P:P:P:P
4. He should be a cricket n soccer..n roger fan :P:P else..I can't take tata sky to record his saas bahu shows :P:P


1. He should know to cook :P:P someone has to na? :P:P
2. He should know to get rid snakes...cos I am a bit scared of them ;)
3. He should be somewhat reserved types else..2 chatterboxes..wud make a hell of the home :P
4. He should be. orderly will be like a ..dun ask me like what :P:P
that's enufffffffff for today...enjoy these ...n let me dream of such an antique piece :P:P

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Taking a short break :)

Hey friends my internal exams are coming up very soon... so am taking a short break from blogsville...
I'd be ryt back after a few days... ...

ps:) special thnx to Deeps...for dedicating a post to wish me all the best for exams :)

Monday, 7 September 2009

Sorry is but just a word!!

Sorry - On Australia DayImage by spud murphy via Flickr

I am a person who's always first to say a sorry. I always do that.
I am/was a person who can't/couldn't be angry with anyone for a long time...
Well I've seen people who make a lot of fuss when someone says a sorry to them...
And I've always wondered that why do people do so?

I used to think..if someone comes and says a sorry to me after doing a mistake..I'd surely not make a fuss and just be friends again because though am a single child I've never been pampered much ...and also have never been allowed to make a big fuss over things...

But now I feel sometimes even a sorry cannot make it all ok....Sometimes the wound still remains..
It's sometimes like any other word...It doesn't touch you always...

ps:) Am completely fyn....just a thought ...:):)
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Saturday, 29 August 2009

Life A challenge....Happy B'day Suree :)

I've always seen my mom adding a pinch of salt in any sweet dish she makes.
I gather something special from that small act of her's.
Something that allows me to see like in a better way...

often very often life is a big surprise...ahh for me it's always hahah.
But I've concluded that it always brings me something better at the end..

That small pinch of salt added to our lives actually increases its sweetness..
The small sorrows adds more happy moments to cherish life long...
The small hatred adds more love to feel all through.
Every little piece of unhappy moments have a special meaning...
Try and search some meaning in your sorrows...

Think once...what would you be if you had all happy moments bliss..and no challenges at all...
Challenges n sorrows keep us going fight it out.
Accept all challenges....:):)

I'd like to conclude with a small wish for my friend Suresh.

Happy B'day buddy....Wish you all happiness today and in the coming year of ur life :):)

Signing off for today :)
Hugs to all :)
ps:) wud soon reply to the comments :)
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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The best way...

Emotion Hidden Deep DownImage by Megyarsh via Flickr
She was jumping in joy, laughing, joking, reading out funny SMSes from her cell fone...
ahh she was too happy...ahhhh

Her dad was really happy to see her like that..cos he'd got back his li'l gal all over again..

Her mom was skeptical ...
but her doubts..were nothing but the truth....

After all Laughter is the best way to hide the unbearable sorrow...

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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Pics n Poora sach :P

I had a habit to pose silly every time I took a pic..and this still exists :P This is when dad as talking to one of his colleagues and a family friend and mum clicked the pic..hahah :D:D:D:D

Awwww Dad attempting hard to teach me violin :P hahah me was a genius to try it at age 1.5 lol
haha this is the profile pic at facebook appears like me bending to cut the cake..but the truth is a li'l (:P) different :P

So Howzatttt?? :P:P

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Aneesh weds divya :)

The few months that have passed by have been full of surprises for me.
Three of my closest buddies on blogger have found their life partners. That's Hemanth, Aneesh and Smriti.
Hemanth as you all know tied the knot on the twelfth of this month...Ahh what a day that was..

Well here's another special buddy of'll be surprised to know he's the first ever person on blogger who dropped a comment on one of my blogs.
Even more surprising is that we both share the same birth dates..wowww...:P
The always optimistic funny humorous guy on gonna get married at a church in Trivandrum tomorrow..17th Aug 2009.

Wow last year this time this guy had no ideas of marriage and now is full of surprises my friends..
And it's the most beautiful thing about life..when what we never thought happens..
all of a sudden

Hehe ...

I wish him a very happy wedded life...
So it's tomorrow guys...

With sincere prayers...and best wishes......for this very special friend..

I sign off for today :)

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Happy Independence Day India....

It's quite strange to say that we actually think that we are a part of this country only on the two important days...One of which is today..

India has so much of wealth in it..people find it difficult to realize...

So much of much of much of love and hospitality.....

Well it would be like a cliche if i go on saying about the beauty and people of India...

Well it's more about love for the country not only on these two days but also on other days...
Today world has reached a stage where common emotion is neither sympathy nor's apathy..
Who cares...whatever happens of

It's just important to realize love is one emotion which makes u do anything...
A little love could improve many things..
Well but today nothing works without checks and balances....things like conscience, kindness and love sounds silly and absurd to be spoken about..

Well so it becomes even more important to motivate people to do good..
I just wonder when we find it too difficult to motivate ourselves but the terrorists..and criminals have all the determination to come and do their heinous act...

Determination works for them...

It is a happy moment...we became free today..we actually became a country today ...
Just remember the leaders who sacrificed and did so much to do it...
Ahhh....I feel proud of my people...atleast those who lived at those times...

Just a your own..and may be that might make you love it's people...
It's special to be one
"Unity in Diversity"
Sounds great....we got to make it like that...

Happy Independence Day India....(My first love).
Jai Hind.... Jai Bharat...

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Crush crush n crushes..

Those who know me have stopped keeping a count of the number of crushes I have. Coz i get crushed every now n then :P

In std 12th I suffered a peculiar syndrome...wanna know?? :P:P

So as you know..I get a new crush every 15 days...but but but...a new crush means a total change in the way of my behaviour....Oh my God so much of change new "crush" project channel on TV...ahhh so much energy consuming :P:P

So Pj's best solution was to share some work with her dad :P

12th much of study..then KV mastii...I was left with very less/no time at all to download pics from the internet..

She would go to her dad...

"Daddy can you please download pics of "______" for me?"
"Oh..a new fellow already??"
"yeh's 15 days so" :P
"Gud ..keep going I think if you progress in this speed then I doubt my hard disk would be sufficient".

"Oh daddy dun waste my time..tell me If you will do it for me.?"
"haha ok ok wud do it...but pleez keep him in ur "heart" for at least a month"
"wud try my best but can't promise :P"

Pj is a practical joke..:P

n pj loves her name pj cos "pj" is rahul's amanat :P

silly post .plez blame the mood ;);)

hugs to allll :P

Monday, 3 August 2009

Death is not scary.....

I/you/we often think what would happen if one day I/you/we get the news that my/your/our life on Earth is now going to be numbered and would end soon.

Well as for me I have always spent my time thinking about such people and sympathizing. But it is only now that I think that these people who know that they are going to die in months or weeks are luckier than us. Such people get time to prepare for the ultimate and not like others(some unlucky souls) who die all of a sudden.

I don''t think death is scary when it comes to us...(yeh when it comes to others it's really scary)
You can just drown into your thoughts...and also achieve a few(if not all) things that you've been wanting can do good to others...

What would you like to do if such a thing happens to you and now you have just months/weeks to live?

for me it would be making people around me it with jokes, be it with a favour they asked for or be it with just a hug...


Thursday, 30 July 2009

Hemanth Ji Potluri ;)

Woof so at last am here with a post.

So finally in Aug this guy...called Hemanth would tie a knot.

~~History that would never be history~~

I first saw the name “Hemanth Potluri” on my blog comment section on 2nd of July ahhh…those days.

We first became blog friends then became chat friends..and then more than just online friends.

This one year just slipped away of my hands.

I remember those times at noon…we used to chat….and after days of chatting..we’d notice our chat boxes wud be full of nothing but


then suddenly I’d see “so what’s next”

and then wud come a question round….we’d keep on asking any quest that comes to our minds until It’s tym for the chat to end.

Ahhh I really cherish those moments…

~~Friendship n Hemzi~~

Friendship is the most beautiful relationship in this world. And friends like him make it even more beautiful. They add special color to your friendship.

Every person has something special in him/her that everyone likes to possess.

And In his case its his innocence and simplicity and care.

And I believe Simplicity is what ultimately appeals.

I say this only about my special friends because they are the only ones who’ve passed this ;)

And hemzii is one of them.

You try to know someone more You would feel he/she is not as good as you thought.

But some people only very few .you’d discover more and more good in them as you keep knowing them more.

And I’d surely say I am to know a lot more of this guy. A lot more good about him.

I would wish him all success in his married life…My warmest and heartiest wishes for Hemanth and Lakshmi .

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Ten years of GlOrY??

Its 10 years today after "Kargil".
A great matter of pride for India. Whenever I hear about such sacrifices tears come out of my eyes.
It distresses me even more when people around me (my friends) do not take it as a very big thing.

Yesterday I told one of my friends...about the tenth anniversary of "Kargil" and the sacrifices that bring tears to my eyes.

She exclaimed "they get money na what's the big deal then?"
Not only her many people in India think like that.

My only question to them would be "Can you really compare life with money?"
We did give Pakistan a back breaking reply. We did achieve success.

It's a dilemma...Should I be happy or sad?

We win or lose..lives have been lost on both sides.

Is there anything more precious than life?
Even a paradise on Earth is not.... surely not!!...

That's the IrOnY!!

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Ende Keralam :)

That pic my dad my daddy's cousin Antony(another Anto :P) one li'l neighbour (dad's holding him) and me...Anto uncle is holding me..

I miss Kerala... I miss Kannur.....I miss the sea...I miss the rains...I miss the guys :P
I miss my state :(

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Daddy's Girl :)

We daughters are real wonderful creatures.

Specially daughters like me...they just put their dads in fix...

If I start writing about all the silly questions i've asked my dad...then I'd better have to write an epic.

Well anyway I'd give a small version of pj's questions to her dad... n mind it some of the questions could be really (I dun have a word :P)

At the age of some 9 or 10...I had the habit to secretly read my mommy's magazine..

and yeh I used to find the words that used to be real confusing.

if I ask mom then I'd get one answer..."I dunno" (tat's wat she told me if she didn't wannaa explain)

Then dad was the best ever option for me to ask "crazy things".

I once asked my dad...wat does "virginity" mean??

And surprisingly he answered me. Yeh of course he told me something what i could understand only. But today when i look ito it I am grateful that he answered :P

I remember one fine day i told my dad "daddy am a woman today" hahah how silly but am really very free with him. I just dun thik twice before telling things to him while with mom it's different.:P

Once recently I asked him... can i look sexy??

He asked why I wanted to look sexy?

I didn't have an answer :P

Then wat i heard was really an insight like for me..

"Pri..dear..I think you should never try to look like something/someone. It should rather be evident what you are. I am sure there would be someone who'd adore you for what you are.
And if you cover up the real yourself..then you might miss that..person.
And moreover you are what you cannot live a lie..for whole life . But then yeh I dun find anything bad in you looking sexy".

My papa n me..we discuss anything and everything that is in this world. About sex, about love, about life, about marriage, about college, about guys.. everything ..
he tells me a lot of things he experienced as a guy at college and school.

Once I was just arguing about how much women face and all cos of the eve teasers.

He says.."once I was standing in a suddenly the driver put brakes...and I collided with a woman standing just in front. And she gave me real evil looks"
He says he really felt bad ...For being blamed for what he didn't do.

Well then's when I realized...yeh many such cases do exist.

He shares experiences of gals he liked when he was young...

He says there was a girl in the college next to his boys' school...(St Micheal's Kannur)
He used to go there daily to just get a glimpse of her...hahaha...(she'd once asked his name n h said Denzil..she asked Denzil what ..he remained silent..N so from them she called him Denzil Nothing n he used to love it hahah)
All he did when he was in his 9th grade...

Well..When parents share many incidents of their lives I too feel the confidence that i too can share anything with them...specially my dad...
Moms get worried...

Once Dad and I sit and start arguing then mom knows that now to get them (us) out of it is kind of a hopeless case :P