Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Kuch lamhe Kuch yaadein 2008 welcome 2009 and BYE BYE for a while..

For me this year started with tension....

~~* tension of the second pre-boards....
~~* tension of the the board exams...

In this year I left KV forever.... ahhh!!!
that brought tears in my eyes...uncontrollable tears..

This year I entered college....

One of the important things that happened this year was.....
on the 25th of May....I joined blogger.....

A virtual world..and yet so so real.... Something never to be forgotten something so nice...ahhh! I soo soo luv it...

yes this year also viewed height of terrorism.....the blasts in various metropolitan cities...ahhh...sad ..but happy that we came over it...

But the most important thing I learned this year expect less from others....expectations..ruin you...over expectations make you sad..... I now know that I am not as important for others as they are for me....but its their life....I can't control their priorities can I?

ahhh!! all this is life....
~~*Duniya mein aaye hei toh jeena hi padega*~~

One more year....I lived many more moments....many more...beautiful moments...
moments that made me cry moments that made me laugh....

These lines get rhymed...but these are not just rhymes..made for the sake of making...its my life is full of questions....questions that can't be answered ...questions..that can't be thought of....ahhhh!

Some moments I would always want to relive....
some dreams I would want to see again... some competitions i would want to take part in again... some battles I would want to fight again.. some arguments i would want to win again....

This year was every other year...
seemed to be so long when it started but slipped off my hands so soon.

There are so many special moments of this year which just touched me...and brought me in an ecstatic atmosphere...

Life has questioned me...this year a lot....
questioned me biology or maths..
questioned me
Rajasthan Or Kerala
questioned me ...computers or...medicine...

questioned me or brains... questioned me many tymes....

Next year I hope it to be nice... after all hopes are on which world stands...

Happy new Year to all of you friends.... A moment of joy a moment of celebration......NJOYYYYYYY

...Dear all

I juss wud like to inform that I am taking a long break I wud be bakk for sure but donno wen..may be by 2 months or so..

I will be online on some days ....but will not be blogging..

Hoping to see you all soon...
tc all bye bye

ps:) this is a scheduled post

Friday, 26 December 2008

Tagiie..and a sweet gift from joie...

A loooooooooong post coming but quite an interesting plz read it...:P

I was tagged by Harshii... super rocking gal with an optimistic attitude ...she calls me Nanhi pari...I sooo luv it :)

So now lets proceed:P

RULE #1 People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any question that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.

RULE #2 Tag 6 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse. These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by. Continue this game by sending it to other people.

1. If your lover betrayed you what would your reaction be?

~~*That will never happen...coz If I sense something fishy in him then mein hi use pehle betray kar doongi :P

2. If you could have one dream come true which one would it be?

~~* That wud be world peace...

3. Whose butt would you like to kick?
~~* Nahi nahi vadsa":P aise gande kaam mei nahi karti ":P:P

4. What would you do with a billion dollars?

~~* Do something for the cancer patients...

5. Will you fall in love with your best friend?

~~*Nahiiiiiiiiiiiii....I am straight ....aisa kaise ho sakta hei :P

6. Which is more blessed: loving someone or being loved by someone?

~~* I guess both...everything has its own joys

7. How long would you wait for someone you love?

~~* not much of course........if the person himself doesn't luv me then y should I invade his territory? kehna aasaan but karna mushkil...:P

8. If the person you like is secretly attached, what would you do?

~~*I like sumone coz tats my choice and no coz he/she likes me...tats all!

9. If you could root for one social cause which one would it be?

~~*It would be injustice.....

10. What takes you down the fastest?

~~*backbiting ...I juss can't take tat..coz I am very very frank..say wat I feel I also can't take calumny.

11. Change of quest..... What's your main Aim in life?

~~* To be happy and make people around me happy.

12. What's your fear?

~~*Being away from the loved ones....I can't live without them..specially my parents.... :)

13. What kind of person(s) do you think the person who tagged you is/are?

~~*Rocking gal....super cool....sees the better side of everything

14. Would you rather be single and rich or married and poor?

~~*My being single or married doesn't depend on money at all....

15. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

~~*wake up my cat :P...huh! tiring job :P

16. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously who would you pick?

~~* That's not a difficult job at all :P Ek se bhlae do :P

17. Would you give all in a relationship?

~~*Surely...relationships make there has to be no second thought about it.

18. What's eating you now?

~~* Uff!! my studies .... :P:P

19. Do you prefer being single or in a relationship?

~~* I am single...and Its so very cool to be single :P Relationship...Till now I haven't found nyone.....of my types.. :P:P..and I donno wer Rahul is :P

For this I tag


Others too can take this up.. :)

Guys and gals on the 23rd of this month I got a special gift from a friend through post....and she not nyone else but our shweeeet Joie...(neha)

A card
.. With the words....

"Who said
birds of a feather flock together?
we are so different yet the best of the friends!"

That's the scanned copy of the sweet gift.... :) :)

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Its friends....

I lied down on my bed complaining “how soft it is.. my back aches because of this”

Took my quilt and covered myself…blaming again

Couldn’t sleep….thought about…the passed day…

The college fun….the colloquium…the preparations for clothes new things.. all entertained me…

But then a thought disturbed be…
.. attacked me..

.. questioned me

With the words
“have you ever thought of people sleeping on the footpaths

when you blame your bed..?

have you ever even felt for the animals…in the freezing cold
when you blame your cozy quilt?

A flood of emotions brought tears in my eyes…

The wound called guilt was so deep that I didn’t sleep at all

I felt it was nothing but pride..I think there can be no better time to become humble rather than of the biggest examples of humility...
More than any celebration...this time I am going to become more concerned about others than myself...
I feel guilty of my pride and selfishness...So Changing would be my Christmas and New year resolution..

What's yours?

Ps:) This post is a draft post..while it gets published I'll be in the church still...

Monday, 22 December 2008

Expectations...and expectations huh!

A parent expects his/her child to be the most perfect human being in the whole world....
A teacher expects his /her students to excel in all fields...
A husband expects his wife to be the most beautiful and caring
A wife expects her husband to be the richest.

Ahh! I might be wrong ...and the expectations might be different..but don't you think we all expect a lot from others?

Don't you think that is a kind of dependency?

Don't you think life would have been much more easier if we expected less from others?

I have often felt that one of the main reasons of sadness is expecting a lot...

Love..which mysteriously connects two people..gets ruined due to expectations...

~~* A few days of my friends...did something that left me shocked...I am shocked even now..she has spoilt her future...
I expected her to be doing well in studies..but..ahhh!!..that made me realize....I really expected too much..what right do I have..yes I am a friend.... I don't own I?

Friendship is the most precious relationship on this Earth..I value it so much....

Expectations do ruin it...yes I've experienced it.....

I end with the lines I found in one of my notebooks...

~~*Har jazbaat ko zubaan nahi milti
har aarzoo ko dua nahi milti
khushi mei toh sab dete hein saath
Dukh mei toh aasoo ko bhi aakhon mei panaah nahi milti*~~

Be happy be not expect too much even if u r a fool :P hey I rhymed it tats on a funny note though :P

tc all

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Hectic day ..and a beautiful experience.

Yesterday was a very hectic day for me...not from the study part of view of course as usual I went and stood near the front gate of ma house. Watching people passing by makes me feel good...its just a beautiful experience.

I always enjoy knowing more people....

so today i would like to share somethings that happened in front of ma eyes...

~~* Two boys...

They were on their cycles...and as they passed by me one of them lost his balance and fell down...

haha..I was about to laugh...but didn't...controlled it and then what I heard was....the other boy saying "abbe yahaan nahi sona" (hey don't sleep here)

huh! I only know how I stood there without laughing :P

~~* A family..

The hubby and the wife were walking on both sides and the kid in wat a scene to see.

~~* A group of gals..

Ahh don't ask me :P gals and no gossip not possible huh!..tat actually made me sad..but never mind..I am happy not to be like them...

~~* An old couple..

The couple coming bakk frm the evening walk...I felt see them...together and happy...I actually knoew them so wished them...a Namaste.

All this except the gals grp made me tiredness dissolved in the evening wind...

ps:) the crib is a creative art by me :P and my dad...long ago in 1994 wen I was 3 :P

tc all

Saturday, 20 December 2008

A pic...with one of my Boyfriend's :P

Now I know you all wanna know who is in the pic?

haha I guess I should take the long way round :P

Long ago I had published a post on this blog called no I won't tell

I was going through the scanned pics today..yeah had nothing else to do :P so juss was browsing and this is what I got..thanx to mum and dad that I hav his pic.

Niway now its time to tell you that its Ankit and me...long bakk in

It reely made me happy when I got this pic... and am very happy to share this with you all.

And today is a very special day...Its the anniversary of Hemzii's blog congrattzzz to him...

ps:) the pic is very old so is full of scratches :P u need to enlarge it to view it properly.


Thursday, 18 December 2008

Two weeks...revelation...tension...and friends..!!

Ah! at last my exams are over....and yes it all went well....
thanks for all your wishes friends...and special thanx to Keshi, Raka and Aayushi for missing me...

The days which passed by were much more than just exams for me.

Yes I was studying for exams but an incident which happened during these two weeks actually taught me a truth much higher much deeper than the mere bookish knowledge.

The truth is no new….though it came as a revelation….as if some hidden truth was revealed to me.

~~*After college my friends and I took the long route back to home..and stopped by a small place to have something.

Now when we were passing by a small plant sales outlet of this place we heard some sounds from there.

We went inside as we just wanted to see the plants..and when we got inside the small place…we saw a lady...she was arguing with the owner...just for 20 rupees…

A poor family…running that small nursery…and the only expectation was some income to live on.

I just couldn’t watch that...and seeing tat I got tears in my can someone be so selfish.

I really can't understand this...some pieces of printed paper..can...make a person lose all human values...

This was going on in my mind...niway...i shared it all with you all are my friends...

~~*Har kadam pe imtihaan leti hei zindagi

Har waqt naye sadme deti hei zindagi

Hum zindagi se shikwa kaise karein

Aap jaise dost bhi to deti hei zindagi~~*

These lines touched me...when I was going through one of the last yr's notebooks.

ps:) I deleted my private blog...sorry all...reason...will some day reveal

pps:) on a funny note..I fell down three times this week..running after my cat :P

ppps:) followers plz follow this blog the url change wud not giv u updates unless u do so.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

A Different outlook towards life...a video..too!!

An effort to make you all happy...a way to face all trials in life..Just an effort...

Just listen it ..I am sure u'll like it....

ps:) The voice is mine..its all dun in plz forgive for mistakes.

pps:) I have please...also for give my absence from blogsville from..the 6th of this month...

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

We the guinea pigs!!


You all must be wondering why have I put that title?

It has got a lot of meaning friends...

You might not understand because you all don't live in the same situations My dad and I live in. lol


Actually my mom is a very good cook....but what happens is..being a working woman she didn't get much time to try out new recipes...huh!

So now she has got some kind of mania to do that...haha

For the last 5 years..she is having this mania..

In this process some..things turn out well and some..huh! don't ask...!!

and we have a strict rule at wastage of anything no food is wasted too...

now what happens dad and I are the guinea pigs at my house....

If recipes turn out to be a success then well and good...but if they turn out to be a failure..then...only God can save us.

So my request is please pray for the two guinea pigs :P lol

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Results of a survey!!

This post is about what my friends think about me....huh!

Actually the post is a result of a survey I conducted...or we conducted.

lemme explain ...

I and my friends...actually 9 of us...took 9 bowls for each of us...then all of us wrote about what we feel about each person...but identity was not revealed.....that is we could write anything about anyone without that person knowing who wrote it about him/her..

I should tell you that we are 5 girls and 4 boys in the group...

I got mostly good comments...from my friends..but...bad comments too...I actually did one more thing..that is repeating the survey with my dad and mom...

so here goes the results...

##You are a very honest person...not in the sense of..what we normally think ..but in the sense of honesty to self..which makes you regret less about things happening in your life.

##A girl who is very up to date in thoughts..but has really a poor fashion sense..and so is seen mostly in anything she finds to wear....but..loves to wear salwar she is a proud Indian.

##Always first to say sorry at times of quarrels..of fights..and has thank you at the tips of her tongue...and so half of the phone bill is because of sorry s and thank you s.

##The laziest person one can ever find....Knows that everyone need their own spaces...but never demand for her' sweet. ( totally confused personality)

##Very very argumentative...can become a lawyer....always first to question the teacher... and make the whole class laugh with your stupid...questions.

##Kind to animals...very kind.....loves them very much..less kind to friends.

##Perfect personality..can be mature sometimes..very mature...but....doesn't loose her...chulbuli types behaviour (here chulbuli means chirpy).

##Loves parents so much...but rarely listens to what they say.

As I told you all that I did this survey with my parents too..huh!.never expected them to say so;

Mom:..sensitive, understanding,funny, polite, kind...and disobedient...
Can't believe that she is the same mom who keeps me criticizing all the time..

Dad:.spontaneous...very intelligent, humble, single child..but not..a spoilt brat.yet..and..loving.

You could also do this as a tag..ask your friends..what they think about you..

ps:) I first thought to post it as a scanned document..but because there were many bits of paper so I couldn't.

pps:) Some are in third person and some are in second..its not ma mistake..i just copied wat they wrote..

ppps:) you can add ur comments to good or bad..k

Sunday, 30 November 2008

bas itna yaad rahe..ek saathi aur bhi thaa!!

Today I am going to do something which I haven't done for many days...I love my country very much...but I cannot see what's going on in here...I am not just talking of the terrorist attack...but also of the various social evils....which I have always criticized.......


Today is a very special day for...every Indian.


In our country you find..corruption...

you find..sati(of course not as before)

you find..conservationism

you find strikes and bandhs every other day..

you find..women being ill treated

you find...caste system...

you find many many such things...

But you also find Hemant Karkare.....

Ashok Kamte

Vijay Salaskar

Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan

Yes I am proud of them just makes me feel delighted...that the terrorists ..who came to destroy my India's heritage...and scare us all..are defeated..

A terror attack..called the worst till now..came to an end in just 60 hours...Just think it out...when you feel "if only I were born in any developed country"

They gave their lives for our country...ah!..just sacrificed it for India....

They were born in the same India..which has so evils prevailing in it..

Don't you feel proud that in today's ultra selfish world...people like them were born...My salute to all those who lost their lives....yes I know there are many many more.....

I just want you all to remember them ....don't just forget..these...if at all pride comes into you let it be for proud for your INDIA...

Listen to this!!

War is no good and should not be encouraged....but when such situations come up..then the only choice left fight it out....India has always tried to just fight it out and never has began a war....I am proud of that too..

ps:) this post doesn't mean I will stop criticizing social evils in India :P

Friday, 28 November 2008

~We will win~

The gloom will end....
light will make a way through....
happy moments... not far...
smiles not away... what I see...
no more does fear frighten me...
we are one...
one entity...
we spread love....
not hatred
Love has won not hatred...

ps:) My salute to all who bravely...fought against the terrorists....and my those who..are no more..for I feel happy for their sacrifice...than sad...I am happy that they died for my INDIA

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

I am tired of life.....farewells too !!.ahhh!!

As you all know CHRIZ....our Chronic writer..has decided to leave all of us ..the e-pals..and stop blogging....

After 6 months of bogging...I am so very attached to you all...that I can't even imagine to leave you all and go...I donno y...but it is like that...a bond has been formed....

Now who am I to interfere in all your personal lives and stop you all from going.. no one!! ...hav I ever met ya? no!! a big no!

I am short of such moments...I have tried my best to persuade all those who left ..and yesterday...I tried to persuade him too...but Its very sad to know that I am very bad at it....

When one of my friends left..I wanted to post..but then donno what stopped that many hav left and many are leaving...I wud wish them luck coz that's the only thing left....

Every step in life gives us a new lesson...every new decision opens a new chapter for us...we cannot live a perfect life....trials and errors have to be there...we cannot wait to live it without any troubles...I take it that way...

Cheering up is so seems boring..just a repetition of things..a vicious circle...

meeting people..sharing the warmth..then departing....

yes we all have to depart one day....

but why do friends depart..why do we have to be away from them....

Many things going on in my life are making me feel cannot be called a glorious

gift..its...really not...

Is life a joke...??

a big joke!

Depressing songs now entertain me...

I cry when alone.

whats wrong..

whats happening

y me?

At least someone come and tell me I am bakkk....I hav lost so many friends.....

Monday, 24 November 2008

Priya and Sahil

Ahaaaa!!....lemme give you intros of both...

Priya: A tall gal..wears spects..loves basketball....super player....super Hritik fan..can dance like him..very good at studies....ah! topper u can say......oops has a big forehead so puts her hair on the forehead...and so is sometimes called JASSI by the passer bys...

Sahil: He is the son of the wing commander...SOG...AFS...super flirt...behaves like a transexual..:P
has a girly voice...and he uses the word "fuck" all the tym....once had written in a friend's slam book on the question

Q: your secret craves?
A: "To f**k with all my 17 galfrnds" super liar...he cannot hav that many....Now in Allahabad huh poor gals... :P.


It was yr 2006..a free period..I was in class 11 then....all guys and gals went to the basketball ground.

Priya was just rocking in the game...and the gals were winning...this bloody sahil..jealous...
shouted loud...JAAAAAsssssssiiiiiii.....ah! she went bakk to class game was stopped....
but all the gals in the class motivated go and giv him an what he did....she said yeah!

She went near his bench..did not speak a word.....just caught him by his hair and gave him a smashing hit on his nose....ah! kya scene tha woh!...since it was after the school hours teachers..ka panga nahi hua!!

Ah this is one of my beautiful memories of KV
ps: that priya is not me...she's priya Kumari

Friday, 21 November 2008

pata toh chale!!

I saw this tag on many blogs...I am curious to post here's it

1. Who are you?

2. Are we friends?

3. Something I have and YOU want?

4. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it?

5. Describe me in one word.

6. What was your first impression of me?

7. Do you still think that way about me now?

8. What reminds you of me?

9. If you could give me anything what would it be?

10. How well do you know me?

11. How do you see me in the future?

12. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn’t?

13. Are you going to post this in your blog and see what I say about you?

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Photo story...bitchiiieee...ahhh I luv Cricket...!!

Hooo!!!! today I am in a very weird mood so I just wanna make a small post....its as follows
You can do it if you take it as a tag...

This pic has a special story behind it...not particularly about it but still connected to it goes...

This photo was taken long back in 2003...on 18 of you might be thinking how do I remember so precisely..haha that's what I am gonna tell you...!!

On 17th of Sept 2003 i was returning home..after play..In the hospital compound..Yeah I used to go to that place to play Cricket..with my buddies...

Daily I used to get scolding for tearing my jeans...(while playing ). So that day I purposely wore a suit to tear it nicely and come.....:P

It was about 7:30 pm and I was coming back to was then that I saw a bitch...oops with its puppies..I passed her and was staring at it continuously and as I turned came running and bit me....huh!

I came to my home running. didn't cry the whole way but as soon as Dad opened the door..huh I cried so loudly that the neighbours also came running...then what everyone came to know that I was bitten by a bitch..huh!

I had to take injections on ma upper arm...uff can't forget the pain ....

This photo was taken the very next day..does it seem that this is the same gal who cried some hours

If u wanna take it up go ahead ...

Saturday, 15 November 2008


We all have troubles in life....we all do certain things in life to impress please others....we all create blunders in life..many ..some are forgiven some are not but life goes on....

I recently came across a some very beautiful Anonymous I jotted them down here..its called..Anyway

People are unreasonable
illogical and self-centered
Love them anyway

If you do good,people will
accuse you of
selfish ulterior motives
Do good Anyway

If you are successful,
you win false friends
and true enemies
Succeed Anyway

The good you do today will
be forgotten tomorrow
Do Good Anyway

Honesty and frankness
make you vulnerable.
Be Honest And Frank Anyway

What you spend years
building may be
destroyed overnight
Build Anyway

People really need help
but may attack you
I you help them.
Help people Anyway.

Give the world the best
you have and you'll get
kicked in the teeth.
Give The World The
Best You've Got Anyway

I dedicate this post to all who are facing worldly criticisms.....that means to all of you who have stopped doing good just because
They have been criticized.

Do good to people I know the world will change...

Keeping my spirits high I make a humble appeal to you all....

ps:) Thanx for those lovely words from you all. I am much better now...

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Pj injured....

Hi all..

I am typing this with great difficulty...yesterday I fell down while coming bakk from a friend's house...and so got badly injured...I was ok this morning but went to the Gurudwara...with my morning along with the injuries got a fever too...I'll be online but reely can't type in posts or anything more...So please excuse me for 2-3 days...

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Kal aaj aur Kal..Tag..

I was tagged by Praveen...for this lovely tag...

I hope tis tym the link url is correct lol...haha otherwise am gonna be

Your oldest memories....

My oldest memories...I can remember I went to Kerala (Kannur) to celebrate my fourth birthday..and it was so niice..I remember I made so much of fuss to wear the birthday dress..and wanted to cut the cake in the same dress which I was wearing..and as u can see in the am a daddy's he's holding ma hand while I am cutting the cake...

What were you doing ten years ago?

I was just seven years old then..I was in std 3..I remember I was gonna leave my first school and all the buddies I made..My two cats...I remember taking so many many I just can''t forget that place..It was the place where I came when I was just 3..ah! 4 years are so important...The pic u can see the things in the background all a mess..we were packing to come to the place where I am now..


Have entered college its 4 months now....doing BCA...wanna achieve many things..but donno will be or will not be able to do so....Being the only daughter have so many responsibilities too..Then have found so many good friends here in the to be here...


Have to go to a friend's per invitation....yeah college of course!! Bunk lectures..Fight with the guys...idiotic fellows...P

ufff..assignement...huh! see I forgot...I forget such things easily..

What do you see yourself doing 14 years from now?

Hmmm that means when I am 31 yrs...I guess wud be doing ma own web business...helping the less fortunate...doing something for the country...ahh!! dreams ... hope these get fulfilled..

If you build a time capsule what would it contain?

It wud hav me,dad & Synthesizer (casio)...My bible...of course..a lappy to blog frm

I am not tagging anyone..U can take it up if you like it..

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Prayer...does it all....!!

From the last fifteen twenty days..I was not in the best of my mood...many reasons to it..

Last month I broke up with best buddy..a buddy of 4 years...I never thought our friendship would end in such a way...I feel it was all destined..

When I called up ma granny mom she was all sad talking about death
..though she's in her sixties...she was saying that she doesn't think she'll be able to see me settled in life....

With the start of this month one of my friends got a relapse of typhoid...(she's fine now) made me very very sad...

Then also a time came when I felt I should have had a sibling..whom I can just go and hug to forget ma worries...

The worst and dirtiest of all was when some of ma college girls linked me with our Maths Prof. Just because he expects answers from me whenever he asks a question...

Then again ...when i saw a film in Malayalam I felt..i want to be in my own native state...I felt alienated at this place....I wanted to be at my own house..with my relatives ..ahhhh!!

But what could I do....I took up the Bible....just open a was Ephesians...3:21...

I was really touched by it..I now know that Prayer helps the most..its the best cure for all our diseases....

I am thankful to Divvi, Sinduja, Archana, Ayushi,and Nithin...also Buzzz...they all tried to cheer me up... Thanx buddies..

ps:)My answer to the quest in previous post is with the comments there..

Friday, 7 November 2008

Love song....Crush song...!!.

Today's post is gonna be very small..I am just going to ask you all a question...

we all love songs and some songs really have touched all of what I want to ask is

Write a story about a song to which you are attached very much..but in the romantic sense.

I mean the story where u were there your love or crush was there and the song was being played...or may be the song is the reason that you came close to ur love or crush....

No names required...the incident should be about a real life love/crush not reel life...

Thursday, 6 November 2008

His feet ...My feet...oops...her's too!!

This happened when I was in std 9th. Our science period was going on...suddenly I felt someone trying to push my leg...I understood it was the boy sitting behind my seat...

I first thought to stand up and tell the teacher...but then I thought..ooh!! Priya..why to involve sir in this ..I 'll handle this..

So I just started pushing him back with my feet....and during our fight....he by mistake pushed my seat partner's feet....and she ..."miss don't touch me" stood at the very moment and told the teacher....

HE asked the boy to stand up.. and asked for the reason...he Plainly said ..I was trying to push Priya's leg sir and by mistake touched her's....

Whole class laughed..huh! bursted out at the finish of that sentence...and even Sir couldn't control his

I have just one question to ask that boy...Couldn't he remain silent on the teacher's question....huh!...ufff....!!..these guys na!!!!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Its all planned...even!!

ps:)Here Ideal means..ur dream partners and not the idealistic ideal..

We all have our ideal life partners....but do you really think love happens or will happen to the ideal partners we all have in mind?

I really don't think so...Now that I don't think so..Its kind of obvious that you would ask me for reasons.

Yes the reason is what I see at home. My parents' was a love marriage..

yes they weren't each others ideal partners..

Dad is an introvert but mum talks a lot..she just brings back life into you with her talk sometimes...

Mum is a person who is chirpy she has a very good sense of humor too..but I should say that dad is kind of intellectual types he doesn't talk much doesn't express much of his he jokes once in a blue

How they met..don't no how..Dad a Hans Raj College (Delhi) product while Mum studied in some unknown college of Kerala...its like it was already destined all had been planned earlier...

Dad and mom both say they never ever thought in their wildest or weirdest dreams that they are going to be together...Ha! it all just happened!!

So what I say is its better not to have ideals in your'd be disappointed...

Sunday, 2 November 2008

I can't forget You all.....(half century)

Tat's hemanth's sweet gift..Thanx dear..

This is the 50th post....I actually never thought that this blog wud complete its 50th post first..lemme talk some crap about me....I started blogging coz i used to feel reely bad about some things going on in our society....I joined blogger on 25th May this year...I donno whether to be happy that this blog which was just done as a tym pass is getting more visitors than my main blog..called That's Awful...but to tell you all the fact is I am reely njoying the community I am in..I reely don't feel that we donno each other personally.

Amrita: Her pen name .."I'll try to be truthful" ..Is I guess very apt...I reely can't say much about her..but wat I read in her post..I see honesty and find tat she is a nice human being...

..I was gonna leave blogger bcoz it was about a month and I wasn't getting any feedback from any of my readers...and then one fine day..I saw some four comments..on 3 of my blogs...I was so very happy...I wud give him all thanks for the fact tat I am still on blogger....he knows me from the time I was "21" and "Shobna"...hi hi lol...niways...even now he never fails to comment on any of my posts..I can never forget this cool guy and a niice friend and blogger too...tats it..
Thanx a lot ..Aneesh :)

Anwesa: I know her from not more than 2 months..but ..the way we chat it doesn't reely seem that we just know each other from 2 months...or less...I love the way she writes..and experiments with new ways of writing.... I reely like tat she calls me li'l ....another unforgettable person...

Aparna: I got the link to her blog from Hemanth...and I never knew that I wud become such a big fan of her writing...yes I am a big fan of hers...such a niice gal..and can't reely forget her..

Archana: One morning I saw a comment from her..and within 2 more dys she invited for chat...such a niicee buddy to chat with....I reely can never forget time spent with her and of course the time I will spend with her...she has become one of the gr8 friends on blogger...I call her Archii...

I know him from some 3 months...I luv the way he writes...His controversial posts are reely very good to read and comment on...A funny incident with him was when he commented on one of my posts sayin that he's a mama's boy....Now that he's back to blogging after a long break...I am waiting to read his posts..

When some of my blogger buddies say that they are amazed by my posts on my other blog....I reely can say that I always get amazed by her posts...she writes with so much of perfection....The first time we chatted I thought she is a very serious kindaa person..but I was wrong..she has the funny element too in her...another sweet buddy on my unforgettable s list.

This is the first guy I met on chat first and then visited his blogs...thanx to Phoenix..(Raka)...he's a kindaa different to chat with..hi hi he takes small naps between chats..he calls me moti..donno y and alos PJ the DJ..tats the way he has blogrolled me...I luv his blog and the way he writes..and shares his personal experiences...another unforgettable...

Chriz: I came to know him thru Thanamoi...he once commented on my blog saying he owns a nutty blog...I normally don't comment on people's blog as soon as they do...juss like but his comment made me do so..I can reely say tat u find some gud humour at his place....and sometimes our chronic writer gets serious too tats wen he amazes the most...Can't reely forget you dear..

Diana:Hmmmm she can't be forgotten for her insightful posts....her beautiful comments on my blog ...and many more reely beautiful ya' dear...buddy

Divkiran:I was just browsing blogs and I just went to her hap hazard way but wen I read the stuff out there....I reely reely was amazed..she writes with so much of feeling..and can arouse emotions with her posts...the unforgettable Divkiran..lovely gal...

I reely won't only remember her just bcoz she comments on my blog...she has become such a special girl for me..she's on my chat list..but we rarely her posts and poetry ..I can't miss them...they are so beautifully written..she doesn't seem to be elder..she seems to be of my age...she has a voice similar to me too...hi hi.

I luv her posts..her blog reely has a purpose and I luv tat attitude...supaa cool writer here in blogsville.

DJ: He is one guy who praises me for whatever I write....I like tat....these dys a li'l slow in posting..but I like such innocent posts by him.

Farah:Another cool blogger..with that fun element in her..ah! from the tym she saw my blog header she couldn't stop giving comments on it..hi hi I muss tell u tat her pen name think tank Is supaa apt..

One fine morning I opened blogger and saw tat I've got a new follower..and this was she..I went to her blog and loved the philosophy..out reely made me to ponder on some things...

Gagan:I wen't to his blog thru Arun's and wat..I saw his post called "The perception game" I brolled him there and then..u can guess How much big fan of him I became..

I wrote about him in the previous post...he's such a special guy...with a special attitude to care for chat with him is so much fun..and whenever we chat the common question from both sides is "wats next" none of us wan't to answer tat..and we ultimately end up with a question round..hi hi...another unforgettable friend I have found on blogger.. whose attitude towards friends is supaa cool..

I recently came to know this guy...hehe I tell you one thin that I can never forget the lovely fodiee pics he puts on his posts..they r so yummy..hihi...lovely blogger too.

Kartz: I came to know him through Jagruti...our common social blog..his posts there made me read his personal blog and then what as u all know I became a very big fan of his works..he writes with so much of perfection...and his english..I mean the literary sense is so very good....keep up the good work Karthik...

She such a nice blogger ..I simply admire her attitude towards life ..I love the posts she puts in ...and of course the questions..i luv answering them...she's the only one on blogger who calls me Joyce...I luv being called tat...there's a lot to say about her...I appreciate her for the tym she takes to comment on all of our blogs...I can also say that she is the true example of a modern lady for ya' dear.

Kiran: A recent friend..I luv her blog..hehe she has many tips for me..Lovely human being her comments depict tat she's a very nice human being...I Luv getting comments from her.

I love the way she talks about life in her posts...Its just not philosophy ..It makes me to ponder on things...sometimes some things are about which I..have never heard...beautiful style of writing and giving her point of view...

I once went to his blog thru joie's and after that I reely never missed to read his posts...I like his style of writing and the way he puts up small pieces of poetry...those make me emotional...I have even cried after reading some of his posts.
I donno I wasn't such a big fan of poetry but he has made me one..

I reely donno how old she is...but one thing common about us is we both are southies but live in the north...she told me that..her posts are super fantastic...all I can say is she excels in her writing ya' dear

His blog is one place which I visit when I feel low....This spiritual blog gives me so much power to come out of whatever I am in..Then again I like the way he ends his every post with..."God bless you my young friend"..I love that line...Thanx Mel

MultiMenon: I used to see his comments on many ofmy blogger friends..and I used to feel I also wanna get a comment from him..coz I like his comments very much..and one day i got it..and when I visited his blog I found that he owns a very nice blog..such beautiful thoughts..shared...

She Is the first friend ever I hav found on blogger..She is very special for me.I share with her everything tats going on in my life and she too duss it..I admire her for many things..she is a very responsible and a nice human being... I rarely get to chat with her coz she's busy too...hehe.. but we her mails raise my spirits and I luv to read them specially long ones...

Nithin: One of the special friends on blogger...I remember asking him whether he cleared his AIPMT paper ...but who knew that we wud become friends from that simple question..The one thing I hav seen in him and I admire is the special affection he has for matter whether they r real or virtual..Its months since we've been friends..but still I don't understand him cumpletely..he says the same

One of the very fine poets on blogger..with a beautiful attitude and way to look at life... she talks about love in her poems ..and they r so full of beautiful emotions...I can't forget her..I know many of u also can't

I find innocence in his comments on my blog...I call him Mr techno..he reely is..He is in so much love with his subject tat is visible in his personal blog..I get to know about newest gadgets and such stuffs...yupp he's another person who can't be forgotten..

One of the fine human beings I hav ever ever met...Such a caring person..U hav any problems ..he spends all his time in bringing you out of that situation..His blogs are wat I luv to read...I love to read his comments on my blog...When I chat with him I never feel bored coz of his super sense of humour...everyone wants to have a friend like him. A man with so many achievements n yet so so so humble...and simple..He reely can't be forgotten.

Praveen: I got to know him through Jagruti..a social blog...I just put up a comment and the next day I say tat we were into a pen fight..not
Then The next was I saw a message on my chat him asking whether I was a Malayali......ha ..then I visited the blog he owns..wat a wonderful one..I simply loved it..I admire his views on some of the issues I found on his blog...tats it..another unforgettable indeed!!

She is a rocking blogger I found here in this virtual world...I was surprised to see her writing about me in her 25th post..some two dys after she knew me...She called me innocent but I shud say she is innocent too and I love the humour she puts into her blog...and I love the attitude she has....I can't forget her..

Preetilata: For a long time I wanted to know her coz she was the only one of the 4 friends I didn't know..I knew she wud be as wonderful person as the other three..and yes she is ...her posts make me stop ..and think..I have never felt that I don't know her much ..She is such a sweet person...I can say tat coz I hav read the way she comments...I am happy that I have her as my friend..

Raka: Her sweet words..the way she chats with me the way she comments on my posts ...all make me admire her..she is such a sweet friend..whenever she misses to comment on my post I reely feel bad..I luv the way she her blog.. The recent post of her reely rocked...She reely can't be forgotten..

Sameera: 2nd nov her b'day..wishing u a very happy B'day...dear...I am a fan of her poetry..and I luv the way she writes about various social issues....and she puts it so very beautifully in her poems...I admire her for that...The best thing about her that she is a kid with me and an oldie wth the oldies(i mean u all)....not many have that talent..I reely will remember u sami ..always..

Saranya: A gal with a wonderful sense of living of my first commentator..I always have liked her attitude..and the way she takes life..her posts on the blog say so. She discusses life on her blog and I luv tat ...our life is the biggest issue not anything else...I admire the way she takes tym to comment on my blog..a sweet friend ..who can never forgotten..

Sawan: The best thing he did is to follow my the first read he felt to do that..Ah! U r a recent friend..I may not know him much but I can surely say that I love the way he of the cool writers here in the blogsville.

Shiva: Though he never has come to this blog of mine but he never ever misses to comment on my other blog..I luv the way he raises questions..on certain social evils..The best thing I like about him is the way he cares for his friends..I remember him putting up a post for one of his friends..coz tat friend was sick and admitted in the hospital...I admire him..

This is very sad that he left blogsville...a very good writer and poet too..he can arouse emotions through his works..I reely will miss his works..Miss ya'

A very beautiful person..has a very sweet way of conversing ...I mean I luv the way she chats with me....I luv the way she kindaa analyzes things on her blog...her posts are fantastic..unforgettable person..of course..

Smriti:She rocks..I luv the way she comments the way she gives her opinion..she is supaa to things.and most importantly a very nice and sweet gal..I met here. can't ever imagine to forget u..

Sneha: Supaa gal blogger...O can say that her posts on her blog raise spirits..I just always am in doubt tat from where dus she get all those questions..hehe..I guess sol is no more solitary...her pen name is supaa opposite from wat she is I can say that from her posts...she rocks..

Sureshwat do I say..I hav become a big fan of his stories...supaa classic I call them tat. He's almost always the first commentator to any of my posts..Thanx dear..I am lucky to have a friend like you..

I luv her posts...supaa rocking work...and she says she's an introvert...I never found so ..she is so very cheerful..a lovely human being ..It seems tat I can share anything with her..she won't misunderstand me for ya' dear...U can't be forgotten.

Thanamoi: I found a sweet friend through Aneesh's blog..and now she has become so very special for me...Her comments make me happy...She's one of the humble and very sweet persons I hav ever met.

Trinaa: Wonderful blogger and a wonderful person too......she's my recent friend but I wud say she's very simple and sweet gal...and a supaa big fan of ranbir...I found here..

His blog says he rhymes without reason...but I giv him all praise for being so humble..I must say I luv his poetry..specially the ones on cetain social issues...keep writing those magical lines dear...

Vinz aka Vinu:
Wen I once went to his blog I saw tat I was brolled..I was actually surprised ...niway now I guess I couldn't stop myself from brolling him..Such nice pieces of fiction..which he says r connected with his life..I luv the way he ends each piece...Lovely writer..

Ha wen I found that he was my age I was actually surprised...he reely doesn't seem to be. I love his posts..his comic posts specially..and also his poetry...and also his unique style of replying to the comments..smiley replies...

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Happy B'day ...Hemanth..

This post is a whole hearted birthday wish to Hemanth..aka...hemzii..From pj..his kidoo friend..

A special guy on blogger..special bcoz' he makes us all feel special..he never forgets any of our birthdays. He never fails to dedicate a post on our birthdays & other special days of ours..

Whenever I have felt depressed ..he has never failed to console me...
I have always admired his helpful nature..he has helped me so many times..

The bestest thing about him is his simplicity..his straight forwardness...

Actually there are many more special things about him...

I know he's a very special person for all of us...

A special friend...hemzii!!!!

Happy birthday....Hems Hemu HP H ...ha ha tats the many names he has...

I wish him all the good things in life....for the coming year...!!

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Kv in my memories....II

when I reached back ....
It was a special moment for me coz' now I knew that it has bcome a special school for me as I was missing it so much all the way to Kerala...

Hmmmm...My sr school has made a place in my heart coz of many things... of the main things...

I remember bunking classes to watch Indo-Aus series on the school TV...

Then I remember during the T-20 world cup..though our internal exams were going on..our maths sir used to talk of cricket..we were all big fans of his Match analysis.

We actually failed ..most of me too in our chemistry exam just the next day of the T-20 world cup cud we miss it ...u see..!!..Actually the match was over soon but we were busy in bursting crackers ....and lighting our

Kv can never be forgotten ....I remember the blunders.. we eleventhies created on the farewell party of the twelvethies..

Ha! I can never forget how much basketball we used to play the back side of our class...and run to get back to our seats ... whenever any approaching footsteps were heard.. we were scared of our

Can't forget tat small hilly place in our school which was our adda...and on tat place we used to discuss various serious topics..which u'll find HERE...

It can be never forgotten for the 3 best friends I made...pooja..aka..poo


kavita..aka kavi..I used to cal her poem ..also.

Yes it wasn't a very high profile school ..but it was a kv...I end by saying tat some places ..can never reely be forgotten or removed from ur memory..


Thursday, 23 October 2008

Kv actually changed me....

Today morning at four....I came usual no one was online....I just thought to go through my senior school website....yes KV....As the site was loading...I was thinking how I got admitted in that school..

When I was in Sacred Heart Convent School(SHCS)the best here...I always felt KV was discipline at all studies ..all students are just actually all of ma classmates too felt so...

The girls in KV wore salwar suits as uniform.....I used to feel huh! its so traditional...coz' we wore skirts...short that too...I was a very proud gal when I was in SHCS..almost daily I used to be scolded by sister principle for my short skirt...(it looked odd in such a small place as ours)..but then my pride never allowed to listen to her.

But then the tenth board results came...and it was just average...justtt average(pls don't ask me how much)...and the worst part of it was the results were declared on my birthday..
The worst birthday ever..27 may 2006..ah!

But then I got admission in one of the good schools in Kannur(Kerala) dad's place...I wasn't prepared to live away from my Ma Pa...I am so very emotionally attached to them. Infinitely..

Here in this place there was only one CBSE school except..SHCS(it was only upto tenth) and that was KV No 1 AFS...(there were 3 more schools..i mean kv cantt kv stps..and all but they were too far ..40-50 kms)

I already had started feeling...that I was destined to study there...was this from make me humble?....yes it was.

I wanted to study in some good I had studied..till tenth..

Ah! I joined KV..I became rude...I started blaming mum and dad for being in KV.

I started feeling bad that some of my friends went to their native places like Chandigarh..jaipur to study..

But then wat cud I do?...I never liked KV in the earlier days..

But then we got a very bad Aunt was terminally ill..she was on the last stage of cancer...So we all decided to visit her..

I had to take 15 days leave...

But I never thouht I wud miss KV so much in those 15 days...
I reely missed it so very much...

When I got bakkkk....

To be contd...

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Eve teasing can be!!

Yes we all know only one side of eve teasing ....Yes we consider tat we can't laugh at this....

wait and watch ..

These are some of the funny comments ma buddies & I got from guys...ha ha

#...This was wen I was in class 10...I was a li'l late to school so I just sped up ma cycle..and was going very fast..a guy passing by me yelled .."ye airplane nahi hai" (this..ain't an airplane..)

I was like ..going to burst out ma laugh

#..One of ma frnds..named Sheenam has a yellowish fair complexion her hair too is golden brown in wen Sheenam and I were going sumwer together ..we heard someone ..I mean 2 guys saying.." yaar ye Rajasthan me angrez kahaan se aaa gaye" (from where did these foreigners cum to rajasthan)

#...Wen I was in SHCS (ma high school)..i used to wear short uniform while going to school by cycle i had to place one hand on my skirt so tat it doesn't fly and with one hand i used to ride my cycle...seeing tat 2 guys ..again pasing by onlu..said tat.."style maar rahi hai.." (she's showing off)

#...Our school management had taken us for tour to Jaisalmer and while I was looking outside from the window...a guy..he didn't know much English he said"hey cuteee pie y r u shy shy"
I just burst out ma laff in front of him itself..i reely couldn't control..

#...Once I and ma buddies were eating the dairy milk chocolate while cycling ..and then we heard sum guy saying.."pappu paas ho gaya"
hey tats a phrase used with every dairy milk chocolate ad.

#..the again wen I was in eleventh..going for Physics tuition with my buddy...she was a lil fat..but she always wore jeans and tight reely looked bad..but wat to do ..

so on that day also she was wearing a pair of jeans and tight short top..I was just behind her ..wen a guy came from the backside and overtook me and looking into her face ..he told her "Sexyyy"

She was furious on

hmmm these was...the +ve side of Eve

Saturday, 18 October 2008

I am Special...

I always felt that I am just an ordinary human being.But when I think of the love and care I get ..I feel reely am very special at least for people around me...

At nights I sleep with my glasses on...this happens almost every night...but still dad ...when he comes to my room to give me goodnight kiss he removes my glasses and keeps it on the table...Is this not coz I am special...

Every morning I get up at 4:00 am ..yes for blogging..but ma mum gets up too...she makes a cup of black coffee for me ...I am 17 but..still she has never told me to make ma morning coffee by myself..

When I got high fever once...and I was in the hospital whole class came to visit me..It makes me feel so special.

On every twenty seventh day of May I am told stories that my name .Priyadarshini Joyce..(pretty long) was my dad's if he knew a gal..I was gonna be born..

When I once was very depressed with my results in std 7th..many of my neighbours came to ma home and helped me to come out of it...

We all are very special people on this Earth..everyone has come for a different purpose to this world...

Try and share at least one incident wen u reely felt or feel u r special..

Thursday, 16 October 2008

The unusual talent.....

Hmmm I came across this pic yesterday.... I had a gud laugh. But we my mum told the real thing happening in this pic I couldn't control my laugh..I went on for at least 15 continuous minutes. actually didn't

It is the pic taken by ma mum...I shud tell u that wen I was small I had more responsibilities than I hav now...

You can see me there...Hey..I am not sleeping I am trying to wake daddy up by kissing and licking on his cheek... so tat he gets irritated with the moisture and gets up....

Ha ha tell me how many of you hav this cool.. talent.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

The Opposite Sex.....My Opinion....Yours too!!

As the title speaks ..this post is going to be about men. Ah! but the twist comes up here....I am going to put up what are the 5 things that I hate the most in men.

So here it comes...

1. I hate men who are very strong physically but fail to give me the emotional strength(support) I need.

2. I can never can get along with men who think women can just beautify themselves but not conquer a subject like Maths.

3. I hate men who can't stop staring at ma legs when I wear a skirt..I mean who make me feel conscious.

4. I can't tolerate any kind of pride and dishonesty.

5. I never would like a man who doesn't care about what is happening in the world and is just bothered about his own selfish needs.

The first thing which wud attract me to a guy will be...INTELLIGENCE!

So now its time that I ask you questions...


just put up 2 things that u hate about men or wud hate.
Then again put up the thing which attracts or wud attract u the most to men.


You hav to put up the things you hate in women

and also which attracts you or wud attract u the most to women


1. What is the thing that you hate the most in me?

2. What is the thing that you like in me ..if any?

Saturday, 11 October 2008

My funny Pics III...

I donno wats ma age here but I am with ma cousin Alvin juss 6 months elder. The background is the beautiful scenery of Kerala ha ha my uncle's house.. See the way I am standing lol. And one secret .. ma mum told tat the payal i am wearing is of alvin'r elder sis I got it from buckets of tears ha dear Watson doesn't make any sense here i know).

This pic shows u wat a poser I was ...actually am even one now ha ha...u need to practice it from the young age itself to become as experienced as me in posing ha ha..Its in the tourist bus of Mount Abu.