Saturday, 8 October 2011

Controlling the urge!

Writing after a while. And this time not on "Love" :P
The urge(s) I'm talking about in the title is....

1. The urge to show off. To make people believe you're no less. No doubt every single person in this world has it. OK lets not stray. What I'm trying to say is how necessary it is sometimes/always to control the urge to show off. 
A little incident I'd like to share. I was in Rajasthan till this june 14th. Living in a very small place called Suratgarh. Tiny you might want to call it.
What happened was a couple of years ago the owner of a big provision store opened a super market in our city. It was all well built...looked awesome...and no less than any of the big outlets that you might find in the bigger cities. We weren't much aware of it. But since it was on the way where dad and I usually went for morning walk we both just once decided to try that place. Found it good. It was cheaper.  We kept going again and again.But one day while just stepping out of the SM, I told dad that I wasn't very much comfortable with all the "rich" people coming there with all their put on . I wasn't very much comfortable to speak English just to show that I was no less posh. And not surprisingly dad felt the same.  Since that day we never went there.  Well there have been hundreds of such situations in my life where I've failed to control that urge. But yes there have been a lot of times when I've controlled it. I've felt good about it.  It's a beautiful feeling when you aren't bound to show off. You aren't bound to slavery actually.

2. And the second is the urge I'd not thought about when I began writing  but which struck me while writing the above. It's nothing but doing something for others who're may be dearest ones or may be not so close and not letting them know how much you did for them. The Bible says let not your left hand know about the charity/good you right hand does. So I think not letting everyone and particularly that person know that you did something for them is a great virtue. Difficult indeed! But that's why it's called a virtue. and I wouldn't like to share any incidents with this one for the very purpose of the virtue.

ps:) Written in haste :P just ignore the typos :P be kind hearted :P


KParthasarathi said...

Is it good to be great or great to be good? queried Socrates.People who show off wish to appear great.It is not a desirable virtue.
Humility even when you are great is a rare trait.
"Fairest and best adorned is she Whose clothing is humility"I am glad you are humble!!

JANU said...

Humility is a good trait...well written.

Dhanya said...

I get those urges to show off AND blabber about how good I'm at times :P You shouldn't hold back yourself all the time -- a lil marketing is good nowadays. If you don't speak abt how good you are, no one else will either -- that's how the kalyug is. But yeah, the point is not to overdo it :)

leoPaw said...

Humble thoughts. Good post.

It true but is it practically possible always? Like u and ur dad, I m not comfortable with urge to show off either. But then at times the situation demands and we get forced to.

With the second urge, I will go with the dhanya's comment. You need to do a little bit of marketing my dear.

Arv said...

Good practices :)

Keep it up :)

☆ Rià ღ said...

Nicely written dear...humility is truly a gr8 virtue.

Kavitha said...

Good read girl! :)
At your point1: I totally agree.Same thing happens with me.I dont find myself comfortable in malls :x,y or z,to me thats a place meant to just show off.
At point 2: thats an extremely difficult task.You must be feeling like a saint. :)


Priya Joyce said...

That's a beautiful line which you quoted at the end. Guess it's the same for HE also :P

Priya Joyce said...

Thank you dear :)

Priya Joyce said...

Well am not at all disagreeing with what you say. Look like you find people who don't marry and thus remain virgins for while their lives just to devote it to God you also find such people being happy. So it's all about what you basically think. if proving to the world matters to you.Very difficult...but it's like doing it and finding a pearl of greater price. Hooof! i've managed to confuse u i guess :P

Priya Joyce said...

welcome here :))
of course it's not practical always. It's not like society demanding it it's like we wanting it. We feeling insecure. We feeling what will people think. Society never demands it's just we who make it the scapegoat. :) Chk my reply to Dhanya for the second urge.

Priya Joyce said...

thank you
difficult to keep up always :D

Priya Joyce said...

Thank you dear :))

Priya Joyce said...

you are soooooo like me darling :D
and yehsss i do feel like one when i do so bt then tats nother urge to control :P
how much i missed you on my blog :P

Kavitha said...

aha.. i like ur posts on love than anything else.
Almost like hearing from someone with years of experience in the field.!

Rahul Bhatia said...

Such nice and adorable thoughts!Wish more people think this way.

Priya Joyce said...

ahem ahem ;)
well am happy that u like them and how do u know that I am not experienced? i could be so no? :P

Priya Joyce said...

thank you buddy :)
Welcome here :))

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Priya, wow.. im proud of u my being so humble in that situation and in expressing ur experience here..

well, good job priya..

Priya Joyce said...

Thank You dear.

Cяystal said...

Written in host or not , this is awesome because I agreee.
And aye, I show off all the time amidst friends haha. Ain't got much humility but do respect it. :)

Priya Joyce said...


am glad u liked it li'l poetess n what not :D
and flaunting with frnds something we all do no? :P