Saturday, 26 November 2011

Life is (beautiful) like that part unknown IV

While for sure your positive attitude can help you cope up with the sorrows of life in a better way but it sure can take your determination and strong will to get, want , make something happen by any means a long ride. But beware let not the opposite of optimism here be cynicism or pessimism. They but weaken you too.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Why the STRESS??

>> "I love him soo much but would he think I was an easy catch if I give in so early?"

>> If I don't show off my money would she think I am poor?

>> "I'm gaining a lot of weight these days. Would he go after someone with those sexy curves?"

>> "If I tell her about all that I've done in the past would she leave me and go?"

>> "If I don't cook well would he find it difficult to live with me?"

>>"If I don't remember her birthday would she think I don't love her?"

>> " I feel sooo damn sexy today...would he thnk I'm sluttish If I just do what I feel like?"

>>"If I don't tell her that she's the best girl I've ever met would she be hurt?"

>>" My hair is so messy ahhhhh I just need to go to some place and make it okay".

>>"If I cry would she think I am a coward?"

>> "If I mail/message/call him first would he think am sucha leech ?"

I have been through a few of them (I won't lie) and the rest I've seen gals and guys I know and others around me doing.

Why do we play mind games??

Why can't we be honest in love?

Why can't a girl or a boy be as (s)he likes?

Why can't (s)he be more relaxed in a relationship?

Why can't sometimes she look ugly?

Why can't sometimes he just tell you that he's not as strong as he appears to be?

Why cant she look fat sometimes?

Why cant he tell her that he can't affort that perfume for her.


I have this certain friend who is trying to be to be someone she's not. WHy?
It's because her boyfriend wants someone like "that".

I have this another friend who thinks he needs to get his girlfriend everything she asks for else she'd just feel what a poooooor chap she's with.

I surely don't deny that adjustments are a BIG part of a relationship.

I completely agree that once you are in love you surely do forget yourselves.

You do get up in the middle of the night sometimes to make tea for your loved one. You do need to miss your favorite show to attend a party that's important of that special someone. You do sometimes stay awake whole night when (s)he is ill. But all that's done out of the unconditional love factor.

What I don't agree to is when all these sacrifices come from just one end. Be it a man or a woman.

Though mostly Women (That's not important here).

Why has it to be the either one??Can't it be divided as well??

Why so much of stress??

Can't you be calm?? Can't you just take it easy??


ps:) I need your valuable inputs to this!