Saturday, 27 September 2008

Were we in love?

Ps:) Please read the full post and then only comment. The post appears to be long but its not.

I have written about Rahul.I have written 2 posts on 2

Actually some days ago I was going through the pages of my personal diary. In that I found I have written a lot on Rahul. So much!

My this blog is my second diary. So I take the courage to put this post here.

I hope you'll all understand my innocent feelings...

Rahul can be called the first and last (till now) boy in my life who made an impact on me.

I still remember the date on which I talked to him first.... its 14/7/2003

I still remember his phone number and birthday.(jan 12)

I still remember the date I found out tat I hav a crush on him...12/2/2004

I still remember him answering a question tat made me happy....wen asked by one of our teacher's ....the question was which gal do u find the most sensible? He took my name.

I who always value comfort more than appearance and so wore mostly jeans and such stuffs on Saturdays(we had to wear civil dress in school on Saturdays) started wearing skirts and so on just coz' he had once told me that I look nice in school uniform skirt. But I now hav reverted bakk.

I used to call him everyday without miss and without any reason.

I still remember the date I met him last it was 15/5/2004.the last day bfore summer vacations.

His dad had got a transfer to Agra. He was going forever.And I knew he was much more than an ordinary classmate for me.

On the same day I along with my parents had to go to the Church(there was some function) ....I who normally go around and hang out with friends in such functions was standing alone... as some big tragedy had gripped me.
One of my friends exclaimed " hey Pj Rahul is gone" I couldn't even giv out my stupid smile as I always do wen ma frnds tease me on such issues.... I was so sad.

Our class had an aim chart in which the aims of all the students were written. My aim then was to become an IAS. His was Software Engineer. I donno wat he's studying now but I am studying to become a Software Engineer.

I still have the small piece of paper on which he wrote and gave me my Graphology. He knew tat.
When he gave it to me.... tat was the first time he called me Pj (he coined it). He asked "can I call u Pj"?
I donno y I like to be called Pj.

He had to go on 28/5/2004 but we had summer vacations from fifteenth. So that was the last day I Saw him face to face.

The last glance to each other was dramatic or u can call it filmy... till our vehicles were static we were busy talking to our friends but as our vehicles moved he came over to near the back window and I too but something was stopping me to wave him a bye..... but he did tat then I too waved him back.

I did not call him from 15th to 28th coz I did not know wat to say. I was sad indeed.

He called me on 27th and said...." Happy birthday Pj ... this is the last call I am making to you .... but be sure of the fact that we will someday meet" I couldn't say anything .... I just said ok Bye.

The very next day I got fever.

This is very true and it has happened. But I must say that my parents knew all about it and ...I am still teased about it.

But my one desire ... to see him off in the station was unfulfilled. I did not hav the courage to ask my parents.

This might sound to u all ... as childish.

It is childish too coz it all happened 4-5 yrs bakk.

Friday, 26 September 2008

The Diary Entry..... hi hi!!

Since the poll says that u all want a funny post so here it is.

So last year I was in twelfth. Actually eleventh and twelfth were the most interesting classes of ma life. Oh! I can't forget the fultoo masti!! we had in twelfth and the small basketball sessions in our eleventh standard classroom.
This is getting emotional oops sorry.

Now what happened was I had a diary which had the names of my crushes with the particular time and dates. Once I took that diary to school. My 3 close friends wanted to see it coz' after all I was the first one in ma group to do tat. The creative act!!

So I took tat diary to school and as I was showing it to ma frnds..the bell rang. I went to attend the Chemistry class (sir had scolded me the previous day tats y) coz' ma frnds were bunking the class they told me to give the diary to her. I gave it to them and they my frnds grrrr! or traitors!! gave it to one of the boys in the class with whom I always used to hav fights.


(He the devil grrrr!! waited for a free period). And wen a free period came I heard someone announcing loud the names of my crushes with the respective dates and time.

Till now somehow it was bearable coz' no one knew the diary is mine atleast the other gals but then the boy said.. "suniye suniye suniye kya aap jaanna chahte hai ki ye sab kya hai...." then every one "haaaannn!!!!" "chalo toh phir hum bulaate hai pj ko stage par woh aapko behtar bataa payegi iss baare mein."

Then I saw tat diary traveling from one boy to another. Then gals wud they leave it? na na they also saw.

I was like oh! God help me pleez and so couldn't lift up my head and walk tat day(only tat day coz' I was so embarrassed ha ha.

I tell u these boys na!grrrr! Oh these gals also na! hi hi.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Combining.....a notice

Dear all I wud like to inform you that I am combining my blog see what's here to this one so as to save time. And so this blog will have both emotional experiences and also the funny ones.

ps:) this is just a notice you can continue to commenting on the previous post.
anything regarding the notice can be put on the chat box

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Marry Whom?

The previous post was actually a bonus this week as the exams got over.
In today's post I of course am not continuing the previous one. But I promise I would do it someday.
This post can,t be called funny. Its actually something about which I don't know where to post so am posting it here.

This post is based on my personal opinion about marriage and how it changed as my age advanced.

When I was in fifth standard I thought like an ordinary Indian girl thinks. I felt and also said it openly I am not going to go anywhere leaving my house.

Then later on that means when I got into std eighth I felt I would be married off like any other ordinary girl then i started speaking that "ye I know marriage is necessary and everybody gets married".

Then it all changed in a year that means when I was in the ninth. I firmly believed that marriage cannot be avoided.

Then when I reached my tenth I started talking of things like my husband would live at my house and so on.

Then comes the state which I have reached now. I personally am a person who believes in complete equality. As for that I feel that when I don't use my dad's name(as surname) in any of my official documents then how would I be able to use my husband's.

Then the head of the family concept I don't believe in that and we don't follow it at our house. Then would I be able to accept it at his house?

Then again I am a totally different creature on Earth I cannot be compared with any of the beings here I have different aspirations different expectations that I feel i can never fall in love with somebody all I can have is a mere crush.

And for all of ur kind information I am not going to become a nun.

So here ends this post but I would want ur agreements and criticisms on this post.
After all I need to know things from different points of views na.

At the end of the day I don't know whether I will ever marry or not or fall in love or not bcoz my expectations are not just a caring, loving & understanding husband but are much above that.

I am in a big quest here... u all oldies help me out plz...

ps:)replies to comments for previous post will be given soon dear pals.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Poor me ......part I

So My exams are over wow! he ha ha ha ha!!!! I am very happy!!
So you all might be guessing what is it going to be about as the title is "poor me".
This is going to be long and about my daily routine in December chills when I was in KV.
Before starting see this pic its of a foggy morning at our place

so lets startt!!!!


Actually in the first scene always a scene is created. Mom comes into my room and yells
"edi alarm kekathe mattile pothe bole kedunnu urragua? ithey aa pudhiye novel muzuanum crumple chedoo ninike daddyinde adathunu innu nalle vazaku undu ada kando aa paavum poocha!!"(u pretending not to hear the alarm and sleeping like a buffalo? and see u have crumpled the new novel u'll get scolding from daddy today and the poor cat u have crumpled her too)then she goes to the bathroom and brings a mug full of chilled water and puts it on my legs.. wat!! an Army disciplinarian is my mom na. I wake up with a startle! After all its 5:30 in the morning in winter God!!
Without that if I wake up my day feels empty hi hi lol

Then Wat? I pick up my quilt and cover myself with it like shawl and walk towards the bathroom to brush my teeth and bathe... wow its so warm u know and then comes a shouting from mom " u r so young still can't bear a little cold (little cold wat? temp in December is -1 degree Celsius).....if you go like this you'll be having a walking stick wen ur r just 20"

But i don't listen to her on this then she says "should i call Denzil(dad will be still sleeping )" .... I am not scared of my Dad but if he scolds it hurts me a lot so I go and keep the quilt back and fold it otherwise for that also I get scolding(all this happens almost everyday... awww poor me)

Then I dress up for school... again mummy in the scene .... "Priya thuni maattiyo? annal poyi prarthiku anju minute ullopol oru chemmin varrukunne bole prarthikaan irukunda"(Priya..have you changed? if yes then go and pray don't wait to pray in the last five minutes)
But I cannot pray when so much time is left so again disobey my dear Hitler mom.

Then I somehow get ready and pray also and have my breakfast also(but there's a big argument over the food coz i can't get anything into my belly so then Dad comes into the picture and so I am forced to eat yuck!!!!

Now I wait for sometime .... may be 7-8 min and auto comes at sharp 6:30 as the school is at 7:30 even in winters God poor me..
mummy tells the auto wala bhaiya "aap in teeno(me and my buddies)ko peeche mat bithaya karo ye teeno seat par nahi balki neeche baithti hain road par paav ghisne ke liya"(plz don't allow these three gals to sit at the back seat they don't sit on the seat but rather where the feet have to be kept) he says.." accha bhabi ji"(ok)
Then I sit inside... bull shit my mom can't see my happiness. Then my friend comes she sits close to me and puts her frozen hands into my blazer(coat)I tell already I am frozen and u grrr!!!!.

Then we begin our chat normally its about studies like "hav u studied 4 the test and so on" Then the third buddy enters and then as we are out of our city and enter the AFS road we stop the auto tell the boys to come and sit on the front seat and then go and sit on the back seat. After all we are now kilometers away from city so no worries about mom he ha ha.... like this we reach kv and wen we get down we see our feet aren't moving gosh!! frrozen wow! gr8 ha then somehow we enter KV .....(here is the real fun actually)

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Awards + Tags

Today's post is all about tags and awards. Lemme go in the way of "first come first served".

This is the pic of my desktop. I was tagged by the very sweet buddy Hemanth. The tag is called The Desktop story.
Main Rules were:-)
1. Prnt screen your desktop.
2. Put the image in your post.
3. Write a story on it.

So the story of my desktop is ....This is the pic of B.U.Pratap singh. He is my longtime crush for sure, Gosh! 2 long yrs. He played "Aryan Khanna" in a detective serial called special Squad. His intense acting and the format of the show got me crushed by him. So now anyone becomes my crush he's the only one male who can occupy my desktop. The story is over ha ha lol.
So for this tag I tag.....

Aneesh, Thanamoi, Lukkydivz, vinay, Prashant.

Now next was an award from... guess!!!! Arre! yaar Hemanth itself na.
The award is called BBF

ha ha I am happy that u consider me as a friend wow! gr8!

Now passing on the award
1. Thanamoi
2. Aneesh
3. Arun
4. Prajyot
5. Jayant
6. Shiva
7. Jane
8. Mel
9. Prashant

sorry no links!!

Then came another tag from sameera!! our kaviyatri sami!

I hav to list down five of my favorite quotes!! Since ti's a funny blog I hav included some funny ones too.

1. "Tough times never last but tough people do".
2. "Whoever said love is blind is dead wrong. Love is the only thing that lets us see each other with the remotest accuracy.":- Martha Beck
3. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me":- Bible
4. "If Joan of Arc could turn the tide of an entire war before her 18th birthday, you can get out of your bed".:-E. Jean Carroll
5. "The opposite of love isn't hate--it's indifference.and if you hate that means you still care.
Oops I for got To tag:- ha ha so now I tag .. Mirror Image, Ayushi, Lena, Gagan
Ha then came the brilliant blog award from one of the brilliant bloggers itself....its Keshi my dear why think so much.
There's it..

Wow I am very happy. I am called a brilliant blogger by her.
But wait I should tell you not only Keshi but Thanamoi als gave me the same award.
I am very very glad that 2 people in blogsville have given me this honour.
Thanx Keshi I am happs happs happs!
And thanx Thanamoi I am very verry glad to recieve the award from u.
Passing on the award
ha ha soch rahi hoon kisi ko na doo
I pass on this to Viajero,Ayushi,Nithin, Prashant, Smriti, Saranya, Arun, Gagan, Lukky divz anddd Sameera.

Abhi ruko its not over at all!
One more tag is left ha ha
Who? Arre Vinay is the culprit ha ha lol

so Question was ... wat kind of a day would you want to be?

My answer...I think I would want to be a day in winter.
I would like to have snow falling from skies.
I would like to see ppl wearing coats and other things
I would like to watch children doing all tat smoking stuff.
The most loved thing would be seeing no one even after the break of the day as everyone would be under loads of cotton (quilts).
I love solitude.

So I tag... Raka, Aneesh, keshi, Neha (toone kya socha tu bach gayi he ha ha), Farah, Hemanth, Smriti, Nithin.
He ha ha post overrrr.