Monday, 11 May 2009


Note: A very sensitive post ...and so do not get into any conclusions..before reading each word. That's a request.

Opening my heart yet another time.

speaking what I feel currently...

writing these lines after having is very small .. though I realized it now......trying to be more happy than sad..

when we are angry with someone..we rarely try to look at things from that person's point of view..
This is what happened with me and Raka(phoenix).

yah I felt sad about what she wrote..(I actually felt it was about me but it wasn't).

She clarified it..both on her blog comment's section and even on mine.

I checked it later......after posting the quit post.

Then..after I saw that.....mood began to get better.....thinking that after all it wasn't about me na.

I expressed my stupidity of misunderstanding my post......but how it appeared ..was like a hateful post.

I clarified it in the next post but it was too late till then.

I began feeling..why aren't people understanding me....why doesn't she(raka) come and comment on my blog saying now all is fyn....

But I was quite ignorant of her side.

yeah i hadn't written a hate post..but it was interpretted that way. 

Just went on to think......if I could feel so bad for something which wasn't for me..(though i interpretted it to be) then how bad could she feel about a post....hateful according to many....though it wasn't.

Ultimately......what has come up....and what has happened is human.
and I am very glad that....whenI confronted her.....she was not rude..rather was ready for a talk.

Because not many are.

Ultimately........I hope you all understand.....this.

I am not a very mature..girl..I realize it now....

yeha I can get off this thing...but it's not only about me someone else's name is also attached to it.
So I basically think I have a duty to write this...

Hope things get human.....and I am nothing more than a human.


Phoenix said...
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Phoenix said...


its ok pj all said and done.. its a thing of the past now...

come on now cheer up...

dukh kay kaale badal ko karo tata bye bye aur hassi jiyo muskurao..kyun kya pata kal ho na ho.. :)

hehe so sorry if i got filmi :) kya karen misunderstandings clear jo ho gayein hai... :)

deeps said...

Hope the quintessential human element … one’s greatest strength and can simultaneously be greatest weakness as well …
All said, life doesn’t roll on a Robinson-Crusoe-style …
A little bit of dishum-dishum always makes it a pleasure ride…
Perhaps we don’t grow to be mature otherwise ….
Lots of smiles on your way …
and a soft hug
Be cheerful

swati said...

oye..these are a part of friendship yaar..fight or misunderstanding do happens..but dont ever break ur friendship becoz of any misunderstanding..
cheer up gal!!njoi!!

Sam said...

moti, i disagree with u when u say u r not mature girl. if u ask me u r quite a mature girl for ur age of 9 years.

u get the drift?

fun apart (9 yrs)

u hv been one rock solid gracefful person here !! i hv got nothin to do what happened but i wud say u stood it very well. no cynicism, no over the top reaction, no ego, just patience and girl u win billion bows for it.....

Topi off for u ;P

Quest said...

I am not human, I am the Devil

Amal Bose said...

its all part of life..
the important thing is, you have sorted it all out, n nothing else matters anymore..
so cheer up :)

Suresh Kumar said...

Well.... at last friends are back again on the track of friendship.....

and Maturity comes from experiences....and not from age da...

Well... I suppose you feel very light now after removing a heavy burdern from your heart, rite! Am really happy for you

Pallav said...

u knw this is all life..
dnt worry..
ek choti si baat kab misunderstanding ban jaye we nvr know..

dont worryy..
hugs for u...


preeti said...

hugs dearie :):) see things are already fine :):)

MultiMenon said...

Hugzzzzzzz..The mere fact that u are able to understand ur folly and acknowledge ur mistakes is itself a wonderful thing.. :) and am sure Raka,from what I know will never ever give u a chance to feel bad about it in the future.And it wasn't meant about you,but another of her frnds in calcutta..

Trust me,she is a true sweetheart like you.. :)

Take care sis.. :)


Chronicwriter said...

give raka a kick in her back... and let her kick your back too...

that will settle the issue..

then for round two- indulge in pillow fights..


Arv said...

I take it that you 2 have reconciled :)

take care both of u... :)

Priya Joyce said...

@ phoenix:

yehaa as u said...its all said and done....

now juss...cheers...


Priya Joyce said...

@ deeps:

yeha life isn't always that easy
am happy that its fyn now :)

Priya Joyce said...

@ swati:
yesh dear..aur haan aisi baato pe friendship todne ka koi matlab hi nahi hei :)


Priya Joyce said...

@ sam:

thanx a lot for those nice words dear :)

Priya Joyce said...

@ quest:

i know that perfectly ;)

Priya Joyce said...

@ amal:

yeha true.nothing else matters now.


thanx da

Priya Joyce said...

@ suresh:

yeha,,hope so..

yeh very true....experiences is wat make us mature..not he age..:)

yeh truly relieved :P


Priya Joyce said...

@ pallav:

yah very true..choti choti batein hi badi probs laati hei :)

awww thanx a lot for the hugs re...:)

Priya Joyce said...

@ preeti:

yeha dear....

heey seeing u after a long long tym...wass up??

Priya Joyce said...

@ multi:

yeha..thanx dear.

true....and that's y I cud write it only..:)



Priya Joyce said...

@ chriz:

well am not interested in fighting....:P


so wen u hav a fite..i'll throw all ur advices to ya :P


hehehe ;)

Priya Joyce said...

@ arv:


thanx re

ANWESA said...

all's well dat nds well.
abb dono khao,piyo,kambal odh k ...arey iss garmi mein kambal..galti ho gayi...nite-dress pehen k so jao...:)

Karthik said...

All's well that ends well