Friday, 26 June 2009

What's this??

Last night I was just wondering ...we all (human beings) have problems in life..and most (almost all) of them are caused by other human beings.

Friday, 19 June 2009

My friend Tara & onlyn friends :)

The last few days have been a bit tense. A strange feeling every teenager goes through had gripped me too. It was mushy and strange. It was something like "kabhi yahaan kabhi wahaan"
Looked like my heart turned to a ping pong. This sounds a bit funny..but what i went through was not at all funny.

It was strange..very very strange...I hope all you people understand as you've gone through this too.
I was struck between adulthood and childhood. Actually I am none. More of an adult.

There was someone who rescued me from this..she of my closest friends on net.
She's Tara.
I've usually seen her chirpy and naughty side only ... on chats..but no she gave me some very good advise. She's my age so she knew/knows what I am going through but the way she made me look into what I was facing made me just stop for a while and think..."Is she the same?"

I saw the other side of this girl. Am really proud to call her friend.

I am out of it now. I can't express actually those feelings.

Friends are the ones who tell you what you are and make you what you want to be.

Thank You Tara :)

Real life friends are with us at one moment and they go away the other. Sometimes you may not even have a contact with many. (I still do not know what some of my school friends are doing).

But online friends ..are always there .. just a mail away ...what if we haven't seen each other..I believe still the same bond of love exists. These are not just words..I mean it.

Since I wrote about Tara..I'd like to inform all her blogger friends that she's unable to post anything coz of two major reasons.
She is moving out of Delhi. So a lot of things are keeping her occupied these days.
And she cannot write a "be ryt bakk" post as her B2(PC) is seriously ill.

So please do not forget her. Just expect her after a while on blogsville.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Scene creating..?? I am an expert :P

I think this happened last year.Our net connection had some problem. So unwillingly Dad had to go to the LIC office...for the payment.

Mom and I decided to have an outing so we both accompanied him.

I was standing near my dad..and mom was sitting nearby.

Then suddenly I just turned back..and what I noticed was a man...(above 40) noticing :P me from top to bottom. I was wearing my favorite wrap around[so legs were visible in Rajasthan{cud nyone go mad?:P}]...but the way of his staring made me feel as if I were naked...

I won't say that he's old and stuffs so he shouldn't do this...(coz..:P:P) but come on there's a limit i suppose. (or when did i become so attractive that oldies r getting attracted towards me?) :P

Uncontrolled staring is what I call it :P

But then the "jhansi ki rani" in me woke up and let out these words..

"excuse me ...yeh kya ho raha hei...bahut der ho gayi aapko ..kya ghoor rahe ho?"
("excuse me what's happening..i'm seeing u from a long time..what are you straing at?")

then he says.."bete tum Priya ho na?" ("u r Priya na?")
I am A's dad..
A.... is my friend :(
I haven't gone to her house after that :P
aatma glani :P guilty ??? :P:P be hanged till death lolz.

and thank God mum and dad didn't interfere :P

ps:) thnx to all for the wonderful comments on the previous post :)

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

If only I were a boy.

ps:) The title of the post does not go along the post rather the post is written to shoot down the title.
Long post ....Disagreement wud be accepted..indifference won't be!!

If you are a woman you'd surely have to face a lot of problems in life(I know problems is not the correct word).


All women face...(now please do not come to argue with me on some stupid medical condition/deformity)

Every 28th day they(we) face a problem...after marriage(before too) many face a nine month old ache. They face another problem...and sometimes this crosses limits..this is nothing but eve teasing.

Some women face!!

Gender bias (most do ...not necessarily at home)..domestic violence...abuse at workplaces...many more.

In this male dominated society/world of ours...women have to face so much of injustice.

And I am sure...there will be only a few women who've never ever wished to be a male. The rest always did sometime or the other.

I too used to..(not now though) and not because of family at all. Because of some things I couldn't take.

There are some who still wish to be a male.

I have always dreamt of a good career...because with that only I'd be self dependent.(same category i fall in)
Name and Fame is secondary/or doesn't exist for me at all.

Well I've seen many women who proudly announce their achievements in their careers but such women are utter failures in relationships.

A woman who doesn't know how to manage relationships but is successful in a failure in life.(vice versa also exists).

Do we ever take pride in saying "yes i know to cook so many things, I know how to manage my family".

These things appear to us as petty (tutch ...hindi ).

What I ultimately feel is when these women (failures at home) run in search of equality they are following the "men".

I mean when we shout loud about our achievements in career...have they seen men doing so?(now please do not bring in those chefs at 5 and 7 star Hotels as a comparison)

Do men also do the same??
Do they take pride in saying "heyy u know i learned so much of cooking/ home management"////????(here I am not saying that what women does /knows to do is cooking.... it's just an example.)

Isn't it a kind of insecurity??

Do these men have that?? Do they?? Do they feel..if they don't learn cooking what would happen of them??
While we feel a lot. Feminists are actually MCPs..They run after what men do. They announce proudly about their achievements in career.They think to be equal they need to do what men have been doing.

This isn't equality anyway...This is running after just one thing...and this is actually petty.

Another thing that comes in is...economics/money....Is is all because of money??

The importance of a man as compared to a woman is more just because he earns money??

These are some incomplete thoughts /doubts I've been struggling with!!

This post is for all men who do not value the woman/women in their life..and also for women who do not value womanhood..

Though i know womanhood isn't limited just to the family.

As if..... it was equality then men would /we would prefer to be hungry every Sunday and half of Saturday.

We /other/any..woman works extra..yet her work is labelled "petty". Why??

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Relationship...with whom??

1.You love someone...but u do not to see that same love in her/his eyes.

2.Someone loves do not love her/him.

Whom would you be likely to get into a relationship with??

my doubts!!

1. If he doesn't love me...then why should i force him to be with me??
2. If he loves me and I don't .....then won't that "love" factor be missing..??(Would I be able to give the same to the relationship as him/he does?)

I need ur points of views on this....

Thursday, 11 June 2009

"Hi this is Anto"

Cell phone had been switched off for a few hours. I checked for missed calls. Found some. Dialled the first number. Unknown though.

"Hi who's this?"
"This is someone of course".
"I saw ur missed call. Now please tell me who's this?"

"Can't you recognize the voice?"

" What a stupid question?"
"You forgot me?"

"who's this?"

"Hey priya..this is ur childhood buddy...Anto" (My friend Antony...I call him Anto)
(CHK THIS TO KNOW MORE ABT THIS GUITARIST I fell in love with at a very small age ;)) and his childhood pic :P

"Edo...thaan oh... U scared me."

Later that day....
Mom asked me "did you get a call fom Anto".
I said yes...and I was going to tell her that :P

Well she said "U needn't. i know"

"He's doing his Graduation...he'd be in the final year B.Tech now....if you meet him that would be good"

I just felt that why is mom telling me so much about him :P

Something hurt me badly just was my hair clip....

Sadly it was all a dream :P

dreams abt this Anto what's cooking :P:P

ps:) scheduled it :P

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

we know all ..yet....

We know that many friends fail to help when you are in real need. Yet we expect and get depressed every time they don't.

We know that people value you in this world only on the basis of those "printed papers". Yet we (I)
speak of happiness being the ultimate.

We know relatives do not share the same relationship with you as they used to earlier on. Yet we feel they would.

We know that people like to be with just the beautiful (outwardly) people. Yet we is at heart.

We know excelling academically means a lot. Yet we say what if we aren't able to do so?

We know people won't be humble enough to come and accept their mistake. Yet we try to make them understand.

But I also know "oru naalil naadhan enne villichu ekantha teerathe kondupoogum" [one day we all 'll be in the ultimate peace (dead)]

and yet we  ......kill....quarrel...think of only ourselves (be selfish).. hurt....others......


Sunday, 7 June 2009

25 is me ;)

I'd been tagged for it on 15th of March 2009 by dearest..friend..Saranya. Thanx for tagging me dear...and so so sorry for delaying it for almost 3 months.

I have to write 25 random things about me. So I think it can in one way be called narcissism. lol

Well so I begin here..

1. I do not believe that truth has to be bitter always (though some truths are) . There are some true things about everyone that are very sweet. But some people who like to see only the bad things in others use this "truth is always bitter" thing as a handle.

2. I think I am very honest. I speak/write what I feel/felt. Sometimes when I feel that my honesty could hurt anyone I do not say anything. That's better. But I also feel that I hav changed a bit and now I have started hurting people.

3. I love my parents very much. I respect them out of love and not out of fear.

4. I do not just believe in God I know there is God. Well whatever the world says I do what my heart says in this case. Somethings cannot be proved by "reason". Though many things can be.

5. I get scolded almost daily for dropping my tea, water or juice on the floor. I actually keep it and dream for a long time lol. Scoldings also come for..drinking water straight from the bottle and not pouring it into the glass. Now i have my own bottles so that i do not dirty other bottles :P:P

6. I like to give out my stupid smile when my dad jokes about my crushes (uncountable in number :P). When he sees Ponting or any other crush of mine on TV he says "priya didn't he call you or mail you ...or didn't you ask him why wasn't he in the IPL?"
I laugh a lot when he says such things ;) 

7. I love animals. I do not like to hurt them. So I became a vegetarian. Well I sometimes feel bad when I kill an ant...ahhhh

8. I've had very few friends..real friends..i mean. Because only some have remained the same always. Some very close one who understand me. It's quite difficult to do so :P

9. I do somethings in haste but when I realize I was wrong I never delay to say  a sorry or accept things in public.  Though now I prefer to be silent.

10. Sometimes when mom and dad scold me. I do not feel sad. Because I think ultimately...the strong bond between my parents even if its just an agreement that I was wrong only keeps the family going. Because sometimes parents do not agree and one parents supports the child coz of love.

11. We all  have some ideals some beliefs some principles. My one principle is "obeying the rightful authority" There is a lot of pride in that. Even more than not listening or obeying anyone.

12. I love India very much. I'd never ever like to go and settle in any foreign country. But yes, I would surely like to study abroad. I hate the education system of India. It makes me hate studies.

13. I do not like selfish people. People who just care about their money , priorities and needs. I  a single child have always been taught to share. I think I have kept that quality till date.

14. yeah as all I too feel jealous. But I have something inside me that checks it and so very soon I am out of it. I usually feel jealous about intellect ;)  well well one thing I never ever got jealous about is beauty :P:P (some people know the reason too :P)

15. I simply love travelling. Specially to my hometown. It's great to meet people during the journey. I really have a lot of fun with people travelling with us.

16. I do not have any dream to make a lot of money to buy things and so on. The dream is to see mom and dad happy  and to help the less fortunate with whatever I have. Happiness means a lot to me. A lot!!

17. I do not know why but I am very sensitive. I get hurt very easily. But then somehow I get out of it soon too.  I sense..(may be misunderstand) if people behave differently. Hmmm!!

18. My first serious crush was Rahul. You all know about it :P

19. I love horror films and used to watch it from the time I was 5.

20. I sing a lot at home. Sometimes I hear people singing after me from the neighbourhood. lol

21. I was very naughty as a kid. So very naughty. I used to create blunders every single day...the funniest of them being dropping dried clothes from the terrace on the people walking on the road. My partner in crime was Ankit :P

22. I say stupid things in sleep that too in such loud volume that my mom and dad wake up with it. :P This happens when I am frustrated..or happy :P. When I was in tenth I revealed the name of one of my crushes...:P:P

23. I am not good at bargaining. I buy things at the MRP...Jaago grahak jaago :P:P

24. I laugh a lot. Sometimes even get out of control. ;)

25. I sleep a lot. Sleep like a pothe (buffalo) :P

My God I completed it. I was out of points about myself :P

I'll not be tagging ......any particular...anyone wanting to do this can take it up.

Thnx once again Saranya for tagging me :)

Friday, 5 June 2009

Can You help??

The last few days have really been very exhausting. This brings frustration...boredom and so on.
I prefer to be alone all the time.
Don't know why I think a lot about what's happening around...and so on.
I sing sad songs...the people failed in love sing (have developed a special love for it all of a sudden).
Well I never ever thought that my mom was keeping a close watch on this behaviour of mine.


Yesterday..while I was lying on my bed..thinking about handed me a magazine and pointed out a particular page.

(a religious magazine).

I took it..and when I began reading....this is what I found...

"When I was doing my final year B.Tech, I fell in love. It was that boy who approached me first and expressed his love for me.. But he has totally changed now. I tried to forget him but I failed miserable. Everyday I am shedding tears...thinking about him. Kindly advise me."

There was a big answer to it...well that's not the matter. 

I didn't ask my mom neither did she say anything.

I've been thinking(struggling) to find an answer to this from the last night...

Does she think I have failed in love...or something similar has happened to me??

Can you help??

Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Whenever a friend (preferably of the opposite sex)  starts caring more...or gets closer...why do we suspect love??

Is love the next step of friendship??

Or perhaps the world has become so mean that people no more expect such intense care or affection from a person who is just a friend?

Isn't it the failure of the beautiful relationship called friendship??

Monday, 1 June 2009

Love(ly) relationships!!

Relationships is what the world lives on.

Relationship with parents....relationship with friends....relationship with teachers......relationship with every person you meet....

And then relationship with the person you love.
One of the many special relationships indeed.

When many people talk about "love" relationships.....they look out for similarities in their..."special someone".

I do not say similarities aren't essential.
They are very very essential.
But with similarities... complementarity is also an essential.

My intellectual...and a person...who cannot be called very worldly wise.
But what about my mom....she's outgoing..and very very practical.

This works out like a lock into the key.

Similarities are very essential......but complementarities are which make the relationship of a man and a woman(the so called complementary...beings) a success.