Sunday, 14 June 2009

Relationship...with whom??

1.You love someone...but u do not to see that same love in her/his eyes.

2.Someone loves do not love her/him.

Whom would you be likely to get into a relationship with??

my doubts!!

1. If he doesn't love me...then why should i force him to be with me??
2. If he loves me and I don't .....then won't that "love" factor be missing..??(Would I be able to give the same to the relationship as him/he does?)

I need ur points of views on this....


Hemanth Potluri said...

Love a big topic to discuss isn't it priya ..

**Whom would you be likely to get into a relationship with??

i wud be in relation with the person who loves me...because when i love someone and then i dont get anything bac..i may become a lonely guy...but in the other case i get love even tho i dont love at one point i will also fall in love with her...

**1. If he doesn't love me...then why should i force him to be with me??

u never have to force him...he will never be urs when he is not in love with even tho u force him he wont be with u....

**2. If he loves me and I don't .....then won't that "love" factor be missing..??(Would I be able to give the same to the relationship as him/he does?)

if ur married then at some point u will give the same love and will fall in love eventually...if ur not married then have to say at some point the friendship also breaks into pieces....

of all one thing is very delicate its easy to fall difficult to maintain impossible to forget....

hope my words cleared ur doubt at least a little ...:)..


Hemanth Potluri said...

me first on ur blog :P...heheh


Hemanth Potluri said...

one more thing i forgot to ask ...are u in love now....y these doubts :P..


freelancer said...

its hard you know....time and experience wil make u understand...and no matter what we or others tel the end you have to listen to ur heart. all the best

Dhandal said...

Hi Priya,
This is the first time i m commenting on ur blog cos i cudnt resist frm commentin on this particular piece. Believe it or not i have witnessed the same two situations that u have mentioned in the recent past.
There is a very thin line between friendship and love. You have to know the demarcation. There are many instances when unknowingly you give wrong vibes to you best friend and he may mistakes it to be love where as your intentions are purely as friends. You love the other person as a friend but you are not in LOVE WITH HIM.
If he is deeply and madly in love with you but you on the other hand feel nothing but being real good friends with him then you shud not get into a relationship in such a situation. You wont do justice to yourself nor to him. You wont be able to give back the same love and then eventually you might feel guilty about the same.
In the reverse case where you are in love with him but he dosnt love you in the same manner, even then the same stand holds good.
In a relationship the feelings have to be mutual. Both of you should be in love with each other. Only then will you be able to enjoy every bit of it.
And you have to deal with rejection very delicately and get over things as soon as possible. cos brooding over spilled milk will do no good to anybody.
Hope i was of some help. Do visit my blog as well.
Keep wrtin.
Keep in touch.

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

i am all confused sweets. :(

Arv said...

am confused :(

Anonymous said...

PJ, the best thing to do in this case is just move on in either of the cases. one sided stuff doesnt pay back and it hurts.

Amal Bose said...

always giv your heart to those who love u..
its the common condition that we dont see the love of some people while in search of love form some others..

regarding ur doubt, i dont think love can be forced upon someone.. it shd come naturally

Suresh Kumar said...


Seems u r totally confused.... But I am also confused...

Bt Love happens slowly and surely. Don't kill it with haste. So you love someone or someone loves you wholeheartedly, think about it coolly and see whether the liking can be changed to love over a period of time.

And someone once said "To love someone is a great gift from GOD. To be loved by someone is a greater gift from GOD and to be loved by the person, you are in love with.. is the greatest gift from GOD"

Phoenix said...

if these are my choices.. i wont be in a relationship at all.. because it should be love and love only for me to get into a relationship :)

Pallav said...

Listen if someone dnt loves u n u love him.. it is better to be with someone who atleast loves u...
though it is very tough to make out but still i prefer ths..

very thought full post...

Keshi said...

**Whom would you be likely to get into a relationship with??

Love is not a CHOICE we make. Neither it is an OBLIGATION. It's a genuine FEELING.

And if someone really FEELS that Love, then they wud be in neither of the situations u mentioned :)


Cяystal said...

I wouldn't get into love at all. As simple as that..because on one hand I love someone, but he doesn't love why should I force him into it? Secondly.. love is not an obligation..I wont be forced to fall into a relation with someone whom I DONT love!

Suree said...

Just wait for the decision god.. you know "Rab Ne bana DI jodi ".

so you love some one in which you can see god ...

--- Aditya chopra ...
:P :p


swati said...

im also confused :(

will jus say tat love the person whom u want to but spend ur life wid the one who loves u the most..coz being loved by sm1 is the best feeling one cud ever have..
but its very rare to find these dys :P
people love being loved bt thy forgt to give back the same love to the person who loves thm the most..
love is all about giving re..

God im more confused nw :P
love ya!! :)

Quest said...

Many people love me but polygamy is banned. What should I do? ;)
Advise me :D

PS: Many>10 so converting to a different religion is also ruled out ;)

SMRITI said...

I was about to comment when I saw Anandita's comment...I agree 100% to what she says. When you get into a relationship for Love, it has to be mutual... That is all I got to say :)

P.S. "Love" type karte hi mere Love ka phone aa gaya.... :D

Hugsss >:D<

Anonymous said...

If I HAD to then the one who loves me.

parzi said...

arrey thats so confusing...what a fix...
but i guess...its always better wen its mutual...because its not possible 2 carryon with a relationship single handedly...n if u luv someone u defintly want 2 be luved bak...human nature...n one sided love gvs pain...
bt life is nt all that wen u dont knw which way to go...leave it to god...he will guide u towards ur soulmate!
gud luck!
god bless!

Nidzzi said...

i wil go for second opt. its always good to be in relationship wth someone who loves. he will love u so much tht u might fall fr him. option one is ruled out

Dhanya said...

Tough question. I would prefer to be in a relationship where the feeling is mutual....

I won't be true to myself or the guy if I go for any one of the given choices :)

Mayz said...

neither...coz a relationship is not abt 50% love...its abt 110%

Harshita said...

I agree with Mayz, here.

Neither... if you think that someone loves u and u'll be with that person and one day u will end up lving them... then, think abt it.. cant the other person who does not love u...fall for u in time... LOL

So it is all superficial... if u want love... grab 100% of it... else... let it be... :)

Karthik said...

Even I'd faced a question as tough like this in my exams... :(

Grade: Fail

Sob!! Sob!!

No, never move on. Love is always hard at first, but eventually it comes to be depending on how strong your love is. Just because one person may not feel the same way you feel about them doesn't mean its over for you. She may not have been meant to be anything besides a friend. But love comes to be.. But this, I think, happens only between a couple of a female and male..

Just because someone doesnt love you the way you want them to, it doesn t meen you re not loved with all his/her being....!!!

So if one Loves how you are and ready to accept how you are, Then go for her/him!! :)))))))))

Anonymous said...

Ouch this is one crazy decision and I have had to take it.. I decided to be alone and not be anyone! It sounds crazy but it is true!

I cant be forced to love some1 and neither can he be forced to love me. A relationship where just one loves is disastrous. Worse than a loveless relationship.

It is better to be alone and pining for the person you love than be with some1 you dont love and be guilty and hopeless and driving yourself and him mad each day...

This is just my point of view... and something that I have thought about day in and day out!

Priya Joyce said...

@ hemz:

hmmm well I agree to an extent..abt wat u chose..i guess that's the best of the 2..


hugs thnx

Priya Joyce said...

@ hemzi:

hehehe yehaaa :P

Priya Joyce said...

@ hemz agn:

comments spree ?? :P
i donno actually..tats a frank and honest answer ;)

Priya Joyce said...

@ freelancer:

yehe..heart speaks the loudest..if not the clearest..:P

Priya Joyce said...

@ anandita:

well all wat i can do is agree/ ur words...
I am now out of this fix..almost

thnx a lot dear...wud surely come :)

Priya Joyce said...

@ pree:

hehehe same here :P

Priya Joyce said...

@ arv:

heheh :P

chk out the answers here :P

Priya Joyce said...

@ sam:

well yehe..tat's wat is the common opinion is :)

thnx tc

Priya Joyce said...

@ amal:

yeh love cannot be forced. yehe guess this is the best out of the 2..if we hav to choose something :)

thnx :)

Priya Joyce said...

@ suresh:

awwwww that so very tells me wat i shud go for..

yehe..wait and watch does hasty decisions :):)

thnx :)

Priya Joyce said...

@ Raka:

yehe well none of them is wat I choose but coz of one sided love :)

thnx :)

Priya Joyce said...

@ pallav;

wat I choose is none..well well..wat u said is the best among the 2 I too thnk so.

thnx re :)

Priya Joyce said...

@ keshi:

yehe..true..and tat's wat i choose too :)

well donno y it all happens..:)

thnx :)

Priya Joyce said...

@ crystal:

yehe "none" is the word..:)
thnx dear :)

Priya Joyce said...

@ suree:

heheh yeh..tat cud also be a solution :P

thnx :)

Priya Joyce said...

@ swati:

yes is wat is important..

yehe these days ppl do that tat was so correct a statement :)

tc hugs

Priya Joyce said...

@ quest:

well i'd advice u start a new religion ;)

wth rules as u like ;)


Priya Joyce said...

@ smriti:

yehe wat she said is completely agreeable..

hehehe :P

well congozz on ur achievement sweets:)

Priya Joyce said...

@ Ki:

yes tat's the better one :P

Priya Joyce said...

@ Parzi:

I'd name it the best solution ever.. the person who'll guide me

thnx dearie :)

Keshi said...

unrequited love is a waste of time and energy. move on :) and concentrate on something/someone that truly deserves ur love.


Priya Joyce said...

@ nidhi:

yes i too find the second one the as the better one.

well yeha tat's true too:)

yet i'd wait and watch ;)

thnx :)

Priya Joyce said...

@ dhanya:

yes dear we won't be ourselves and we'd not be true to him too :)

thnx dear :)

Priya Joyce said...

@ mayz:

tat's well said..:):)
true :)

Priya Joyce said...

@ harshi:

yes sweety..I too thnk the very same now..

thnx :)

Priya Joyce said...

@ Karthik:

well yehe i agree to it..this is wat i'd also choose if i had to seriously go wth one of them :)

but's not like that I too need to do justice wth him..wat if i am not able to giv the same??

well but I am truly surprised to get ths frm u..

how very serious it sounds ;)
thnx :)

Priya Joyce said...

@ Rashi V:

yehe true..not strange but the best dear :)

yehe if we aren't to be forced how can we force someone else?

:) welcome here :)

Priya Joyce said...

@ keshi:

yes sided stuff hurts..I agree :)

thnx :):)

Anonymous said...

For me, Option O)None of the above

1)Love is mutual respect and faith and can propagate anywhere b/w any random pair of personalities, though some might be more frequent due to their instant attraction of natures.
If we work rationally with our natures, no particular personality or nature types can dominate the roost.
2)I believe natures can be changed, if that is what comes in the way of 'love'. But to do this: Patience+empathy is needed, of which have a serious lack :)