Sunday, 7 June 2009

25 is me ;)

I'd been tagged for it on 15th of March 2009 by dearest..friend..Saranya. Thanx for tagging me dear...and so so sorry for delaying it for almost 3 months.

I have to write 25 random things about me. So I think it can in one way be called narcissism. lol

Well so I begin here..

1. I do not believe that truth has to be bitter always (though some truths are) . There are some true things about everyone that are very sweet. But some people who like to see only the bad things in others use this "truth is always bitter" thing as a handle.

2. I think I am very honest. I speak/write what I feel/felt. Sometimes when I feel that my honesty could hurt anyone I do not say anything. That's better. But I also feel that I hav changed a bit and now I have started hurting people.

3. I love my parents very much. I respect them out of love and not out of fear.

4. I do not just believe in God I know there is God. Well whatever the world says I do what my heart says in this case. Somethings cannot be proved by "reason". Though many things can be.

5. I get scolded almost daily for dropping my tea, water or juice on the floor. I actually keep it and dream for a long time lol. Scoldings also come for..drinking water straight from the bottle and not pouring it into the glass. Now i have my own bottles so that i do not dirty other bottles :P:P

6. I like to give out my stupid smile when my dad jokes about my crushes (uncountable in number :P). When he sees Ponting or any other crush of mine on TV he says "priya didn't he call you or mail you ...or didn't you ask him why wasn't he in the IPL?"
I laugh a lot when he says such things ;) 

7. I love animals. I do not like to hurt them. So I became a vegetarian. Well I sometimes feel bad when I kill an ant...ahhhh

8. I've had very few friends..real friends..i mean. Because only some have remained the same always. Some very close one who understand me. It's quite difficult to do so :P

9. I do somethings in haste but when I realize I was wrong I never delay to say  a sorry or accept things in public.  Though now I prefer to be silent.

10. Sometimes when mom and dad scold me. I do not feel sad. Because I think ultimately...the strong bond between my parents even if its just an agreement that I was wrong only keeps the family going. Because sometimes parents do not agree and one parents supports the child coz of love.

11. We all  have some ideals some beliefs some principles. My one principle is "obeying the rightful authority" There is a lot of pride in that. Even more than not listening or obeying anyone.

12. I love India very much. I'd never ever like to go and settle in any foreign country. But yes, I would surely like to study abroad. I hate the education system of India. It makes me hate studies.

13. I do not like selfish people. People who just care about their money , priorities and needs. I  a single child have always been taught to share. I think I have kept that quality till date.

14. yeah as all I too feel jealous. But I have something inside me that checks it and so very soon I am out of it. I usually feel jealous about intellect ;)  well well one thing I never ever got jealous about is beauty :P:P (some people know the reason too :P)

15. I simply love travelling. Specially to my hometown. It's great to meet people during the journey. I really have a lot of fun with people travelling with us.

16. I do not have any dream to make a lot of money to buy things and so on. The dream is to see mom and dad happy  and to help the less fortunate with whatever I have. Happiness means a lot to me. A lot!!

17. I do not know why but I am very sensitive. I get hurt very easily. But then somehow I get out of it soon too.  I sense..(may be misunderstand) if people behave differently. Hmmm!!

18. My first serious crush was Rahul. You all know about it :P

19. I love horror films and used to watch it from the time I was 5.

20. I sing a lot at home. Sometimes I hear people singing after me from the neighbourhood. lol

21. I was very naughty as a kid. So very naughty. I used to create blunders every single day...the funniest of them being dropping dried clothes from the terrace on the people walking on the road. My partner in crime was Ankit :P

22. I say stupid things in sleep that too in such loud volume that my mom and dad wake up with it. :P This happens when I am frustrated..or happy :P. When I was in tenth I revealed the name of one of my crushes...:P:P

23. I am not good at bargaining. I buy things at the MRP...Jaago grahak jaago :P:P

24. I laugh a lot. Sometimes even get out of control. ;)

25. I sleep a lot. Sleep like a pothe (buffalo) :P

My God I completed it. I was out of points about myself :P

I'll not be tagging ......any particular...anyone wanting to do this can take it up.

Thnx once again Saranya for tagging me :)


Aditya said...

Hey Priya!
It was nice knowing all those things about you. From all that i read you seem to be a very nice n cool person.
I liked the last few lines ... singing a lot , laughing , sleeping and no bargaining these are somethings i also enjoy.

Suresh Kumar said...

We got to know a lot about real Priya.. U get scolding daily....and that for dropping tea etc... comon... don't do the same mistake again and again... do so new mistakes na :)

Hmm... rahul, ponting...
Nana Patekar did Ab Tak Chappan... it was about his encounters... if priya did it, it would be about her crushes :)

U talk in sleep, sleeping beauty! oops sleep-cum-talking beauty :)

Amal Bose said...

nice to know more about u priya..
really loved the 12th one.. im exactly the same..

n i see a lot of references to ur parents.. guess ur parents would be really proud to have u ar their child.

lol at 22 ;)

Saranya said...

I like to give out my stupid smile when my dad jokes about my crushes (uncountable in number :P
Aww, thats very sweet :)

I love animals. I do not like to hurt them. So I became a vegetarian. Well I sometimes feel bad when I kill an ant...ahhhh This is even sweeeter...:)

I do not like selfish people Neither do I :)

I laugh a lot. Sometimes even get out of control. ;)
Me too. I cannot control laughing.

Thankz for doing the tag PJ :) Nicely done!

swati said...

lol!! carefl :P

hey it was a good one re..:P

tussi gr8 ho yaar..:)

Dhanya said...

Ricky Ponting is it ? I have got a crush on his fellow cricketer - Brett Lee ;)

Amrita~Ams said...

hhehehe...mast re

Suree said...


thats a good 25 abt you....

i think you mentioned abt your crushed in this post....


Preetilata【ツ】 said...

cute..cute..cute... u r so very cute. :)

Arv said...

he hee.... this is so kewl :)

you should record those silly things you say in ur sleep :P

take care... cheers...

deeps said...

I dono why u hate this xecrise …

I think this is one thing that these psychology/psychiatry guys make you do if you sign up for any course on the same …not xactly a tag thing though ..
I think it helps us discover ourselves more …

That being said ..i njoy drinking frm bottles … though I drop nithing lol..

umm 4th one .. I will get bak to u on that ok gal?
Ahaa the traveling thing ..

Sleep like pothe.. hmm eeshawra!


Meera said...

Lovely 25!
Some sweet n some serious :)
Like a pothe huh? My dad says the same abt me :P

Mayz said...

u have a crush on ponting?? really??? :o :o

Chriz said...

not good at bargaining?

seems like that i could sell your own blog to you

Diya said...

That tended too much towards relationships :P
Nevertheless that is expected of random thoughts, we tend to harp more on the current topic on hand. :)

Hemanth Potluri said...

nicee i know 25 things abt u now ...well some are old tho :P...


ANWESA said...

sweet 25!!dats wat i thot while reading d post...

Tickled pink said...

many of ur habits and thinking resemble mine.esp that laughing part. really is v.funny.
Enjoyed reading it.

Cяystal said...

Pothe. :D..I learnt a new word.
tamil is it? :O..

And I nod my head vigorously with the first one..and for the 3rd one..I would find it foothardy is someone loved their parents or anyone else OUT OF FEAR.that'd be crazy!
gooooooood tag..and I wrote 25 points abt me on Facebook..and can write 25 more! :D

Christopher Poshin David said...


Gr8 to know you better.....:)

U got urself another follower......

Priya Joyce said...

@ aditya:

heheh thnx..well similar :)tat's gr88..



Priya Joyce said...

@ suresh: guess..I need to innovate my mistakes too ;)

well well..oh!..sleeping cum talking beauty...hahah..never mind am still snoozing ;)

Priya Joyce said...

@ amal:

hmmm..yeh I deeply feel abt tat re..:)

hahah may be..yes :P


Priya Joyce said...

@ saranya:

awww..thnx dear :) lol at the first one...gr8 to hav a company ;)

Priya Joyce said...

@ swati:

:P haan re..foonk foonk ke raat mei baat karni padegi :P:P gr88??

tips chahiye kaa ;)

Priya Joyce said...

@ dhanya:

hehehe lolz...I had crush on both of them..:P

Priya Joyce said...

@ amrita:

hehehe thnx :P
welcome here dear

Priya Joyce said...

@ suree:

yehe t'was a crushed post :P

Priya Joyce said...

@ pree:

heheh thnx hugss :)

Priya Joyce said...

@ arv:

heeh :P
well...tat's mummy dadd;y job ;)

Priya Joyce said...

@ deeps:

hmmmm donno y..but i do...well it was actually difficult job to do 25 things abt myself..:P

hehehe sure...wud be waiting

eeshawarane vilichittu oru karyium illa :P:P

Priya Joyce said...

@ meera:

heheh nice to meet another pothe out here ;)

Priya Joyce said...

@ mayz:

haan but tat's an archeological fact now ;)

Priya Joyce said...

@ chriz:


btw my blog is free of cost ;)

Priya Joyce said...

@ diya:

yehe yes ta's the most current thing I've encountered ;)

Priya Joyce said...

@ hemz:

hehehe.....I know :P

Priya Joyce said...

@ anwesa:
lolz..sacchi??? :P

Priya Joyce said...

@ tickled pink :

heheh gr888 :)

well well all r laffing it ;)

Priya Joyce said...


hehe nopes..malayalam hei a mallu..Tamil nahi aati :P

well yeh gr8 to see tat..someone agrees wth me

yehe..par hei aise kuch log ;)

i'd chk tat :):) yeh sure

Priya Joyce said...

@ poshin:

thnx buddy..

yehe :):)


Keshi said...

**I love animals. I do not like to hurt them. So I became a vegetarian.

u r way too kind Joyce!

I love animals and I dun like hurting them either, but I still eat meat :( I know, Im hopeless!