Sunday, 1 November 2009

I am back......

So finally my exams are over.
And I am baaakkkkkkkkk :P

I simply hate this exam times.
Whatever the it a class test be it the internals or the finals I feel the same tension all the time...
ohh what a studious student :P ahem btw the tension is most of the time because I haven't completed my syllabus :P
The last minute study is really challenging..and only people like me can take it ...
the people with Einstein I stress Einstein brains.... oh come on that's not what I say ..that's what facebook says :P:P and that's very true ;) dun ya thnk so? ;)

Exam time ...n it sure it interesting as well as boring :P

I always wish that if only all subjects were maths :P that's the only subject I have good comand on...yeha programming also os fine..what i hate the most is ahem...ahem any subject that's completely theoretical ewwww

And finally the best thing :P
the best thing ever pj talks about...ahem crushes :P (one more entry to my crush diary :P)

Yeah during this exams I got a crush on one of the seniors of my branch.
The seating arrangement was such that he was sitting just next to me...
yeah he luks really gud :P
ahem he doesn't cheat during exams and I like men of principles ;)
well it's almost 2 years since I am in college and I never noticed this handsome senior :P
I think I am quite studious type of a gal and I go to college to study and not to notice guys :P
That's the plain truth :P

Well yesterday was a great day.
Had lotsaa fun with friends as if have won a battle :P

Today is my Granny mom's b'day....and also one of my dear blogger friends' ahem that's Amal
Many many happy returns of the day...... two dear people :)

And yah since I am fully back. you can expect me o your blogs too :P
Hugs to alllll :):)


Suresh Kumar said...

Tu Studious hain.... Mantha hoon... Lekin BOOKS ke saath, ladkon kho bhi achchi taraf se pad lethe hoon :)

Bhagwan tere ko zindagi mein aur crushes de da... Padne mein mazaa aatha hain...!!!

Suresh Kumar said...

And yes.....wishing both of them many many happy returns of the day on this occassion

Amal Bose said...

exams over ha? lucky girl. mine is just starting.. :(

thanks for the wishes.. n happy birthday to ur grandma :)

Anonymous said...

good good..! :D waiting for a comment barrage from u on my blog.. please do one or two dozen maybe!! :);)

happy birthday to Amal and ur granny! :)

and welcome back to blogging! :)

Sid 'Ravan' Kabe said...

hey welcome back...and however i find it surprisingly strange that you found a crush in your exam hall and makes me think and ask a stupid question, answer for which I already may d hell where your exam? :P

Welcome back... u missed a lot of post...ab chun chun ke padna...:P

Being Pramoda... said...

hey Priya..

so u r free bird now ..>:) wahhh...welcome back ..:) hw abt the result ..?? hehe ...:) dont mind..enjoyy

crushes.. i admire u in expressing the crushes .. heheh>>:)

keep expressing..:)

parzi said...

heyyyy...welcome back good to c u back finally free????wow ya...n now its my xamination time...:(...
anyway hw did the xams go??????
ahaannn...addition to the crush list not bad...Keep it going..:P
anyway a very happy birthday to grandmom...and ur friend Amel!
god bless u all!
take care!

Dhanya said...

Lol @ getting 'crushed' by a senior who sat next to you. I think I did once during my school days too ;)

N J said...

Neat blog! Many more happy returns of the day to your Granny and friend! :)

Harshita said...

Jumps out of the window and say hello ;)

Welcome back... Who does not hate exams Nanhi Pari?? :D

Happy bday to granny...

aur aha! naya crush... kya baat... ;)

Satyu said...

ahaa.. Welcome back PJ :D :)

My exams gonna strt vry soon :((

Crush during exams haa.. ur crazy.
hehehe :P

Keep Smiling :)

Arjun said...

Crush number?? U have a count of it?? :P

hehe.. now that exams r over, it'll be boring.. :P Try try and try to enjoy... :P


Hemanth Potluri said...

Senior crush LOL ... Welcome back priya dear we missed u here hope u had a nice Sunday take care ...


deeps said...

welcome back re ...
now begin your kathiyadi and nona parachil in full swing ..

ehem ... tell me a few guys who enjoy writing xams ..!!

well,,, you never know ... there are i think some girls who njoy being in xam hall .. oops .. one wonders why ..!!

happy Bday to them ...

Sweet Addiction said...

m glad sis is back with a bang.
Didnt see u in FB though// granny bday.. cool cool.
my mom dad dont even rem their bday

Anonymous said...

moti billi, it was my blog's budday too. u forgot :(

Suree said...

welcome back PJ...

ahem... More ahems in this post :P

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Priya,
Exams are regular facts of a student's life. You can never avoid them. The only resort against these exams is to study hard and prepare well for every exam. Anyway, it is all a preparation for your future life when you will have a steady job and will also have your own family. Times are quite hard so both husband and wife sometimes have to both work. Regarding your crush, that is very normal for a growing girl like you. Just use your wisdom and discernment to determine who are trustworthy and who are not. Pray always so that you will be divinely guided in all your decisions in life. I will pray for you if you need prayers. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

fancy dress said...

Exam time can be a really a daunting time but definately worth it in the long run. Once the anquish was over, me and my mates all dressed up and had a massive end of term party.