Saturday, 27 September 2008

Were we in love?

Ps:) Please read the full post and then only comment. The post appears to be long but its not.

I have written about Rahul.I have written 2 posts on 2

Actually some days ago I was going through the pages of my personal diary. In that I found I have written a lot on Rahul. So much!

My this blog is my second diary. So I take the courage to put this post here.

I hope you'll all understand my innocent feelings...

Rahul can be called the first and last (till now) boy in my life who made an impact on me.

I still remember the date on which I talked to him first.... its 14/7/2003

I still remember his phone number and birthday.(jan 12)

I still remember the date I found out tat I hav a crush on him...12/2/2004

I still remember him answering a question tat made me happy....wen asked by one of our teacher's ....the question was which gal do u find the most sensible? He took my name.

I who always value comfort more than appearance and so wore mostly jeans and such stuffs on Saturdays(we had to wear civil dress in school on Saturdays) started wearing skirts and so on just coz' he had once told me that I look nice in school uniform skirt. But I now hav reverted bakk.

I used to call him everyday without miss and without any reason.

I still remember the date I met him last it was 15/5/2004.the last day bfore summer vacations.

His dad had got a transfer to Agra. He was going forever.And I knew he was much more than an ordinary classmate for me.

On the same day I along with my parents had to go to the Church(there was some function) ....I who normally go around and hang out with friends in such functions was standing alone... as some big tragedy had gripped me.
One of my friends exclaimed " hey Pj Rahul is gone" I couldn't even giv out my stupid smile as I always do wen ma frnds tease me on such issues.... I was so sad.

Our class had an aim chart in which the aims of all the students were written. My aim then was to become an IAS. His was Software Engineer. I donno wat he's studying now but I am studying to become a Software Engineer.

I still have the small piece of paper on which he wrote and gave me my Graphology. He knew tat.
When he gave it to me.... tat was the first time he called me Pj (he coined it). He asked "can I call u Pj"?
I donno y I like to be called Pj.

He had to go on 28/5/2004 but we had summer vacations from fifteenth. So that was the last day I Saw him face to face.

The last glance to each other was dramatic or u can call it filmy... till our vehicles were static we were busy talking to our friends but as our vehicles moved he came over to near the back window and I too but something was stopping me to wave him a bye..... but he did tat then I too waved him back.

I did not call him from 15th to 28th coz I did not know wat to say. I was sad indeed.

He called me on 27th and said...." Happy birthday Pj ... this is the last call I am making to you .... but be sure of the fact that we will someday meet" I couldn't say anything .... I just said ok Bye.

The very next day I got fever.

This is very true and it has happened. But I must say that my parents knew all about it and ...I am still teased about it.

But my one desire ... to see him off in the station was unfulfilled. I did not hav the courage to ask my parents.

This might sound to u all ... as childish.

It is childish too coz it all happened 4-5 yrs bakk.


Hemanth Potluri said...

priya dear....u had lots of feeling filled in this one...u had made me get some tears...its really a bad thing to get apart form a gud frnds and a crush...u wrote with all ur heart in it ...i read it twice and still i want to read ...u got fever because he left u ..that tells how much u missed him....sso sweet poem priya dear...keep a smile now ..:)..


Smriti Srivastava said...

Dear PJ,

Got me back to my memories of a time I was as old as you are now :) Crushes are a part and parcel of growing up. Rahul sounds like your biggest crush...and crushes are soooo damn feel-good until you get confused whether its Love or just a crush..

As far as ur wish being unfulfilled, I guess that has to be normal considering your age...Its not easy for sure. Will chat with you on it.

Sweet and innnocently written..touched my heart and reminded me of my crush a fw years ago. Hope ur paths cross some day...most of all, I hope he reads this..he'll be happy to know what u feel, FOR SURE!! :)

Hugs sweetie.. >:D< .. Love you!!

gunj said...

do not let old memories rule u!
look for newer experiences:)

phoenix said...

hmm PJ im not really the one to advice you on this.because i tend to remember such things about my loved ones [crush/friends] it may be an infatuation and it maybe love. untill the next person comes along your way, you cant really tell.if the next person is a disastor and u still think of rahul then yes maybe you are in love with him.and if the next person is good and you dont think of rahul as much but of the new person then you know this is infatuation....

sorry im talking totally crap here.. :P

Chriz said...

did you ever meet him after that... lots of social networking sites these days!! it is easy to catch him pj... i loved the post...

Kartz said...

Nice post... :)


Guess I will b'roll this page of yours too. I was of the assumption that it is the other page u update.


Trinaa said...

aaaaaaaaaaaawww 'pj' thats d sweetest thing i hv read in quite sometime...

as richard bach said..“If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they're yours; if they don’t, they never were.”

so if u really like this guy then i hope u meet him someday (n very soon too)!

ANWESA said...

so pj,u were not in luv..hey,u were just attracted 2 him..keep all ur affection tied in a bundle n shower it on a suitable person,only at d rite tym.try 2 recall rahul as a sweet dream.

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

such a sweet & frank post . i really hope you meet him again . ( such are our 1st loves that even though many years pass by u can never forget the feeling it brought in our hearts)

Tara said...

Hey PJ!! I am not sure what to say. These things are just so sensitive and private...that anything said is not enough. Crushes are such a thing, something you treasure for life and everytime you think about it, it still feels so good and we feel so wanted and beautiful!

ThanaMoi said...

that was so emotional.. i could totally connect with what you saying.. loved it.. how sweet.. i wish you see him some day soon... :)

Saranya said...

aww, this is very emotional :( and sad! U r a very sweetheart! Wish u will get to meet him one day, if u wish so! :) or hope he reads this!

mayz said...

u kno its always said let go of d past n let new moments define our life...but it is d past whcih makes us look at a brighter future...
u made me smile n shed a tear at d same time!!

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Awwwww!Childish it might be,but bahut sweet tha re :)

Have a nice Sunday dear!

prajyot said...

firstly as hemu said,i too agree that u wrote this from heart.Its realyl hard to be all away from crush and friends.
but whatever it is,alwayus keep smiling

Sins Very Kool said...

Wonderful post...
I really was touched...
It was nice to see some1 being nice enuff to remember such incidents pwrfect to the date...
N really a bold blog ...
Dis is so far my fav post I guess..
Hope u really meet him sometime soon n so xpecting a part 2 of dis...
Keep writin... "PJ"

vishesh said...

ha ;) but i hate when such things happen :( you have reminded me of someone...

Vinz aka Vinu said...

such memories may seem to be childish when thought in later stages of life... but do treasure them...these will prove to be rendering small smiles on our face when we will be frustrated in our hectic day to day lives...

nicely written...
try out orkut to trace him out..!!


Aneesh said...

it doesn't sound to me childish. I can understand your feelings. Well, parting always gives pain. You know, these kinds of relation are the real ones, right from the heart which happens automatically than purposefully going after one just for the sake of dating.
I too had this kind of feeling when I parted with my friend, but it was different... friendship, I knew we will separate one day, but still when it happens.. can't endure.
I am glad that you were willing to share this with all of us. I always like true relation.
'N personally, I don't think, it was just a crush, it was a bit more than that :)

BTW, your aim now is to become a software engineer? I am one, now. So, if you need any help, feel free to ask :)

Me Mini Mini Mouse said...

tht ws really sweet
I am actully amazed more by rahul thn u... cuz guys being so sweet at such a young age is such a kidding here

It feels nice to remeber those moments... i also had a king size crush, all bonkers bout him...LOL

actully i still have crushes, but its not love... its just attraction, intense infatuation... for it to turn in to love, a lot more is needed.

Enjoy urself n trust me this all is not stupid... its a part of evryones life... nothing kiddish bout it :)

Keshi said...

reminded me of my MANY crushes...:):)


Scribblers Inc said...

cherish it as a happy memory...maybe destiny would do something in the near future...gut feeling!:)

SCribblers Inc.

sachin said...

nice blog.....

Niharika said...

hi poured your heat out here.. innocence embedded in love came across beautifully.. atta girl!!

MultiMenon said...

pj..dis somehow brings me strained memories of the PAST..nice post.. :)

and u gotta nice bloggy too.. am adding u to my floaters. :)

k.ø.c.h.ü said... loveliest thing i've read dis week it seems..!!!

Priya Joyce said...

@ hemanth:

ye lots of feelings yes but they are not what I feel now rather its what i felt at tat time.
I am glad tat u liked it. Actually speaking I really don't miss him now but still

Priya Joyce said...

@ smriti:

oh! wow! tats great tat I took u yrs bakk.
And ye he was my biggest crush for sure.
But now I feel that I really donno coz I don't think tat I miss him anymore as before.
So its a big doubt indeed.

Priya Joyce said...

@ gunj:

yupp dear tats wat I am trying to do actually hav done in a way.

Priya Joyce said...

@ raka:

no yaar u r not talking crap really its true very true.
It can be anything na luv or juss an infatuation.

Priya Joyce said...

@ Chriz:

no I never met him after tat.
and ye I can track but I feel its better tat we meet by ourselvel tat is if destiny wants not by our efforts.

Priya Joyce said...

@ Kartz:


Priya Joyce said...

@ Trinaa:

yes completely true dear If destiny wants I'll meet him till then y to take tension.

Priya Joyce said...

@ anwesa:

haan shayad coz if I were in luv then how cud i liv these 4 yrs without him.

and ye ye true.

Priya Joyce said...

@ Amrita:

hey thanx buddy welcum here and ye but am not really sure whether it was luv or just infatuation.

Priya Joyce said...

@ tara:

all u said is true they hav to really be kept as sources of happy memories in our life.

Priya Joyce said...

@ Thanamoi:

thanx a lot dear ye if destiny wishes then will meet surely one day.

Priya Joyce said...

@ saranya:

thanx dear for ur sweet words and ye if destiny wishes we'll surely meet.

Priya Joyce said...

@ mayank:

yupp very true friend yes past is so very imp it plays a major role in taming our future and am happy tat u like it.

Priya Joyce said...

@ sameera:

hey thanx yaar for calling it sweet.

Priya Joyce said...

@ Prajyot:

hey thanx and ye its difficult at tat moment but now I really don't feel much.

Priya Joyce said...

@ sinduja:

hey thanx for those luvly luvly words dear.
yes one day if destiny allows or wants we will meet.

Priya Joyce said...


yupp I too hate these things but wat to do tats life.
and am sorry abt ur old memories which came coz of this post.

Priya Joyce said...

@ vinu:

yes yes tats wat am feeling now coz it all happened in 2003-2004 wen I was just 12-13.
yes orkut but I prefer destiny's decision if it wants we surely will meet.

i am happy tat u liked it.

Priya Joyce said...

@ Aneesh:

wow! thanx for such a lovely comment.
yes sure it shud happen by itself and so I prefer meeting him if destiny wants not by any orkut or such communities. tats it.

and ye will surely ask u for help if needed thanx for the concern.

Priya Joyce said...

@ divkiran:

oh! wow yes, i too liked him bcoz of his such qualities he was a lil different frm the ordinary.

and ye it is i too think but not sure is a crush.


Priya Joyce said...


oh wow tats cool btw how many?

Priya Joyce said...

@ scribblers inc:

hey thanx dear, welcum here.

and ye I too want to meet him only if destiny wants no other way is as good.

Priya Joyce said...

@ sachin:

thanx and ye will cum soon.

Priya Joyce said...

@ niharika:

hey thanx a lot dear iam glad tat u liked it.

Priya Joyce said...

@ multimenon:

hey thanx friend and welcum here.
am glad u liked ma blog thanx.

Priya Joyce said...

@ kochu:

hey thanx a lot man i am happy tat u liked it.

preeti said...

I hate farewells :) I hate good byes. SO, in a way, I hate this post, it takes me to my past and makes me nostalgic. Not that I miss someone in particular, I miss all my friends, teachers, my hostel, college , my room no. 4 :(

joiedevivre said...

dat was soo sweet n a bit sad.
ur life is a treasure!!

keep smiling

Priya Joyce said...

@ preeti:

hey i too hate tat but had to go thru so many of them in my 17 yrs of life and i know i hav to go thru more.
tats life gal

Priya Joyce said...

@ neha:

hey yes true sad +happy
and btw ur new prof pic is cool u luk niice.

Perx said...

Can't imagine why u still refer to these people as friends....

Satyu said...

Aww PJ
1st of all hugs for you

What a beautiful post dear. Filled with all true feelings. I could feel it. Felt like your heart is speaking.
Seriously.. I even felt like crying.

Don worry dear.. you guys ll meet for sure.
Pacca :)
chao smile now..
keep smiling always:)

PC said...

hey pj :)
i donno if uw ill eva get to readin this comment coz well tehre are so many already...neways I m touched by ur honesty n i love it!! :) its very hard to be so...specially on an open forum! Its neva the same as the first time...The (so called) childish emotions are most sincere yea stay childish :)

Mads said...

awwww :)
wont tell u what u shud do and what u shudnt have done and rubbish...

if destiny has it u guys will meet again for sure :)

loved the post...
btw his birthday is one day after our Dravid's birthday ;) :D :D :D