Monday, 22 September 2008

Combining.....a notice

Dear all I wud like to inform you that I am combining my blog see what's here to this one so as to save time. And so this blog will have both emotional experiences and also the funny ones.

ps:) this is just a notice you can continue to commenting on the previous post.
anything regarding the notice can be put on the chat box


Kartz said...

Noted... Tx for the update.

Aneesh said...

That's better, I think

vishesh said...

lol i moved to wordpress from blogger for the same reason :P

Chriz said...

saw the update..wanted to comment on the chat box.. but then changed my decision.. let the mized feelings bloom

Chriz said...

pj sex perience?.. i was like what is this ? then i understood it.. it is pjs experience

Tara said...

Hey PJ! Actually It's better this way ! I have an award for you and will be too glad if you accept it! Come over to my blog and collect it, alright sweetie!

phoenix said...

hey i have mailed you and added you on gtalk..i hope you dont mind...

do check the mail out and gimme your feedbacks

peter said...

good decisions !

hey btw join this orkut community made by me for 'WE' blog frnds :

jus copy the link in the browser and open !

Priya Joyce said...

@ kartz:

ye k thanx

@ aneesh:

yupp i too thot so

wat reason?

@ chriz:
ye no probs its also ok.
ha ha pj sex perience lolz u and ur thinking i guess ur dreemz r the culprit.

hey wich way the new or old.
and ye I hav collected the awad thnx a lot

@ raka:

hey no mindings ha ha ti's k fine thanx

hey thanx for the invi but i don't hav an orkut account coz I am already a member of hi5 and can't really manage both.