Thursday, 18 September 2008

Poor me ......part I

So My exams are over wow! he ha ha ha ha!!!! I am very happy!!
So you all might be guessing what is it going to be about as the title is "poor me".
This is going to be long and about my daily routine in December chills when I was in KV.
Before starting see this pic its of a foggy morning at our place

so lets startt!!!!


Actually in the first scene always a scene is created. Mom comes into my room and yells
"edi alarm kekathe mattile pothe bole kedunnu urragua? ithey aa pudhiye novel muzuanum crumple chedoo ninike daddyinde adathunu innu nalle vazaku undu ada kando aa paavum poocha!!"(u pretending not to hear the alarm and sleeping like a buffalo? and see u have crumpled the new novel u'll get scolding from daddy today and the poor cat u have crumpled her too)then she goes to the bathroom and brings a mug full of chilled water and puts it on my legs.. wat!! an Army disciplinarian is my mom na. I wake up with a startle! After all its 5:30 in the morning in winter God!!
Without that if I wake up my day feels empty hi hi lol

Then Wat? I pick up my quilt and cover myself with it like shawl and walk towards the bathroom to brush my teeth and bathe... wow its so warm u know and then comes a shouting from mom " u r so young still can't bear a little cold (little cold wat? temp in December is -1 degree Celsius).....if you go like this you'll be having a walking stick wen ur r just 20"

But i don't listen to her on this then she says "should i call Denzil(dad will be still sleeping )" .... I am not scared of my Dad but if he scolds it hurts me a lot so I go and keep the quilt back and fold it otherwise for that also I get scolding(all this happens almost everyday... awww poor me)

Then I dress up for school... again mummy in the scene .... "Priya thuni maattiyo? annal poyi prarthiku anju minute ullopol oru chemmin varrukunne bole prarthikaan irukunda"(Priya..have you changed? if yes then go and pray don't wait to pray in the last five minutes)
But I cannot pray when so much time is left so again disobey my dear Hitler mom.

Then I somehow get ready and pray also and have my breakfast also(but there's a big argument over the food coz i can't get anything into my belly so then Dad comes into the picture and so I am forced to eat yuck!!!!

Now I wait for sometime .... may be 7-8 min and auto comes at sharp 6:30 as the school is at 7:30 even in winters God poor me..
mummy tells the auto wala bhaiya "aap in teeno(me and my buddies)ko peeche mat bithaya karo ye teeno seat par nahi balki neeche baithti hain road par paav ghisne ke liya"(plz don't allow these three gals to sit at the back seat they don't sit on the seat but rather where the feet have to be kept) he says.." accha bhabi ji"(ok)
Then I sit inside... bull shit my mom can't see my happiness. Then my friend comes she sits close to me and puts her frozen hands into my blazer(coat)I tell already I am frozen and u grrr!!!!.

Then we begin our chat normally its about studies like "hav u studied 4 the test and so on" Then the third buddy enters and then as we are out of our city and enter the AFS road we stop the auto tell the boys to come and sit on the front seat and then go and sit on the back seat. After all we are now kilometers away from city so no worries about mom he ha ha.... like this we reach kv and wen we get down we see our feet aren't moving gosh!! frrozen wow! gr8 ha then somehow we enter KV .....(here is the real fun actually)


descrying the shadows said...

Between this blog, jagruti and "thats awful" I would not say you are the same person ...
waiting to hear about the fun

ANWESA said...

my little frnd priya has written beautifully this time.i hav nearly same xperiences.only my dad isn't so "hitler-like".eager 2 read d nxt part.

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Wow exams over!Party :)

That was some experience girl.I so hate cold!Brrr

lukkydivz said...

lol poor priya ;(
u called ur mum hitler? ;)

Aneesh said...

This one was a malayalam special from you :)
Simply, loved the post :)
Liked the picture too.. beautiful, I've only seen such places in the action games that I played on my PC.

Well, my mother, instead of putting cold water on leg, pours it over my head, in that way, there won't be any drowsiness in getting up.
Because of these, when I grew up, I used to lock my room secretly before going to sleep and now all she could do is to bang on the door. :)

***anju minute ullopol oru chemmin varrukunne bole prarthikaan irukunda

Chemmeen varukkan 5 mts mathiyo?

BTW, hope you did well in your exams.

Did you forget anything during the exams, as I wished?

phoenix said...


does this happen every day???

im glad your exams are over!yay!

dying to read part 2

Saranya said...

Yayyy, ur exams r over :) hope u did well. that's just a great feeling of relief!
and a funny, waking up at 5.30 in winterrrrr?? wow i wish i was you....! nice post.

joiedevivre said...

xams over
dhinchak dhinchak

aur aate hi dhamkedaar entry
inna vaada post
gud re

pakki blogger

Vinz aka Vinu said...

5.30 in the morning..u r kidding me..!!

i forgot when i saw that time in the morning ..!!


Me Mini Mini Mouse said...

chal good, come party aftr u collect the award from my blog


k.ø.c.h.ü said...

edee kutti saathane...HITLER amma enno...ha ha..!!! was real fun readin yaar...!!! ninte malayalam immini kattiyaa!!! hoooo...ha waitin 4 de nxt part...

halla schooolee povan molku amma enthellam medichu thannu?

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

What memorable moments you have with your mom everyday that you go to school. Discipline is good for a growing kid. It prepares you for all the hassles and hard lessons of life. Those who skimp on the lessons of discipline impose by parents and school authorities are those who seldom make good in adult life. Thanks for the amusing post. BTW, I like he picture of the kitty in your sidebar. She's very cute just like you. God bless you always kiddo.

Chriz said...

haha suspense.. there it is.. i wanna blog roll you.. whcih blog should i select.. you have many blogs men..

Anonymous said...

:), sry,dun have much time:(

Priya Joyce said...

@ sid:

ya anybody will think so as I am the combination of all the extremes hi hi.
ye just coz i share and talk on very serious issues i am not boring as many are people are.
I believe there shud be both the traits in a person.

Priya Joyce said...

@ anwesa:

oh wow gr8
my dad is also not hitler types just that they both( ma pa) never show any disagreement on any issue even if they feel so in front of me they always giv only 1 opinion. the oneness.

Priya Joyce said...

@ sami:

ye party yaar pehle marks toh aa jaye lol
ye for u its fun suffering is cumpletely mine na lolz

hey i luv cold actually woh sab baatein yaad aati hai mujhe.

Priya Joyce said...

@ divvu:

ha ha lol

mum hitler is such a sweet name my mum scolds me for everything yaar every small thing par mein ek kaan se sunkar doosre se nikaal deti hoon.

Priya Joyce said...

@ aneesh:

ye ye malyalam special.
ye pic tats not actually mine I took it frm a site on this place.

hey ur mum too put water on ur face but in kerale weather is not so cold na. mazakallathinde thatapu ille ullu?
evide freezing cold is there
hey u locked the room wow niway i shud hav joined the blogger last yr so tat i got tat suggestion. as mum is no more a hitler after all i am in college na ha ha lol

Priya Joyce said...

@ aneesh:

ye chemmin varukaan attre time madhi lo

Priya Joyce said...

@ raka:

now it doesn't happen coz now i am in college tat was wen i was in kv 11th & 12th.
i actually miss all this now those school days.

Priya Joyce said...

@ saranya:

ye ovver the burden called xamms

and hey i too wish i was me coz this happens no more as now i am in collg now na.

Priya Joyce said...

@ joie:

ha ha mere post se zyaada toh tera comment funny hai.
dhinchak ...kya tere dimaag ka screw loose ho gaya kya.

aur haan vadda post ki karaan control hi ni honda ha i know ye dialogue doesn't suite here.

Priya Joyce said...

@ vinu:

ayyo angane aano?

ha ha now i can get up but at tat time i cud not ha ha lolz

Priya Joyce said...

@ divkiran:

haan yaar le liya tera sweet award
thanx a lot

Priya Joyce said...

@ kochu

k i won't use mallu wth u happs lol i know i hav broken mallu

and how dare u call me "sathane"
same to u back to u all r u ha ha lol

Priya Joyce said...

@ mel:

hey thanx ye she is a disciplinarian but its ok my parents r my best frnds too.
hey thanx for the lovely words.

Priya Joyce said...

@ chriz:
he tats cool thanx as u have already brolled me na

Priya Joyce said...

@ ayushi:

koi nahi yaar no probs hav fun njoy life aur haan study well ur 12th na hi hi

Prashant Sree said...

Lol Priya, a nice recollection of ur experiences.,. Btw, i felt that everyone apart from you, starting with ur Mom, dad, Auto rickshawalla,your CAT, all are poor, except you ;)
The topic "Funny Me" or "Mischievous Me" would have been more apt. Good writeup !! I wonder how many new "poor" people come out in the second part. ;)

Priya Joyce said...

@ prashant:

ha ha lol oh my God how rude can people get.
wen someone shares their sufferings with them they in turn blame them only very bad lolz
hi hi
ohoo mischevious me how dare u call me tat hmmm grrr lol