Thursday, 18 December 2008

Two weeks...revelation...tension...and friends..!!

Ah! at last my exams are over....and yes it all went well....
thanks for all your wishes friends...and special thanx to Keshi, Raka and Aayushi for missing me...

The days which passed by were much more than just exams for me.

Yes I was studying for exams but an incident which happened during these two weeks actually taught me a truth much higher much deeper than the mere bookish knowledge.

The truth is no new….though it came as a revelation….as if some hidden truth was revealed to me.

~~*After college my friends and I took the long route back to home..and stopped by a small place to have something.

Now when we were passing by a small plant sales outlet of this place we heard some sounds from there.

We went inside as we just wanted to see the plants..and when we got inside the small place…we saw a lady...she was arguing with the owner...just for 20 rupees…

A poor family…running that small nursery…and the only expectation was some income to live on.

I just couldn’t watch that...and seeing tat I got tears in my can someone be so selfish.

I really can't understand this...some pieces of printed paper..can...make a person lose all human values...

This was going on in my mind...niway...i shared it all with you all are my friends...

~~*Har kadam pe imtihaan leti hei zindagi

Har waqt naye sadme deti hei zindagi

Hum zindagi se shikwa kaise karein

Aap jaise dost bhi to deti hei zindagi~~*

These lines touched me...when I was going through one of the last yr's notebooks.

ps:) I deleted my private blog...sorry all...reason...will some day reveal

pps:) on a funny note..I fell down three times this week..running after my cat :P

ppps:) followers plz follow this blog the url change wud not giv u updates unless u do so.


Harshita said...

Uhuh! U know wat... I feel the same way abt people... Imagine I never took coolies at the stations when I travelled by train coz I could not see those guys go thru pain...hahaha...may sound funny to u coz most of the people laugh at me coz of tht...

I loved ur post...welcome back nanhi pari..

I have been following this new link but damn my blogger does not reflect it :(

Suresh Kumar said...

Welcome back!


u will know that book knowledge is nothing compared to the knowledge life gives you as you grow older... read somewhere... "Life is the teacher who first takes the exams and then teaches the lessons"

You fell down trying to catch something innocent and cute like a kitten. Its a good thing da. :)

SMRITI said...

Welcome PJ :) Nice blog template!! :)

I know, we see it everyday that people refuse to part with even 1re extra to support someone who needs it more than they do. Alas, only if the world was a simpler place to live in.

I want a kitten tooo...mummmmyy!! :( :P

Tara said...

That little piece of paper makes the world go round...actually makes it go crazy! That's sad. :\

Good to see you back! And a nice template too! :)

PS.I think I am following it already says so. :?

Anonymous said...

moti u dont fail to amuse us....fallin for a cat 3 times :)

u cud hv let it stopped and then grab her or even throw blaket on her and grab.......

waise PJ DJ come on my blog.......

And yes as Harshi says too, some problems with ur blog URL.....

and if i had said i miss u and ur "hi re" @ morning stroke, then mera naam bhi yaha aata :PP

ANWESA said...

almost everyone on earth struggles 4 xistence,haggling 4 money is a part of it.yes,its painful tho.n i like the new luk of ur blog.

Phoenix said...

oye j awesome template yaar :) loved it!!!! :D

and im so glad ure back!!!

you know we are so heartless we care to save a few bucks when we can afford not to, but we wont give the people their due when it is them who need it the most!! ruthless really!!

LifeSmiles:) said...

Thats the fact...
But one question did you helped that lady in anyway..
you felt sad that is nice of you..but have you did something to help her out..Did you gave your 20 bucks to her!!
And think of a situation, when your housemaid ask for one day holiday or ask for extra money so that she can pay tution fee for her children.what is your reaction at that time..If you feel same way as you felt in that nursery for lady..than really you are a nice human being...
And I really appreciate that..

lukkydivz said...

love those lines pj :)

and hey..u ran after sami? :D :D

Kartz said...

Hey; good to have you around again. Sure you'd ve aced your exams.

And have u removed that photography blog or what..?

Touching lines...

What plans for X-mas?

Peace. Have a nice day.

Blog updated. Its not showing up on any blogroll. So, am left canvassing everywhere. x(

mayz said...

beautiful lines indeed...

n u fell thrice runnin after ur cat....LOL!!!

Kartz said...

No issues re silly... Forgot abt it.

Having a tough time catching up with blogs! A two week lay off doesn't make it easy when u come back.


Kartz said...

And whts the new url. Btw, u r yet to see my earlier post. :P


Kartz said...

:D I know tht! Else how'd I comment here??? Bahut padhi thi kya exam ke liye? ;)

Main woh deleted blog ke bare mein pooch raha tha... I got an email saying I am invited. etc.

Kartz said...

Heh heh heh... ok... :P

Trinaa said...

xam khatam!! waaaaaaaaaah..enjoy :D

Hemanth Potluri said...

gud to see ya bac :)...dont fall to much tho :)...

the post was full of fun :)...good to read it :)..

again welcome bac dear :)..


MultiMenon said...

welcum bac first up...

As far as finances go,I might differ from wots the norm..Plain reason:-nobody likes to part wid money..and the thing abt makin the other mans life a happy one works as far as u feel he deserves his deal..?If das the case,FINE.Else,honesty and the other associated stuff dun stand in todays world..

Well written and a beautiful template u 've got.. :)

Priya Joyce said...

@ harshii:

yesh its difficult to see tat..niway they'll be angry coz u cudn't giv them income..

niway..tats lyf..thanx gal

I missed ya too

juss follow it agn it'll giv updates

Priya Joyce said...

@ suresh:

tats rite re

and cat not its not at all innocent :P

Priya Joyce said...

@ smriti:

haha thanx dear

yesh IF at all

but wat to do re


hey thanx dear

Priya Joyce said...

@ tara:

hmm yeah..duniya meh aaya hei toh jeena hi padaga

yesh dear if u get the updates well and gud if not then follow it once more

Priya Joyce said...

@ sam:

haha billi no blanket business wth her :P

arre haan yesh yesh sure


me coming there

Priya Joyce said...

@ anwesa:

yeah if everyone understands tat all or the others r also struggling then this mite chnge

aww thanx dear

Priya Joyce said...

@ raka

aww thankiiuuu re

me also happs to be bakk

and yesh we reely r ruthless..very cruel


Priya Joyce said...

@ life smiles:

yesh true..and btw I don't hav ny maid at ma home...we had long ago
and yes we treat i mean I treated them wth humans and not as fourth class workers..


hey welcum here

keep cumming

Priya Joyce said...

@ divvi:

hey thanx re nvm those rnt mine


oye uuuu .sami see she's calling u a cat

Resurgence said...

I don't know if I'm right or wrong... its for you to judge... but giving extra money to someone will not solve the problem... Gal... You may give a rickshaw puller 20 bucks for a ride which may actually not be priced that much (because you want to help)but that will push up the average rate in that market and will become a problem for someone who cannot afford that jacked up price... simple.... In a country where about 35% are BPL and almost the same number goes on fulfilling the bare necessities.. aspiration plays an important role and hence people want to save... to fulfill some of those dreams..... may be You'll understand it someday..... :)

If you want to help.... do it in other ways..... help people in developing skills for better jobs.. if possible netime in ur life... create jobs.... that is the sustainable solution to the problem of poverty.... :)

I'm sorry dear for writing long and preachy comment..... But before I sign off... Nice Post.... and written with very good intentions........ :)

Lena said...

did you catch the cat?? :O

Love the template, sweets, a very beautiful one :)

LifeSmiles:) said...

Thanks for taking it in a optimistic way..
I like youir blogs..So I will keep positng comments :D


Vani said...

End of the xams..Dats really good feeling..isnt it..? Enjoy :)

People do show more affection toward dat so called printed paper/money than they feel towards a fellow human being..Unless and until everyone realizes the value of their fellows..there's no helping it..
So cheer up :)

Priya Joyce said...

@ kartz:

yesh I did well...I did ma best let God take care of the rest

thanx :P

and xmas..huh!

I guess it won't be wth much of the "pomp and show"

Priya Joyce said...

@ mayz:

haha thanx..and yeh I fell but nvm

Priya Joyce said...

@ trinaa:

haha yeh yepp

sawan said...

priyaaaaaaaaaa, good to see u back :) and exams over... hurraaaay.. party time :P

you fell thrice :P lol, u must be havin a very smart kitten :P

Priya Joyce said...

@ hemzii:

aww I too missed ya all re

me too very happy to be bakk


Priya Joyce said...

@ multim:

yes's world stands on checks and balances and not honesty

and values..only rules and force work

thanx frnd


Priya Joyce said...

@ resurgence:

I can understand completely wat r u trying to say...but do u see the other side also?

If the lady argues for the mones and dussn't giv him wat he deserves also then is tat gud?

no na?

I agree tat 20 can't help and ur whole context tat If I giv tat much others can't then I am putting the ppl in trouble...yesh
so is it rite not to giv him wat he deserves even?

I wud likee ur answers to it

and no sorry s and such stuffs..its all fine u r free to giv ur opinion

Priya Joyce said...

@ lena:

yepp dear i caught it now :P

aww thanx re


Priya Joyce said...

@ life smiles..:

thanx frnd
u r always welcum

Priya Joyce said...

@ vani:

yeh tats cumpletely true...

human values r lost


yeh me enjoying..huh! burden is lightened :P

thanx and keep coming re

Priya Joyce said...

@ sawan:

hey thankiyuuuu

yeh its a new kitten and yeh smart :(

Saranya said...

Glad to see you back.
That was some touching incident.
Ur template looks cute by the way.
U had a private blog?

Take care and don't fall again. lol.

Karthik said...

//on a funny note..I fell down three times this week..running after my cat :P//

Hope your teeth are fine... Use COLGATE!!! And ba t way watz the cat's name??

Mads said...

yeah..its really sad..and harshita has said in her comment even i hate taking coolies for the same reasons..and i never took cycle rickshaws when i was in delhi :(((
yeah there was some problem in d URL i guess thats why it wasnt updating..will follow this one.. :D \:d/
and u fell over a cat? rofl at that :P lol..

Priya Joyce said...

@ saranya:
hahah yeh I had and u were invite too

haha will not :P
tat actually depends on the cat :P

Priya Joyce said...

@ karthik:
tats ma new cat so no named yet

haha colgate no way I'll use pepsodent :P


Priya Joyce said...

@ mads:

yepp tats gud but thenn how will they earn tats a quest then..niway


yeh I hope now all is fine

yeh haha

Aneesh said...

I guess, I have to disagree with the first part.

A lady arguing for just 20Rs? I don't know the incident. But, we cannot value the money that someone else values. For some 20Rs is worth a lot and they don't want their hard earned money to be snatched at. Trust me I've seen people exploiting others just by increasing the prices on the spot. And we will automatically argue knowing that they are trying to fool us.


Anonymous said...

Yeh jodayoon kay rastay barhie dur tak gayay hane,
Jo gia na phir woh aya meri bat man jaoo,
Kisee baywafa kee khatir yeh janoon Faraz kab tak,
Jo tumhane bhula chuka hay usay tum bhee bhool jaoo