Sunday, 2 November 2008

I can't forget You all.....(half century)

Tat's hemanth's sweet gift..Thanx dear..

This is the 50th post....I actually never thought that this blog wud complete its 50th post first..lemme talk some crap about me....I started blogging coz i used to feel reely bad about some things going on in our society....I joined blogger on 25th May this year...I donno whether to be happy that this blog which was just done as a tym pass is getting more visitors than my main blog..called That's Awful...but to tell you all the fact is I am reely njoying the community I am in..I reely don't feel that we donno each other personally.

Amrita: Her pen name .."I'll try to be truthful" ..Is I guess very apt...I reely can't say much about her..but wat I read in her post..I see honesty and find tat she is a nice human being...

..I was gonna leave blogger bcoz it was about a month and I wasn't getting any feedback from any of my readers...and then one fine day..I saw some four comments..on 3 of my blogs...I was so very happy...I wud give him all thanks for the fact tat I am still on blogger....he knows me from the time I was "21" and "Shobna"...hi hi lol...niways...even now he never fails to comment on any of my posts..I can never forget this cool guy and a niice friend and blogger too...tats it..
Thanx a lot ..Aneesh :)

Anwesa: I know her from not more than 2 months..but ..the way we chat it doesn't reely seem that we just know each other from 2 months...or less...I love the way she writes..and experiments with new ways of writing.... I reely like tat she calls me li'l ....another unforgettable person...

Aparna: I got the link to her blog from Hemanth...and I never knew that I wud become such a big fan of her writing...yes I am a big fan of hers...such a niice gal..and can't reely forget her..

Archana: One morning I saw a comment from her..and within 2 more dys she invited for chat...such a niicee buddy to chat with....I reely can never forget time spent with her and of course the time I will spend with her...she has become one of the gr8 friends on blogger...I call her Archii...

I know him from some 3 months...I luv the way he writes...His controversial posts are reely very good to read and comment on...A funny incident with him was when he commented on one of my posts sayin that he's a mama's boy....Now that he's back to blogging after a long break...I am waiting to read his posts..

When some of my blogger buddies say that they are amazed by my posts on my other blog....I reely can say that I always get amazed by her posts...she writes with so much of perfection....The first time we chatted I thought she is a very serious kindaa person..but I was wrong..she has the funny element too in her...another sweet buddy on my unforgettable s list.

This is the first guy I met on chat first and then visited his blogs...thanx to Phoenix..(Raka)...he's a kindaa different to chat with..hi hi he takes small naps between chats..he calls me moti..donno y and alos PJ the DJ..tats the way he has blogrolled me...I luv his blog and the way he writes..and shares his personal experiences...another unforgettable...

Chriz: I came to know him thru Thanamoi...he once commented on my blog saying he owns a nutty blog...I normally don't comment on people's blog as soon as they do...juss like but his comment made me do so..I can reely say tat u find some gud humour at his place....and sometimes our chronic writer gets serious too tats wen he amazes the most...Can't reely forget you dear..

Diana:Hmmmm she can't be forgotten for her insightful posts....her beautiful comments on my blog ...and many more reely beautiful ya' dear...buddy

Divkiran:I was just browsing blogs and I just went to her hap hazard way but wen I read the stuff out there....I reely reely was amazed..she writes with so much of feeling..and can arouse emotions with her posts...the unforgettable Divkiran..lovely gal...

I reely won't only remember her just bcoz she comments on my blog...she has become such a special girl for me..she's on my chat list..but we rarely her posts and poetry ..I can't miss them...they are so beautifully written..she doesn't seem to be elder..she seems to be of my age...she has a voice similar to me too...hi hi.

I luv her posts..her blog reely has a purpose and I luv tat attitude...supaa cool writer here in blogsville.

DJ: He is one guy who praises me for whatever I write....I like tat....these dys a li'l slow in posting..but I like such innocent posts by him.

Farah:Another cool blogger..with that fun element in her..ah! from the tym she saw my blog header she couldn't stop giving comments on it..hi hi I muss tell u tat her pen name think tank Is supaa apt..

One fine morning I opened blogger and saw tat I've got a new follower..and this was she..I went to her blog and loved the philosophy..out reely made me to ponder on some things...

Gagan:I wen't to his blog thru Arun's and wat..I saw his post called "The perception game" I brolled him there and then..u can guess How much big fan of him I became..

I wrote about him in the previous post...he's such a special guy...with a special attitude to care for chat with him is so much fun..and whenever we chat the common question from both sides is "wats next" none of us wan't to answer tat..and we ultimately end up with a question round..hi hi...another unforgettable friend I have found on blogger.. whose attitude towards friends is supaa cool..

I recently came to know this guy...hehe I tell you one thin that I can never forget the lovely fodiee pics he puts on his posts..they r so yummy..hihi...lovely blogger too.

Kartz: I came to know him through Jagruti...our common social blog..his posts there made me read his personal blog and then what as u all know I became a very big fan of his works..he writes with so much of perfection...and his english..I mean the literary sense is so very good....keep up the good work Karthik...

She such a nice blogger ..I simply admire her attitude towards life ..I love the posts she puts in ...and of course the questions..i luv answering them...she's the only one on blogger who calls me Joyce...I luv being called tat...there's a lot to say about her...I appreciate her for the tym she takes to comment on all of our blogs...I can also say that she is the true example of a modern lady for ya' dear.

Kiran: A recent friend..I luv her blog..hehe she has many tips for me..Lovely human being her comments depict tat she's a very nice human being...I Luv getting comments from her.

I love the way she talks about life in her posts...Its just not philosophy ..It makes me to ponder on things...sometimes some things are about which I..have never heard...beautiful style of writing and giving her point of view...

I once went to his blog thru joie's and after that I reely never missed to read his posts...I like his style of writing and the way he puts up small pieces of poetry...those make me emotional...I have even cried after reading some of his posts.
I donno I wasn't such a big fan of poetry but he has made me one..

I reely donno how old she is...but one thing common about us is we both are southies but live in the north...she told me that..her posts are super fantastic...all I can say is she excels in her writing ya' dear

His blog is one place which I visit when I feel low....This spiritual blog gives me so much power to come out of whatever I am in..Then again I like the way he ends his every post with..."God bless you my young friend"..I love that line...Thanx Mel

MultiMenon: I used to see his comments on many ofmy blogger friends..and I used to feel I also wanna get a comment from him..coz I like his comments very much..and one day i got it..and when I visited his blog I found that he owns a very nice blog..such beautiful thoughts..shared...

She Is the first friend ever I hav found on blogger..She is very special for me.I share with her everything tats going on in my life and she too duss it..I admire her for many things..she is a very responsible and a nice human being... I rarely get to chat with her coz she's busy too...hehe.. but we her mails raise my spirits and I luv to read them specially long ones...

Nithin: One of the special friends on blogger...I remember asking him whether he cleared his AIPMT paper ...but who knew that we wud become friends from that simple question..The one thing I hav seen in him and I admire is the special affection he has for matter whether they r real or virtual..Its months since we've been friends..but still I don't understand him cumpletely..he says the same

One of the very fine poets on blogger..with a beautiful attitude and way to look at life... she talks about love in her poems ..and they r so full of beautiful emotions...I can't forget her..I know many of u also can't

I find innocence in his comments on my blog...I call him Mr techno..he reely is..He is in so much love with his subject tat is visible in his personal blog..I get to know about newest gadgets and such stuffs...yupp he's another person who can't be forgotten..

One of the fine human beings I hav ever ever met...Such a caring person..U hav any problems ..he spends all his time in bringing you out of that situation..His blogs are wat I luv to read...I love to read his comments on my blog...When I chat with him I never feel bored coz of his super sense of humour...everyone wants to have a friend like him. A man with so many achievements n yet so so so humble...and simple..He reely can't be forgotten.

Praveen: I got to know him through Jagruti..a social blog...I just put up a comment and the next day I say tat we were into a pen fight..not
Then The next was I saw a message on my chat him asking whether I was a Malayali......ha ..then I visited the blog he owns..wat a wonderful one..I simply loved it..I admire his views on some of the issues I found on his blog...tats it..another unforgettable indeed!!

She is a rocking blogger I found here in this virtual world...I was surprised to see her writing about me in her 25th post..some two dys after she knew me...She called me innocent but I shud say she is innocent too and I love the humour she puts into her blog...and I love the attitude she has....I can't forget her..

Preetilata: For a long time I wanted to know her coz she was the only one of the 4 friends I didn't know..I knew she wud be as wonderful person as the other three..and yes she is ...her posts make me stop ..and think..I have never felt that I don't know her much ..She is such a sweet person...I can say tat coz I hav read the way she comments...I am happy that I have her as my friend..

Raka: Her sweet words..the way she chats with me the way she comments on my posts ...all make me admire her..she is such a sweet friend..whenever she misses to comment on my post I reely feel bad..I luv the way she her blog.. The recent post of her reely rocked...She reely can't be forgotten..

Sameera: 2nd nov her b'day..wishing u a very happy B'day...dear...I am a fan of her poetry..and I luv the way she writes about various social issues....and she puts it so very beautifully in her poems...I admire her for that...The best thing about her that she is a kid with me and an oldie wth the oldies(i mean u all)....not many have that talent..I reely will remember u sami ..always..

Saranya: A gal with a wonderful sense of living of my first commentator..I always have liked her attitude..and the way she takes life..her posts on the blog say so. She discusses life on her blog and I luv tat ...our life is the biggest issue not anything else...I admire the way she takes tym to comment on my blog..a sweet friend ..who can never forgotten..

Sawan: The best thing he did is to follow my the first read he felt to do that..Ah! U r a recent friend..I may not know him much but I can surely say that I love the way he of the cool writers here in the blogsville.

Shiva: Though he never has come to this blog of mine but he never ever misses to comment on my other blog..I luv the way he raises questions..on certain social evils..The best thing I like about him is the way he cares for his friends..I remember him putting up a post for one of his friends..coz tat friend was sick and admitted in the hospital...I admire him..

This is very sad that he left blogsville...a very good writer and poet too..he can arouse emotions through his works..I reely will miss his works..Miss ya'

A very beautiful person..has a very sweet way of conversing ...I mean I luv the way she chats with me....I luv the way she kindaa analyzes things on her blog...her posts are fantastic..unforgettable person..of course..

Smriti:She rocks..I luv the way she comments the way she gives her opinion..she is supaa to things.and most importantly a very nice and sweet gal..I met here. can't ever imagine to forget u..

Sneha: Supaa gal blogger...O can say that her posts on her blog raise spirits..I just always am in doubt tat from where dus she get all those questions..hehe..I guess sol is no more solitary...her pen name is supaa opposite from wat she is I can say that from her posts...she rocks..

Sureshwat do I say..I hav become a big fan of his stories...supaa classic I call them tat. He's almost always the first commentator to any of my posts..Thanx dear..I am lucky to have a friend like you..

I luv her posts...supaa rocking work...and she says she's an introvert...I never found so ..she is so very cheerful..a lovely human being ..It seems tat I can share anything with her..she won't misunderstand me for ya' dear...U can't be forgotten.

Thanamoi: I found a sweet friend through Aneesh's blog..and now she has become so very special for me...Her comments make me happy...She's one of the humble and very sweet persons I hav ever met.

Trinaa: Wonderful blogger and a wonderful person too......she's my recent friend but I wud say she's very simple and sweet gal...and a supaa big fan of ranbir...I found here..

His blog says he rhymes without reason...but I giv him all praise for being so humble..I must say I luv his poetry..specially the ones on cetain social issues...keep writing those magical lines dear...

Vinz aka Vinu:
Wen I once went to his blog I saw tat I was brolled..I was actually surprised ...niway now I guess I couldn't stop myself from brolling him..Such nice pieces of fiction..which he says r connected with his life..I luv the way he ends each piece...Lovely writer..

Ha wen I found that he was my age I was actually surprised...he reely doesn't seem to be. I love his posts..his comic posts specially..and also his poetry...and also his unique style of replying to the comments..smiley replies...


joiedevivre said...

pj sweet heart
u too r my first frnd on blog..though i hav very few frnds here, but m really hapy wid dem.
i remember d day u sent ur pic..d truth..shobna se pj transformation n a lot
i'l b in touch in always dear..just a mail away
keep smiling!

vishesh said...

" Ha wen I found that he was my age I was actually surprised...he reely doesn't seem to be. I love his posts..his comic posts specially..and also his poetry...and also his unique style of replying to the comments..smiley replies..."

oh!no PJ,i am not your age,i am a 100 year old grand pa with the worlds longest beard and shortest moush :P

:D :D :D :D :D

preeti said...

Awww PJ.... I am speechless, First you call me rocking, then innocent then attitude having too happie now :) MUAHHH. HUGGSSS. Keep blogging :)

Praveen said...

its so nice of u thank each one of your blog friends on your special day..and such long descriptions for each one of them with interesting anecdotes on how u came to know each of them..gr8!
and u still havn't forgotten that little fight?:P

btw, u've given the wrong link to my blog...a simple typo..

Harshita said...

Aawoooo! U luk so cute in the pic...

Congrats on hitting that half-century :)

Have fun.

Phoenix said...

hey congratulations on your 50th blog post :) may the many many many more posts grace your blog... keep the smiles going :)

and thank you soo much... for the kind words.... i am awfully touched :)


Anonymous said...

wow moti pj the dj, u hv written a wonderful detailed post.....u rock and thanks for the mention out here.....


Sofia said...

Happy Half-Century x (and thanx 4 the mensh :)) x

ANWESA said...

thanx gal,i luvd ur way of celebrating.i'll alwez call u lil' priya 4m now on.keep blogging,keep smiling.u kno y dis blog of urs has bcom mor popular dan thats awful?coz almost all bloggers blog 2 have a good entertainment.its awful.. is gud,but dis is mor reader frndly,it was my personal opinion.dont take it otherwise.luv u..

Lena said...

awww.... pj, you are such a sweetheart, so much love in all your small dedications!! really amazing!!

you rock, sweets! may you have many more beautiful posts and may you get wonderful new friends in the world of bloggosphere!! :)

keep smiling, dear!!

Hemanth Potluri said...

priya yaaa sooooo muchhhh....hugssss...

thnks for making me special ....tho ur the special one for me always ....u never let me down even wen i was in total crap....thnks sooo much for being there for me too :)...

oooho u became fan to appu because i told u hahaha...goood let me tell her asap...

dear u have brought a big smile to me on this sunday and my total week will i got lot of people to make jeoulus :P....

Happy Birthday to Samiiii......:D...

and thnks again soooooomuch dear...

so wats next :P...lets begin questionaire round here :P.....hahah...thnks for puting up the pic i made for ya :)...

love ya once again...

lots of hugssss :)...




lukkydivz said...

how chweet!! ur half century post cudnt be better than this girl ;) even am waiting to have a good chat with u sweety :(

u have freidns from A to Z ha? one lucky girl :-*

lol@ wat u wrote for preeti :D :D

i never knew u r a southie :) same pinch here :)

people say i have a sexy voice :D :D and we both sound alike ;)

Mads said...

nice account of everyone, gal.. :-)

Chriz said...

hahaha dear oh dear.. you made so many people feel so so so so sos special... awesome... love ya kid.. keep writing

Suresh Kumar said...

You have left me speechless with your comments. Made my Day.

Thank You and Keep encouraging

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

Thanks dear for the kind words :)
half of the time i kinda forget that there are people who like me :) u made my day
ps-- u wrote that u don't know much abt me or the kind a person i'm in real life , just read some of my 1st posts(only if u wanna) & u"ll know .

ThanaMoi said...

Hey sweet heart!!! i'm really touched :)
very very so very touched.. i didn't expect all this... i soo feel like hugging ya.. only if you were in singapore.. hmpf...
nvm... :)
anyway... great post.. got to know more about the other bloggers too :)

loves ya..take care buddy..

Tara said...

Awwww....thank you so much sweetie! That was really so touching! :)

You know the first time I read you, I was like she is so like me! That childlike innocence in you is so heartwarming really! A very genuine and loving person, it shows in your posts! That purity of soul really reflects through each time I read you! And I can't forget the fact that you trusted me with things, the first time we chatted! Very sweet of you re...:)

Thank you so has made my life a little worthwhile! Thank you for being my friend, a very dear one at that! :)

sawan said...

CONGRAAAAAAAAAAATZ.. Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarty time... [:)] hav fun girlie.. luv u loadz..

Keshi said...

Happy 50th post hun!

This is such a warm post...u put so much effort into mentioning each and everyone. That speaks alot abt ya Joyce. That u TRULY care abt the friends u made here. Or else u cud hv stated a common ty to many ppl do. This only goes to show u hv a HEART...a beautiful one.

ty for including me in this very special list. I feel honored, appreciated and loved. HUGGGGGGGGZ!

U get from life, wut u give to it. U made so many friends cos u gave so much love to em all.

Keep writing and smiling! :) MWAHHHHHHHHH!


Selerines said...

Congrats Priya...

Thanks for giving me a column in your blog post, that too in your 50th post.

WoW!!!! You admire Selerines a.k.a Shiva.. That's a great gift for Selerines Group of Blogs.. Thanks for it once again.....

Keep on rocking yaar...

Solitaire said...

Thank you Priya!!! You have put in a lot of efforts for this post. Kudos! And congrats on your 50th post. May you have many such half-centuries.

Keshi said...

And to tell u one more thing Joyce...ur pic here looks so adorable!!! :):)


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Wow, it's like an ABC or alphabet thank you and appreciation post. You have so many friends, my young friend. People gravitate to you because you are so sweet and nice. You are also very sincere. Thanks for the nice words for me. I really appreciate that. Thanks for the post my young friend. God bless you and your loved ones always.

k.ø.c.h.ü said...

:-) hi hi...lucky u didn't write all de fuzz v had.. .! Or do u remember:-) miss. Evil buster...i remember how i used 2 b one of de firsts 2 comment whenever u post somethin...n all de "chats" we've had...hi hi...n level of understanding..u always wanted an open book na...!happy 2 hav u dear "visual" "electronic" pal!

k.ø.c.h.ü said...

Yupp! I meant virtual k...! 2 err is human na...oops!

Trinaa said...

oyeeeeeeeeee m in ur list too!! yeaaaaa :D
thanku sweetie...hahaha..n its seems everybody talks abt me n ranbir in the same breath now..feels damn good tho :P

n cheers to blogger for bringin such wonderful n sweet ppl into our lives!! :)))

Think Tank said...

WOW PRI ...u actually bothered to write something for everybody ...must have taken a heel lot of tym ..its totally beautiful ..LUUUUUUUUUURRRVVV UUUUUUUU

V. Archana said...

hello darling!!!
congrats on ur 50th posting in this blog.Keep up the good work.sorry for the late busy with exams,dear!

Thank you so much,dear, for those kind words.Love u. take care!! :)

Priya Joyce said...

@ joie:

hey I know tat re...awww I guess I felt confidence in u in those early dys tat I sent u the pic re..

U've been so sweet too.

so swwett of u to say that re...

Priya Joyce said...

@ vish:

hey i know tat actually..u can be counted among the

Priya Joyce said...

@ preeti:

u deserve it gal..u made me feel so special wen u rote abt me..I am glad to see u happy...

Priya Joyce said...

@ praveen:

hey no mentions needed re

haha how can I forget our fight..

see u'll not improve u hav an argument over the link too..

Priya Joyce said...

@ harshita:

hey thanx dear..and welcum here re


Priya Joyce said...

@ raka:

hey I am glad tat u liked it re

Priya Joyce said...

@ buzzz:

hey re I reely am happy tat u liked it...arre yaar no thanx needed re

Priya Joyce said...

@ sofia:
u deserve it gal

Priya Joyce said...

@ anwesa:
aww I wud luv to be called agn and agn
thanx dear
yupp I agree..naa re
y to get offended

Priya Joyce said...

@ lena:
u too r very sweet re..and i like u so much u r such a dear buddy re..
love ya'

Priya Joyce said...


I'll be bakk to reply u all

mayz said...

awwww thanku sooooooo much!!!!

my posts make u cry...really????

keep writin to read ur blog :)

n u r a vy beautiful human being too...puttin so much effort into this post...jus goes to show how wonderful a person u r

Karthik said...

Pj, I'm speechless!!! U left me run out of words!!! For the first time, i'm clueless and mond'less' in rplying ur post!! I've been blogging jus 3 weeks and ur dediaction of a space for me n ur post s somerhing i cudnt expect!! Thanks s a big word rite this time!! NO No!! Being a mobster no feelings!! Lol!! and congrats fr ur 50th post!!!

//lovely blogger too.//

For these words atleast i've to post smeting useful!!! Lol!!!

Kiran Sawhney said...

yeah...thanks so much.
congrats on your 50th post. wish you have maany more successful ones.

Aneesh said...

You have simply rocked your 50th post. You have spend more than enough time to write about each and every one. Well, I would say it was worth the time spent.
It's people like you, who always looks for new ways to make blog interesting, who are the real stars in here..
'N thanks for your cool words... keep writing..

Meghna said...

Priya.....thanks a ton dear for those sweet words. And CONGRATS on that wonderful half century....hope many more for u to come :)

But one thing.....u say u dunno how old I am an all.....but dont u knw that I'm 13?

Anonymous said...

Anybody might have touched your heart, made your day with a wonderful comment when you were down in dumps , anybody who makes your dil go dhak dhak or take lot of sighs in unparalleled yearning to go intervine in him / her, have a post / comment dedicated to the blogger / person out @

Kartz said...

Congratulations on the landmark young friend. And thanks for the kind mention... Fan-ship appreciated. :)

Peace, and have a nice day.

Vinz aka Vinu said...

thnx pj for mentioning me on ur 'half-centured' blog..that was a kind gesture of you..

congrats for your feet..may it cross hundreds of such 50's..


prajyot said...

firstly i would say congrats on ur 50th post and may this blog reaches the high of success..!!

secondly...u have written about all ur blogmates so well..!! this really shows ur interest in blog,ur time value and people value as well..!!

god bless you in watever u aim

Priya Joyce said...

@ hemzii:

u deserve it my dear..

Priya Joyce said...

@ lukky:

hey tat's
hmm believe me re U all deserve it..


Priya Joyce said...

@ mads:

hehe thanx dear
welcum here

Priya Joyce said...

@ chriz:

hey!!..believe me the pleasure is all mine

Priya Joyce said...

@ suresh:

hey thanx but u I gave u wat u deserved



Priya Joyce said...

@ amrita:

yupp sure I wud like to know a person like u more...

Priya Joyce said...

@ thanamoi:

u too r very sweet re,ur words speak so

Priya Joyce said...

@ tara:

dear all qualities lie in u ..tats y I got so familiar wth u and trusted u re

Priya Joyce said...

@ sawan:

hehe e-party


Priya Joyce said...

@ keshi:

I am not special to make me a lazy gal to write all this...

u really r very special for me

Priya Joyce said...

@ shiva:

hey I really do admire u..and thanx buddy

keep writing

Priya Joyce said...

@ sneha:

thanx dear...u deserve it

Priya Joyce said...

@ keshi:

u came all the way again to just put in tat comment sweet


Priya Joyce said...

@ Mel:
Hey no need of so many thanx...U deserve it..wat I felt I wrote..

Priya Joyce said...

@ kochu:

how can I

I remember all

hi hi
lol on everything tat happened

Priya Joyce said...

@ trinaa:

how cud I for get such a swweet gal re


Priya Joyce said...

@ farah:

Luuv u tooo girl

Priya Joyce said...

@ archana:

hey thanx to u to cum and comment during exaams..luv ya' for tat

Priya Joyce said...

@ mayank:

mu God I reely can't take so much of sweet of ya to say

But I said wat u ppl deserved ..
yupp I cry sumtymes at ur poems..


Priya Joyce said...

@ karhik:

I too am at ur supaa cool comment..

hey on that...

Priya Joyce said...

@ kiran:

My pleasure..

Priya Joyce said...

@ aneesh:
yupp u all r worth it

very much deserving ppl


Priya Joyce said...

@ meghna:

hey can't reely believe tat u r 13..youngistaan hai meri jaan..u r too yung for yungistaan too

U r an amazing writer gal


Priya Joyce said...

@ buzzz:

yupp sure i'll chk tat out

Priya Joyce said...

@ kartz:

hey rightly said ..I am ur fan only..


Priya Joyce said...

@ vinu:

hey thanx friend...

U deserved it..

Priya Joyce said...

@ prajyot:

thanx a lot buddy

believe me I just wrote wat I really feel about you all..


Keshi said...

nah u ARE special dahlin!

Im just a specialist lol!


Priya Joyce said...

@ keshi:

lol on that

Btw wat specialist r u?

Keshi said...

**Btw wat specialist r u?

Im a specialist in Joycermania!

*HUGZ* ur really adorable!


Priya Joyce said...


hmmm u spent 5 + 2 yrs of MBBS and MD for studying

Keshi said...

I didnt hv to spend that long to study such a lovely soul like took only one or two comments from u for me to figure u out!

U R TRULY SPECIAL. Always know that. :)


Priya Joyce said...

@ keshi:

I hav no express my happiness ..I am happy coz I am being called special by a very special gal...

Keshi said...

Im happy that ur happy :) keep shining!


Hemanth Potluri said...

@priya @keshi

dont be soo happy without me :P...i am always there to make u a smile :P....heheh....priya dear and kesh sweet heart ...u both praising each other without me x-(...heheh...i am here to praise u now ..

priya dear sooo adorable that she is one of bestest buddy online i got ....

keshi sweet heart is the best gal..on the entire blogville i love to talk and fight always hehehe ..:)..

okok enough of praising :P..


Anonymous said...

:)that was so lovely .......thank u so much priya...u made my day :)

Priya Joyce said...

@ keshi:

awww thanx dear

Priya Joyce said...

@ hemzii:

hehe coool thanx for the lovely words..for me and keshi....she's reely sweeet


Priya Joyce said...

@ aparna:

all ma pleasure dear

Anonymous said...

***His blog says he rhymes without reason...but I giv him all praise for being so humble..I must say I luv his poetry..specially the ones on cetain social issues...keep writing those magical lines dear...***

thanks so much Pj...
luv yur works too...!!

Priya Joyce said...

@ vinay:

hey u deserve it dear

Saranya said...

Thanks so much honey! This was very nice of you and you are so swweet :) I loved that description :) Keep on rocking luv!
Cute pic btw!!

Priya Joyce said...

@ saranya:
My pleasure dear..

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

That's very sweet of you dear!Thanks a lot for the wish and the wonderful lines you wrote about me.God Bless!Muaaah