Thursday, 2 October 2014

I Never Thought I Would Write Haikus :P

An almost empty vessel 
food so scanty
four awaiting supper

 the diamond ring 
 the jewellery shop 
 the anti theft alarm 

 the tiring day 
 a cozy bed 
 his warm hug 

The sumptuous meal
a hefty bill
bad stomach upset

Ps: I hope I've done justice.


Yamini Meduri said...

Good to see you writing a Haiku :) nice ones dear...!! Its been a long time that I visited your place...!! so many memories here....specially tales of your beloved cats :) small of the basic rules of haikus is that it should be about atleast a word related to mother nature will make a three liner into a haiku :)

just wanted to share..!!

Priya Joyce said...

Thanks for dropping by dear. Welcome back. About the nature rule in haiku i had read abt it in wiki. Just wanted to do something different 😜


this one is beautiful!! anti theft alarm and the heavy meal speaks a lot!!! great going!!! looking forward for more :)

Priya Joyce said...

@ Anjali

Hey thanks. Am glad you liked them.