Friday, 21 November 2014

Not the Third person! It happens to me Too.

A few things have made me ponder since a last few days and as I couldn't find anyone (or was lazy to search for) who relates to what I feel, I have decided to share it here.

I am not going to speak here like a person who wants to change the world. I would rather like to speak about what I think I as a human being deserve it has no intention of changing the world or for that fact anyone.

I might sound feminist I am very objective and reasonable in what I say. I have kept aside emotions for a while :D

Being a woman or rather being a woman in India is tough. While facing frustration all through our lives some of us become subdued and silent with no voice to speak or protest against what is happening to us while the others go overboard in protesting. Blinded both are in a way.

As a woman I am expected to dress in a certain way, walk in a certain way, talk to someone in a certain way, laugh in a certain way. Well, suddenly it feels I come from stone age because women have changed. They wear what they like or they don't wear anything at all and no one bothers. They walk "Bindaas" they talk "cool". They just rock!!

 I wonder how many of those women haven't faced criticism from people around and have been accepted happily for who they are.
Yes! We have to keep fighting to live a life on our terms. Why? What for? Who the hell are they? "kuch toh log kahenge" Just forget it!!!!

Not easy.

Then comes marriage. There is a certain age limit by which a woman should get married else its next to impossible for her to find a GOOD HUSBAND!

After marriage she has to stay at her husband's place and make life worthwhile for him and his parents. if husband stays at  her place instead he might not be regarded as a MAN thereafter as he is dependent on his wife and her  family .
However there is no problem if he is at his parents' house living on his wife's earning and not even trying to help her with the household chores and to add to her miseries and his MARDANGI (MACHOISM) beating her up almost everyday.

Now if she has plans to take care of her parents' financial needs even after marriage she needs to get permission from her husband.  While the MAN needs no permissions at all to take care of his parents and spend money for them. Its an UNDERSTOOD FACT.

Well living in India its foolish to protest against these things people advice you. They even tell you that you will change and become like them. You are bound to.

Marrying a man who asks for dowry is also a compromise. People tell you to compromise.
Well, I still cannot understand how women happily marry a man who asks money for from her parents.Isn't that enough to end a relationship? This is the not so MANLY act. Why are people blinded?

A husband can scold a wife when she is not doing  things right. he can censor her dressing.  He can comment on her body. I wonder if such women who happily accept such corrections are married to a father figure or an equal ?

I have lot of other things I must jot down here. For today I end with this.

Have a good day.


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