Monday, 16 April 2012

The 'I' in Everything..

Everyone's good.
Everyone's nice.
The one's we hate are loved by others.
Its how we recieve them.
Its what we do that matters.
Just like hormones...
Produced in plenty... Recepted in tiny bits.

Receptors ahh receptors.


Anonymous said...

hello its my bro`s site just say paul told to ring and to look after you

Priya Joyce said...

@anon: huh?

Suresh Kumar said...

if everyone's good, world wud have been a lovely place to live...

There is a theory... If u put ten good friends in a locked room for days, u wud find themselves divide themselves into two groups when u return after ten days.

Everyone's good and everyone's nice until he is put to test when the real character wud be displayed...

Priya Joyce said...


ek sawal.
Is everyone put to a similar test?


Diff tests diff reactns diff ppl judging it.
Bt nice to see ur comment here :D