Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Homosexuality..i differ in opinion!!

I think the hottest topic these days is the legalization of homosexuality by Delhi HC.

Well I'd like to make it very clear it now itself...that it is not a post for people who cannot see both sides of the coin..and rather it's for people..who can understand both sides..and not just believe what the majority says.

Disagreement would be surely taken but indifference would not be tolerated.

Sexuality is now not the same as it used to be in earlier days. Years have passed by and now not just agree to what the society sayss but are ready to stand for their personal feeling (about sexuality).

Sexuality is no more an aspect which can be put either in this/that category.
It's a "gray" aspect now. The underrstanding people have of sexuality now in these "modern" days is different very different(I mean it) from what it used to be.

I don't say that it's a crime. But neither do I agree with it's legalization.
Well If you ask me for a particular opinion then may be I'd prefer to go with it's legalization.

Anyhow...Let me explain...

We all feel hungry...why??

To have a particular...urge in ourselves which makes us work/of do things to get food..which in turn relulates bodily functions.

Sex is as such an issue. Whyyy??

The answer is "sex" is a hunger...which we have/or is given to us...for the perpetuation of the human Race.

And I believe any kind of sexuality that doesn't fulfil the not correct.

I perfectly am out of/don't agree with issues like "morality" and crime.

But then i also feel..
There are many other life and death problems..other than "gay sex" so this can in a way be ignored.

What the hell is going to be wrong if two people of same sex have sex. But after it's legalization...
All are big ^^^^very big questions!!!!



Amal Bose said...

i totally totally totally agree with you...
i mean love is something we dont have a choice at.. its something we dont have a control on.we cant decide whom we have feelings for.
so what if that feeling of closeness is towards someone of the same sex.
i think people shd change this indifferent attitude towards homosexuals..

i was thinking of writing a post on this.. ;) , but u wrote it first.. any way.. nice thoughtful view..

Satyu said...

I completely agree with you :) is changing..people are getting used to new culture..but there are a particular sect of people in the society who are still stuck at that particular point.
Yaar..sexuality is something which noone can change..i depends on our hormones and all..its not in anyone's hands..people gotta understand this and should accept them as they are.
I hope with dis legalization..people change their attitude towards homosexuals and accept them. :)

nice post Priya :)

Suresh Kumar said...

A good one... some people want issues to simply talk about... and they have a good one....

But I feel some of the boys are homos... The way they adore Sharukh and other heroes, I think my doubt is justified

Tickled pink said...
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Harshita said...

Hmm... intelligent post.. the kiddo is growing up..aha!

Tickled pink said...

Very true priya. I also wonder why people associate the word crime with it unless it is forced.If it is consensual then what has law and other people have got to do with those two person involved in it.
good that you expressed your opinions so frankly on this controversial matter.
come back soon

Arv said...

honestly, i care less abt it...

parzi said...

that is such a thought provoking post...and truly reflects whats going on these days..and you are right yaar...nobody can possibly control the way they feel..and legalization will just make it easy for those people who do not conform to the so called norms of the society..its high time now...we should let people live by their choices..without pressurizing or looking down upon them..
nice post dear!

Saranya said...

Its totally individuals' choice. If they, the homosexuals, are socially isolated because of what they are, this is discrimination. They are also humans. Every one has their rights to choose how they want to live (as long as it doesn't affect a 3rd person)and so do they.

Praveen said...

"And I believe any kind of sexuality that doesn't fulfil the not correct."
a very very valid point..

But then there are studies that sexual orientation is not a thing that people decide for themsleves. Its already programmed in the DNA. If that finding is indeed true, we can never blame these people for being like this..

Karthik said...

It is De-criminalization rather than Legalisation :)

Law says Right to equality and right to freedom.. So LGBT shdn't be discriminated and their rights are to be granted!!

Srinivas said...

Fantastic !!! Human Race... We started Achieving many things and as some of above friends stated --life is changing, world is changing and many people still stuck up with their old attitude... Wooo....

I would like to ask few questions here, please think of them seriously..

1. Is this homosexuality exists in all the creatures??

2. Is this homosexeuality very famous from earlier ages or people started finding more pleasure in it recently?

3. Only because we Humans have the so called greatest "Thinking " power, shall we limit this homosexuality to ourselves or shall we induce and spread it out to remaining living beings and watch the fun?

4. Could you please ask your grand parents and your parents about this homosexaulity stuff happened in their era, and could you please let us know how many people practiced it ?

5. As per theory of evolution, are these hormones which are causing this feeling of homosexuality are increasing day by day ? and is that difference seen more only in human being?

I am not sure whether this is a change brought by the media or our physiological thinking ...

In previous days there used be gossips between a male and a female, I think in near future there would be more fun for the one's (So called more matured and modern thinkers) with all sort of combination link up news and gossips.

Enjoy !!!

vishesh said...

hmm...I think you should google a bit more to understand about homosexuality better :)

Anonymous said...

Blame it on the media!

I second your words. We seriously do have some vital issues to worry about there and all we are doing is dealing with a bunch of blah[s] that no one really cares if it's legalized or not.

Amazingly written :)

Phoenix said...

very well done Pj a really matured way of looking at the topic :)

Anand said...

One question. U say it's an urge. It's hunger.

Wot wud u say for people who like to have sex with animals ?

Wud u term it as quenching of thirst combined with the right to freedom to choose whoever and wotever u want for the quenching of that thirst? Hmm??

May I remind u..Im not agaist LGBT. Im jus wondering about this aspect.

Priya Joyce said...

@ amal:

well thnx da....i guess i also don't find it so correct tho i don't blame them or label them criminals..
i've said it it's more of the gray aspect ..can't relly giv a definite opinion..

well btw wud like o see ur take on the issue too :)
thnx agn dear :)

Priya Joyce said...

@ satyu:

thnx dear...well am not completely for it but..i am in a position where I support its legalization's not a cannot be in any case.
it's more of something ppl do tho it's not correct according to the nature..
but people r not responsible they cannot choose so they can't be discriminated or blamed too
thnx lot dear :)

Priya Joyce said...

@ suresh:

yeh it's juss nt a very big issue bt still people make it.

hmmm hahha nothing wrong in being so coz they can't be blamed for the hormones/dna patterns they hav :P

Priya Joyce said...

@ harshi:

thnx dearie :)


Priya Joyce said...

@ Tickled Pink:

yeh yes it can in no way be lablled a crime. But it also doesn't fulfil the donno wer I actually stand..for or against..i guess for :)
thnx dear :)

Priya Joyce said...

@ arv:

yeh kindaa same's no big issue :)

thnx da

Priya Joyce said...

@ parzi:

yes tho it's against the nature"as it it doesn't fulfil the purpose of perpetuation of human race but still ppl shudn't be forced to be "straight"

coz tats inhuman too

tnx for the comment dear hugs :)

Priya Joyce said...

@ saranya:

yes completely they do have a right...tho this kindaa sexual relationship doesn't fulfil the purpose fo "perpetuation of the human race" bt still ppl can't be forced to be "straight" tats's wat i feel

thnx dear :)

Priya Joyce said...

@ all:

i'll be bakk to reply soon :)

Priya Joyce said...

@ praveen:

yes we can't blame them for a modern society wud surely accept them as they are n won't force them to be "straight".
inspite of everything.

tats y it's still a gray aspect without any perfect solution..tho am more on the side of "for" rather than against.

Aneesh said...

I agree. It is something that is natural, and whether legalized or not it will happen. So why not legalize it and atleast change the attitude of future generation?

Priya Joyce said...

@ karthik:

yeh i agree...I hope the discrimination stopped/(s) then n ther..
thnx :)

Priya Joyce said...

@ srinivas:

thnx for the questionnaire..n the time u took out to jot those points :)

well the only answer to the quests is
earlier people who must hav experienced the "strange" feeling must hav ignored it..n as science developed people started analyzing it understanding it ..tats all

definition of sexuality has changed..frm those tymes.

thnx :)

Priya Joyce said...

@ vishesh:

well niway i didn't touch ny aspect on homosexuality as in detailed scientific analysis..

well I know abt this..and anyhow i feel that i am not gonna argue wth u on this...
I just mean to say Modernity has hanged the definition of sexuality frm before a lot.

Priya Joyce said...

@ anamika:

yes surely has a big part to play ..hmmm hope ppl realize it soon..

thnx dear :)

Priya Joyce said...

@ Raka:

thnx a lot dearie :):)

Priya Joyce said...

@ anand:

hey welcome here :):)

yes it's an urge..of it is..
givn to us for the perpetuation of human race n watevr sex"relationships " tat dun fulfil tat purpose isn't correct accordin tot he nature..tats all ..but nw sexuality has changed so so much tat ppl accept it as it is and dun force the gays n lesbos to become "straight".

Priya Joyce said...

@ aneesh:

yehe it'd happen evn wen it's nt legalized...yes future generations shudn't discriminate these ppl...tats all tats has to be seen to :):)

Anonymous said...

I do not think that anyone should be forced. If it was meant to not-evolve, it will die down on its own since no reproduction is possible.
If people get influenced so easily, then its only right this race should get abolished.
But in no case, must human natures be forced.
I support gay pride parades as well as their rights be at par with that of any other human.

k.ø.c.h.ü said...

call me adamant or mean or selfish or watever...i dont care a shit 4 de topic till de day i discover my close ones in de situations...tell me wat ull do wen u find yer husband(de future ha ...)to b gay..or yer daughter lesb...? ive asked de same 2 amal n m awaitin response..! :)

readersdais said...

i had a freind who badly wanted to come out of this state of mind,but couldnt as the feeling of attraction was always to the same sex,its how they are created,so leave it likewise,as discussed in one of my post