Thursday, 9 July 2009

Dark achievement :P

Have you ever meditated on what can exams do to a person. Specially to a person as me...
Don't you know me?? The same chirpy happy gal :P

Exams can make you look 10 yrs older and 10 kgs more :P

I am by birth not a very studious child. I mean I am not studious at all...well Anyhow..this year there was a big difference. Looked like the first year(BCA) exams had made me serious :P.

From my childhood days only I always craved for those "dark circles" some studious girls used to have in my class due to over-studying lol.

I've tried to watch TV all night to get those dark marks below my eyes :P But never succeeded.

But this time during Feb-march I didn't have to watch TV or anything.

The texts were so much that I got them automatically :P

(Dark circles aren't visible niway)

well the pic ...... Let me Explain.....

This was taken on 4th of March 2009 at (donno wen :P) just a day(hours) before my exams began.
The tension you can see...(bechaari bacchi :P) on my face...

I eat a lot during exams..(due to depression tension...n all :P ) unconsciously :P ..See I got a double chin tooo :P Luks like the old Malayali actor..Madhavan Nair(Madhu :P)

Then my face...tell me if ur exams were gonna begin the very next day how else would you pose for a foto. I pose like this only :P

Strangely very very strangely Priya was scared (oops dreaded) of exams this time lol.

Can make bindaas fun of me lol ;) (after all I achieved Dark circles na :P)

ps:) wud reply to comments of previous post soon..:) hugs till thn:)


MultiMenon said...

It ain't all that scary..Stop making fun of yourelf now..!! If i put up my current pic,am sure ll drive away everyone from there..athukondu maathram venda.. :D

And helo??U dun look like Madhavan Nair and all..adhavan Nairudey kochumol ennu paranjaal sheri.. :P jus kidding.. lol btw,njan dark circles onnum kandilla..chumma paranjolum!! :D atho does it mean,another visit to the doc is pending?? :O

I somehow find studious gals cute.. ;)

Take care sissy.. :)


MultiMenon said...

Yaayy!! firstuuu!!

claasil,wen ur topping from the bottom,ivide topping from the top ennavumbol oru aashavaasam.. :D


Cяystal said...

Lol.. it does happen to me..:D..and congrats on gettin' dark
Even I 've got dark circles (which are way light now) tht was because I slept too less.. or read novels durin the night.. in dim light n eye sight is purfect..(CAN YOU IMAGINE THA?) and I dun have any dark circles now :P...'re brave to put a pic up of you with a double chin and all that.. though I SERIOUSlY don't think you look "bad"

Arv said...

you could have just painted a dark circle... would have been easier :P

take care da...

Suresh Kumar said...

Congrats... Still it was a nice pose..not at all bad....

Seems you to follow the policy advocated by amol palekar in golmaal, "Aaj kar to kal kar... kal karo those parso... kya hain jaldi jab jeena hain barso...." saw its results... don't keep anything for the last minute..

This is just the beginning... Ask people in the corporate world... specially people in the finance field.... how they go without sleep for 2 to 3 days when the results are finalized...

Nidzzi said...

u r so diff. u dnt find if ppl make fun of u . and 1st time in history m hearing some one craving fr dark circles i swear. ab bas kar..

swati said...

hehe PJ im coming to ur place in july i'll see fr myself tat is this story real or not :) coz i cant find any dark circles in the pic :P n mazak udana band kar apana :P
n double chin to i too want one :)
take care!!
luv ya!

The Geekie said...

hmm nice pose :P...but expression nahi tha....wer u dozing ???do u doze while standing :O horse type???

hah a...kidding

aur ye kya ...nashile aankhen :D

hw wer xams???

hope dey went well

tk care :)

Amal Bose said...

cant see any dark circles there, but u look really sleepy there.. :P
ny way hw did the exam go?

i also eat a lot.. i mean a LOT during exam time.. but well.. it somehow doesnt affect my weight or anything.. ;)

take care :)

Suman said...

thik hai.

prajyot said...

Dard Circles.. u must be really focusing on those dard circles Right?? he he

Mads said...

pagal hai kya..u dont look bad and tired at all... :O
and dont say u want dark circles :O it's a curse and a sin :| >:P
anyway...nice pose girl ;) :P

parzi said...

hey bhagwan...first time i'm seeing anybody craving for dark circles...mad...waise they r not really visible in the pic...its ound absurd though but if u really wanted them once then congtarulations...can't believe i'm saying that...n now quickly get rid of them..
but u know what u look really cute...adorable..feel like pulling your cheeks...
n btw xams kaise hue...after all that tension...?

Anonymous said...

cute PJ...wat an expression..:)..

awww..u cravng fr Dark dyng to get rid of those..:(..:(..donno wat to say ...hmmm

do take care doll..btw,leave dark circles,and hw are u doing in exams ?

Gud luck for bth dark circles n exams...and ask me latr hw to get rid of those..:)..

Dhanya said...

Yayyy! You got dark circles :D How cool is that ? :P :P

Keep up the good work, Priya!!!

Puneet Sahalot said...

keep it up... :)
do u need anything else...?? pimples, spots... blaah..blaah..
ne ugly stuff... on ur face..??
may u get them all...h e..h.e... :P :P

Keshi said...

lol Joyce I rem what exams did to me...they basically KILLED me but Im still alive...with dark circles n grey hairs n all. ;-)

Thats a classic pic of ya babe!


Saranya said...

Oh PJ, u r happy you got dark circles. Well done for achieving it anyway lol. During every exams time, I get stress-pimples on my forehead ...oh I hate them.

I can see the tiredness and exams tension on your face. :) still a nice posing pic.

Aneesh said...

Congrats on acheiving such a difficult thing :)
Have a great weekend....

Priya Joyce said...

@ niks:

che njaan orthu u'd make fun of me :P
lol...hahaha yeh bt i wsn't on the either end..may be the top end..dunno wth out ny efforts even I used to manage n 80% hahah


Priya Joyce said...

@ aayushi:

hahah thnku thnku :P heheh i too dun hav it nw had it loong bakk n march feb ths yr..i worker hard for it..mehanat ka phal :P:P


raat ko novels mat padha karo..ur eyesight wud go bad..m experienced :P

Priya Joyce said...

@ arv:

hard earned things r wat i like am nt lazy as u :P:P so stop givin me lazy ppl's solutions lol :P:P


Priya Joyce said...

@ suresh:
:P:P hahah

bt i simply luv tat quote + has got some lazy depth :P


Priya Joyce said...

@ nidhi:

hahah antique piece hu yaar :P


Priya Joyce said...

@ swati:

oyeeee kya khabar sunaayi..tere mooh mei ghee shakkar no no eeeeee chocolates wud b bettr :P

aajao ji zaroor dekho ;)

Priya Joyce said...

@ geekie:

hahah thodi pee shee li thi maine :P

tats y nashileee ankhein :P

exams ke tym pe chalta heina ;)
thnx :P

Priya Joyce said...

@ amal:

wen i remove ma spects :P u cud i like to take pics wth ma spects..spects r a sign of studious students alle?? :P

well wel..u muss be eatin like human beings nt like elephants ;)

Priya Joyce said...

@ suman:

hahah lol..accha??


btw welcome here ;)

Priya Joyce said...

@ prajyot:

hahah no they've disappeared in the holzz :P

yeh dard circles ..sacchi mei..inna dard uthaana pada inko paane ko :P

Priya Joyce said...

@ mads:
hahaha ..:P abbe studious dikhna sin hei kya :P
thnkiyuuu :P

Priya Joyce said...

@ parzi:

hehehe me n antique piece :P dunno hhhaa

well got rid of thm in holzz...nw they r no more there...

well they went always results i donno hw well they wud go :P

Priya Joyce said...

@ parzi agn:

hahah come here m waitin for the cheek pull :P

Priya Joyce said...

@ vyshu:

sadly they disappeared long ago durin holzz..:P hahah thnkiyuuu hugs to u :P

i luk like drunk to me bt lol


exams went well :):)

Priya Joyce said...

@ all:

wud be bakk to reply to rest of the comments

Priya Joyce said...

@ dhanya:

tats the sign of a studious student :P

tats it hahaha

Priya Joyce said...

@ puneet:

hahahah no no..dark circles r for studious students :P

tats y

Priya Joyce said...

@ keshi:

hahaha gray hair real tension it seems tat i've not experienced real tension yet :P hahah

classic...Monalisa :P:P

Priya Joyce said...

@ saranya:

hehehe lol :P:P

stress-pimples...wuhooo..:P i mean it's different for everyone eh?
hahah thnx :):)

Priya Joyce said...

@ aneesh:

thnkiyuu thnkiyuu :P

have a nice week :P weekend ovr ;)

Anonymous said...

yeh teri asli pic hai ? soti hui kyu lag rahi hai ?

Harshita said...

I look worst... so dont worry... exams hotey hi aisey hain...

Anonymous said...

Damn. Here is one girl who wants to get those ugly circles which haunt me all the time...I mean, just look at my photo and the worst part of my face is: my small,unspectacular eyes floating in a smoggy pool :-/

There was a time when I even desperately considered doing cucumbers since I overheard two ladies agreeing upon that they were right for removing the circles :P

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