Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Little Joys ... Life and happiness... Smiles...

Had a busy day at office today. Got back home an hour and a half later than the usual time. Tiring day... no lunch ...yet I feel like writing this post. There are a lot of little things that bring a lot of positive & happy vibes to us. I am jotting down a few here... I require of you to do the same in the comments section. :-)
  1. I occasionally love to go and open the fridge just to smell the mixed fruit jam . I simply love that smell. ahhhh....
  2. It feels good when an auto wala already knows where you would want to get down without even you hinting him.#How PHAMUSSS ;-)
  3. When your parents come to pick you up from office and then take you for a tea and vada at a nearby place. I love such outings.
  4. When you are tired from office, no autos anywhere to go home, legs too weary to walk and your uncle who's passing by offers you a lift.
  5. When an unexpected gift arrives home with a dual bubble wrap :P
  6. When there's curd rice or Rajma chawal  for supper :D #YaYness
  7. When I can fit into a dress I thought was to be discarded because it was too tight.
  8. When at office the aunty brings you an extra cup of tea because you had to skip your lunch.
  9. When raindrops fall on you in a second class Indian railways compartment...bliss. When people shout back in reply to your coo  :P when train is passing through a tunnel.
  10. When the neighbour aunty brings you Gatte ki sabji and kadhi for supper :D
I end with my 10. I would want to know yours.Please comment. The little joys in life are to be cherished.


Jacqueline Hough said...

You are so right! The joys of life are worth cherishing. Thanks for sharing!

Brajmohan Kumar said...

Awesome post. Most of the times, we fail to recognize these small joys.

My life is my lesson! said...

Been really long. I understand you are having a fun time in Kerala. How is life?

Rahul :)

Priya Joyce said...

@ Jacqueline Hough :
Thank You :)

welcome here.

yes we do. Thank you :)

Life is going fine. How has yours been? :)