Friday, 28 February 2014

A Tryst with an Auto Wala!

As the title of this post speaks for me I write further...

The world is full of cheaters and people who try to fool you and make money.

Today I'll tell you a story... a story not new to many.
Life was not easy anyway.
Got out from office late.
Took an AUTO *Enhances the word*
An elderly man was he that drove the rickety three wheeler.
My home is so near (thats how many at my office put it).
He turned his vehicle into a road that couldn't be taken. He took another turn to a lane that was so damn confusing. He turned left then he turned right... I could see the metre reading now showing 17 ( minimum is 15/-) Finally when I reached home it was 22/- gleaming on the metre.
Now there's a catch the old wretched man wanted me to pay one and a half  which comes to Rs. 33/-

Now I was so tired so worn out. I didn't want to argue. I didn't have exact change plus he has no right to ask me for a metre and a half. I gave him 31 instead of 33.

HE:  I wouldn't take any less than 33.
ME: OK! I'll give you 100 you just return the change.

He returned me Rs. 65 instead of 67. AND THEN I LOST IT.

HE:  Why are you arguing with me for just two rupees??
ME:  Because It's as valuable for me as it it for you. May be even more. You get it??

I came away. Took the rs. 33 and was reaching him when he said ... ITS 26 now you will have to give me 26 +13 = 40

 Kept his money on his auto seat and walked back home.
I  still haven't cooled down.

These are a disgraced community. I totally hate them.  I feel so angry that they cheat people. They call themselves public transport and don't stop when you need it urgently. They take you through long ways and charge you extra. How dare they? 

ps:) My blog is the best place for me to vent out. Thank you for the patience :P
pps:) Image courtesy Google images.
ppps:) please overlook the grammatical mistakes :D taking my mood into consideration.


Anwesa said...

Koi nahin.. Aaj ki date mein auto is a necessary evil *grins*

KParthasarathi said...

It was like that here and much worse.But thanks to the government proper meters are fixed and most autos are running to meter charges with no hassles.But we had to fight for it for as long as I can remember.

randomroar said...

Don't hate. :)