Saturday, 13 October 2012

I, Then and Now!

I was a tender being
soft and serene
calm and happy

Then came the first bruise
I cried, it pained..
I thought this is the end
I'm finished..

I survived through...
bravely sharing my strength with others
ridiculing them for being so soft

..and then one day, day after day
cuts, hurt, tears, pains, aches ah!

I survived yet again.
I'm the courage. 
I'm the strength.

And today, I stand STRONG.
Dare you DEFEAT me.
Dare you let a TEAR fall off my eyes.

...but I doubt GOODNESS.
I doubt every SELFLESS move.
I shouldn't get cheated after all. 

I stand "STRONG".
I stand strong..

That's what most of us have become. We are afraid to expect. We're afraid to believe. 
What to do. That's how the circumstances are.

I shared what I wrote with my dad. After he finished reading he told me that  in today's world it's not wrong to doubt people. But then when you doubt people about their good intentions and you feel people who're trying to present themselves as selfless before you could be selfish you should also try to realize that there do exist people who'll not bother about being depicted as selfish in the eyes of the world even when they are very selfless.

There's a point in that.
Be it not before the world but your mother could be the best example of that.

Love :)


JANU said...

Super cool. The last line is the clincher.

parzi said...

U r sooooooo ryt pj...a very thoughtful post...really liked it...keep writing!
lots of luv:)