Sunday, 7 October 2012

Are you Insecure?

What gives rise to insecurity?

I've been wondering about it since a long long time.
I always thought insecurity is because you have something lacking in you. It might be.
But then who has everything? Or I should say who doesn't lack anything?
We often blame ourselves for being insecure.
We accept that something is really not right about the way you think of yourself or may be with us ourselves only. 
What people, well most of them, do is to just distract them with other things and make the pain less(?).
May be they don't have the courage to just face it outright.
Some wives whose husbands are after other women make themselves busy with their kids. Or may be career? Or something as such.
Some men who've very beautiful wives often doubt them, keep a watch on their every move.
I've met people who're insecure about their language, their colour, their figure, their qualification. Well then tell me who's not insecure??

I really don't find it bad to be insecure. It's not a sin. It takes time for people to accept themselves as they are. But then that insecurity does creep in every time you see someone better that you in that particular aspect. Well the reality might be they too are jealous of you and feel insecure on another aspect or may be even the same (IRONY).

Insecurity is somehow the first step of knowing yourself. You need to know what you are. What makes you bow down your head or feel pathetic about yourself.  It's an intelligent emotion if you take it in it's stride. "yes I feel bad when someone is better than me in one thing that has been my monopoly". That's ok!
I tell you let it trouble you. It's not for any bad. It's just for liberating yourself.
And yes never try and distract yourself, never try and find something that kills your time and lets you to be away from that creepy feeling for some time. It won't help in the long run.

I've just scattered some insights. Didn't have much time to put it in a better way. 
Hope everyone is doing fine.


JANU said...

Hey, nice one. Oh! I too am insecure in so many aspects of my life...can't list them here.

Roshan Radhakrishnan said...

you have a point... at one point of time, I was cocky and so assured of myself... certain events/personal moments led to a major crack in my ego... and I can honestly say that I got to know a lot about who I really was from how I lived through my insecurities rather than my pride ...

Denzil Madhavan said...

What you are saying is that one should not be insecure about his or her insecurity. I fully agree with you on this. Great thought.

KParthasarathi said...

You have said a lot on the subject.Insecurity stems from uncertainty,fear and expectations.Curbing the wants,not comparing with others,trying your best and trusting in Lord for the outcome are perhaps the way to go.
Beautifully written

Priya Joyce said...


Glad that you've accepted it.
love :)

Priya Joyce said...


Welcome here :))

I see your comment as a beautiful example of my post.
In fact another insight which struck me was ~just in the name of feeling good about yourself you can't keep lying to yourself.

Keep enlightening :)

Priya Joyce said...

@ daddy:

what am i seeing?? Is this you?? :D *faints*

Priya Joyce said...


**Insecurity stems from uncertainty,fear and expectations


Only faith can fight it. Not blind faith but faith that's based upon truth :)

Glad u liked it :))

parzi said...

i guess we all are insecure about some thing or the other...but i luv your take on the concept pj...its very insightful....well done girl!!!!!!

PS Arjun said...