Thursday, 14 June 2012

A year Since Rajasthan... 14.6.11

So soon.
So bloody very soon.

Nostalgia has struck me.
A year back this day one of my neighbours in Rajasthan was applying Mehendi on mom and my hands..
The very next day I had to board the train to Kerala(Kannur).
They told me it was like they sent away their wedded daughters to their in-laws' place and so the mehendi....

Now of course it's all washed away.....
The promises made that we'd surely miss you every day. Think of you every day. At least sms.

In the very beginning I was busy struggling to get settled in this place my "HOMETOWN".
And now my job leaves me with very little time to even sms my dearest of the friends.
It's instead they who've still not stopped contacting me calling smsing me.
For me this relocating is still going on.
May be I do not miss Rajasthan as before but then what so ever happens I cannot be as used to Malayalam and the Malayali ways as I was with Rajasthan.
It's been since childhood that I've been there.

I still miss Kadhi Chawal. I do. I very much do. Not that I love Kerala food less but then that's not what I've been used to.

But then Kadhi chawal can be made at home. Though not as tasty as our landlord's wife used to.
That's just a small thing.

Walking longer distances. Climbing hilly roads. Speaking Malayalam for almost 75% of the day.

Every good thing has an end to it.

Attachments aren't bad. But you are forced to move on. Coming to think of it I can always go back to Rajasthan.

I possess a very confused state of mind right now...just like a year back.
I won't type more. My mehendi will go off.
Ending it here.....


KParthasarathi said...

Any change takes time to adjust but to shift froma place where one has spent long and happy years,it is much more distasteful.I can understand your mind.But one comforting this is that mind gets adjusted easily annd quickly to all changes but heart takes longer time.
May the new place bring gretaer luck and happiness in your life

JANU said...

You have memories...relish them. Change is constant.:-)

RiĆ  said...

Thats what life is abt...very few lucky get to stay where they are...being attached can be a bad thing at times. :(

Anwesa said...

Loved your post. I know that "lost puppy feeling".But yeah,I hope you'll miss Kerala some day :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely post :)

Arjun said...

I have been through this relocation thing. It is tough and u very rightly captured the keepin in touch aspect, which gets lost over time