Thursday, 21 June 2012

Miss. Hannah Jerusha Lloyd

I do not like kids.
My mum says that "you are very different from the girls of your age".
"You don't seem to like kids. You don't play with them. You don't like to take them in your hand.
Instead you like pets".
A few days ago I met this Hyperactive child. Who I totally fell for.
She's the daughter of one of the teachers who works at the school where I work.
She was in a meeting with the Principal and all of a sudden this little wonder girl came to me ans asked where's my mummy?
I said Mummy will come now. She's in a meeting wait here. She started crying mummy mummy mummy mummy in a rhythm :P
And then someone asked me who she was? I replied she's Daliya mam's daughter and all of a sudden what i hear is this little devil has started shouting "Daliya Daliya Daliya" Daliyaaaaaaaaaa where are you?? "

And everyone standing there started laughing.

She's the only child I've met who calls her mom by her name :P
I've become a big fan of hers lol.
Very naughty. would try and tear pull throw everything she sees.
But still very lovable.
Managed to take this pic of her's inspite of her extreme camera consciousness and not wanting me to take the pic. :P
After all I'm the bigger devil ;)

:P :P


Brajmohan Kumar said...

"After all I'm the bigger devil ;)"
One can imagine your devil grin while typing this last line :P

RiĆ  said...

:) Cute pic.

Raajii said...

Awww... I suppose we all have the maternal instincts. For some it just comes out in certain situations :-)

Aishwarya said...

Mummy mummy mummy in Kid sitting is fun!