Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day ..... Zara hatke :P

So here I come with another silly stuff :P

And today what I am going to talk about is the "SINS" people commit in a relationship. Ok not the real sins please :P

Lets start with what men do I've got 2 of them . So here I go...

But but but before I start Lemme tell you this is not my own creation. I mean how could I write wrong things about girls :P  So I had Mr Brajmohan Kumar to contribute ;)

1. They promise their woman things toooooooo bloody unimaginable. Like "Mei tumhare liye chand taare tod ke laa sakta hoon....Mei tumhare liye apni jaan tak de sakta hoon..."  Excuse me ...2 meteors and a ring around Saturn as well. Plz

2. Too many compliments. You are so pretty ..your feet are soo wow. Your eyes I could drown in them. you nose... awwww ...You xyz abc ...The ugliest of the women starts thinking of herself as a beauty queen. Ek baar compliments ki aadat pad gayi na hame toh phir tumhe khuda bhi nahi bachaa sakta.

Now women... I've (NOT I) :p many of them yet I'll write two :P I am sure the men who comment would add to it ;)

1. Pretense. I Don't care. Whatever you do. Go flirt with other girls. Go sleep with them(zyada ho gaya :P)  Well never believe her. She is hurt, and that's why saying all this.

2. Showing too much of care: When your girl starts talking like, "oh mera babu, subah se kuchh nahi khaya" types; believe me, she is just showing off". May be she would not even care to ask you for the morning tea.
Nevertheless ... Happy Valentine's Day ;)


Anonymous said...

nice 1 :) short and sweet..!!

janaki nagaraj said...


Suresh Kumar said...

**2 Meteors and the ring around the saturn **... :)
Arree yaar, girls want to listen and boys say it... Bholne mein kya harj hain... And remember this about boys, "Kavi hein hum, kapi nahin..."

Nidz said...

Happy Vday Pri

RiĆ  said...

Aww...the last pic was so cute!! Happy V'day dear!!

Sam said...

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