Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A fond memory ...

Yeaaahhhh that li'l girl is moi :P
Mum left me over there :P to wake dad up as usual ...if you people don't quite remember let me remind  you with this LINK ;) that it used to be my job to wake dad up when I was a li'l girl ;)
My mum just put me over there and I don't know what happened that when mum clicked I happened to see her take that pic and posed this way ;) :P
I simply love this pic ....
The most beautiful part about this is that I have all these wonderful pics that are going to be there with me forever.

ps: I would like you people also to come up with such fond memories :)
pps: have been trying to post since a week ...couldn't manage to just while browsing through some of my childhood pics thought of posting this.


Rià said...

so cute!!

Ordinary Gal said...

naughty Priya :P

JANU said...

Chooo Chweet!

Suresh Kumar said...

I just ran in front of a moving lorry and stopped it like a traffic policeman when i was six or seven... and the lorry driver scolded my parents and not me for that :)
My mother always remembers that... No Photo though... u just use ur imagination

Nidz said...

Such a cute pic and bichara ur dad. I will use this idea when I wil have a listen ;)

deeps said...

aap to bade innocent lag rhe ho ..very cute.. :)

Priya Joyce said...


shaani riya ;)


OMG cn't believe u were so naughty :P

happy burthdayyyiii gurl :D

:D:D Thangs ;)

Sh@s said...

This is so cute :)