Sunday, 25 January 2009

The Chinese Art!

Actually the title doesn't speak for the post still its very apt for it. When I was in 11th I had to learn a chapter in English(core). I cannot recall the name but it was about art. The chapter said that a Chinese art was something that could give different perceptions. It can have many results and not one single definition.

What I feel is... isn't everything like that?

Something is correct or wrong depends on the fact that how we perceive it. Then the statement which most people make "what is wrong is wrong whatever you say" how can it be proved correct...or is it another point of view definition? :D

A girl is beautiful or a boy is handsome...who decides...yeah I know "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" but then why do people form common opinion about ...Aishwarya Rai being beautiful and Hritik Roshan being handsome. (excuse me for the spellings if wrong)

DoUbTs and only DoUbTs!

ps:) A better post...thanx to you all again...

pps:) scheduled post agn sorry:(

Saturday, 17 January 2009

The last memory..and a big thanx...

The past two three days have been a little sad. Trying to find ways to distract myself...changing the blog template. Going out....all...a total havoc....This makes me realize as MEL said God is a Jealous lover.

niway tats life as always ...
But I thank you all(Suresh, Yamini, Harshita, Multimenon, Mayz, Aneesh, Anwesa, Mads, Crystal, Sam, Neha, Nidhi, Sawan, Mel, Smriti, Leo) for your support and the comments which made be think which gave me support...

Smriti ..thanx a lot for the time u spent for jotting down that e-mail..that reely made a difference thanx a lot dearie...

The pic is of My Cat...( I captured it when it was sitting on the TV cabin...Blocking the that mom gets irritated and gives it milk).

Thursday, 15 January 2009

I Don't wanna liv in this world...

I do not know why I am writing this....I am very sad from the last seven days I do not know why has this happened to me...yesterday 14th of January my cat died after seven days of suffering. I am in crying even now..tears come running whenever i think of my cat and of the way it used to come and sit on my lap.

Every place it used to sit is empty now...the kitchen has now become so scary for me.
I donno wat to do.. to cry or to get angry on my neighbors. I can't go and sleep on my bed today for I won't be as always the first job i did in the morning was to wake my cat up...just one and a half yr old cat born on August 25th 2007.
Even on 13th it came and slept with me even in that suffering of it's. The sofa my bed my lap all seem empty now...I want to cry whole day cry and cry...cry myself to death. Why did tat happen to it...poor creature.
I want to die too...
Optimism seems so small in front of this mountain of negativity. y ? y? y?
Give me an answer GOD give me an answer now...My trust in you is shaken. I am very sad its last suffering is coming in front of my eyes.