Saturday, 11 July 2015

Scattered Thoughts : A mirror image of my mind.

The most "interesting" part of our lives is its uncertainty.  Yet we all spend our lives fighting it's nature.
Many a chance do we get to accept the reality to just go with the flow of what nature does to us.

But its hard  for us to accept that life cannot be secured at any point of time. One cannot say he/she would want to live for a thousand years and make it happen.

We educate ourselves..take best measures to secure our lives emotionally and financially ...invest emotions in people.. invest money on things. Build a stay safe and protected. I do not think I need to specify any more.

It seems that the majority of us find happiness in being secure. I am not excluding myself from the list.
While parents want their children to be secured and "settled" before they pass away.. children too perpetuate the same belief for their off springs.

I wonder why do we keep hiding or rather keep running away from the very fact that whatsoever we do at the end of the day we fall helpless in fighting uncertainties of life.

Our rigidity in not accepting change is but the reason of our unhappy lives.
The immense responsibilities with which we burden ourselves. The right or wrong that we decide of everything. The baggage that we all carry on a daily basis without letting things just go.  The need for possessing happiness which we think has a pre-derived formula is our way of life.

I would like to point out the rigid formula based lives that we all tend to live and wish to call it secure. Who are we actually fooling? Ourselves? Yes. Indeed.


Linda said...

Wonderful post and good thoughts. Often things happen for the good or bad when we least expect it, and so we cannot depend on everything always going the way we want or expect. The element of surprise breaks the monotony.

Vinay Leo R. said...

It depends on the uncertainty, actually. Some are interesting. Some are quite scary. That said, rigidity in life isn't good. We need to take it as it comes, interesting or otherwise. :-)