Thursday, 19 September 2013

Please do attend my Wedding.

Marriage? Hmm...

Everyone gets married. One day I too might.

Whoever is reading this might just wonder how come I suddenly raise this topic..
Let me tell you why.

This morning while I was walking with my parents we happened to pass by a marriage hall and then the discussion began...

I was just explaining to my Dad how people opt this marriage hall out as it can accommodate only a few hundred people while their guest list exceeds that.

He suddenly told me but we can surely opt for this as we won't have more than a thousand people for your wedding..

I went on to say who's getting married here?
I'd want to do a court marriage was my reply.

And what about the reception?  That we can arrange here he told me.

I wasn't very happy with the idea. I told him we'd rather keep a dinner for people who cannot afford even two meals a day. A banquet for them.

He was very pleased.

I added to the idea that if at all we want to call people for a reception we'd call only close relatives from both families and a few close friends because anyway others won't come for my wedding as I don't go for theirs.

Mom of course added, "How can you marry like this? You are our only daughter" ...and WE IGNORED HER :P

and the discussion ended. I almost got married!

Coming to think of it I understand how fake our weddings are. We marry in front of a whole lot, a big crowd in much extravagance. We spend lakhs and lakhs so that people might speak highly of the arrangements that are made at our wedding.

Once in a lifetime opportunity it is after all!!! or may be just "What will people think????? IF..."

The perspective is so wrong. People spend so much just to make that ONE day grand. The wedding dress cannot be worn ever again. Is it all just to capture some moments into your photo albums?

We all need to contemplate on how weddings should be.

I have always hated to attend weddings. I hate how people comment on the arrangements done by the two families. How the food is. I hate how people rush for the food as if they are eating something after a year.
More than everything else, I hate the wastage.

This is not how I think it should be like. Marriage is not about how much you spend. It definitely isn't about how many people come for your wedding.

Is this the only way a couple can begin a new life?

Does it in any way enhance their worth as human beings?