Monday, 29 July 2013

Men & Women & My "Assistant" :P

How exactly is a woman supposed to be or else how are most women ?

 I recently had a co-worker joining me in the same dept as I  at my workplace.  Since she was new she behaved as though she was my assistant. She used to do everything that I asked her to do and gradually she became someone I started relying on for everything.
Hey "R" where's that form? where's that file? So what do you think we should do with this? Hey do you remember what was the case with this parent? Gosh!

From A-Z for everything I needed her. So much so that I couldn't do without her.

And when she was temporarily shifted to another department I missed her like hell. I used to call her up and ask about stuff.

No one who saw me then would believe I was even managing stuff alone before her coming. Ha Ha Ha!

This morning I was just wondering isn't this the same thing many women do to men?

Hey dear where's my shirt? Where's my handkerchief? Where are my shoes? The file that I kept here where's it? Can you wake me up at 5 tomorrow morning?? What do you suggest should I ask boss for a hike today itself??

Gosh!! Gosh!!

Women simply rock :D


Brajmohan Kumar said...

Now you know why men are so dependent on their women :P

KParthasarathi said...

This is what is happening in most homes and places.Nicely written.

Santu said...

You have now revealed something that should not have been....:-)

Priya Joyce said...

Yeahpp I am realizing slowly slowly :D

@Gp: For sure this is happening :P

@Santu: And what makes u say so?
btw welcome here :)