Friday, 31 December 2010

Welcome 2011

Another year has come to an end.
As every year this year also did bring many moments which would be unforgettable for a lifetime.
Meeting new people sharing space with them..spending  time.
Wishing people on their birthdays..being wished on yours
Finding a friend you always wanted in your life.
Sharing the deepest secrets that you thought you'll never let out.
Being strong and a bit rude to someone you never wanted to be.
Getting confused about love...and singing "yeah kya hei jo tere mere darmeyaan hei" :P
Receiving lots of appreciation...
Being a helping hand to many
And lots more happened this year........
Memorable indeed...and am sure it no other yr can replace the good and damage done by 2010 Gonna miss you 2010 anyhow :P

Wishing you all a happy and prosperous year ahead..
Happy New Year

Friday, 24 December 2010

It's Christmas ....

Here's wishing you the true spirit and all the joys of the season. Wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Happy Birthday Maa!

Anybody who knows me 'well' would be actually surprised to see a birthday post dedicated to my Maa.
That's because no one actually apart from my mom herself knows how strange a relationship we share.
At school ... at college and now even on blogs and social networking sites I keep talking about my dad and I am sure many of my offline as well as online friends are fed up of seeing/hearing me write and talk about my dad. Its well accepted for a gal to be more influenced by her dad than her mom.

If I say that my mom influences me more than dad then that would be wrong. My mom influences me differently would be the correct way to say it.
Back to my school days....It was mom who always did the small things for me. No am not talking about packing me the lunch or getting me ready for school. She taught me. She used to run after me to make me learn those lengthy lessons.
I remember my mum n my grand mum stitching the borders of a Saree with blue cloth for a fancy dress competition in which I'd become Mother Teresa. Back in 2001.
I remember those several speech competitions for which she sat with me to help me learn it to get those priceless prize mementos lying in the shelf . 
Those notebooks that she covered for me in the beginning of every session.
It's not just about the school days.
It's about so much she's done for me...
It's about every hot coffee/tea she brought me when I got a head ache and other aches.
It's about the lot of work she does so that I can study peacefully.

My mom has never been a pampering mom. I've always fought with her for this. But It's just in these few years that I've realized why she's not been so.
I've never heard my mom praising me in front of others.
I've even thought she doesn't love me.
But it's just now that I realize that she's extremely possessive about me even more than my dad.
Dad once told me that whenever I am not at home My mom has no other topic to discuss apart from me.
It's quite strange that she loves me so much and shows only a tenth of it :P

I've impressed many people in my life.
Many people in my life who I thought can never ever compliment me on a thing have done so.
My mom too has...
But I know the day she tells me that I've done something well I guess that day I'd consider myself really worth it.
My relationship with my mom is something like "TOM and JERRY". We fight ..argue..disagree...say whatever comes to out mouths but then can't live without each other too.
She's one very confident...bubbly...funny...beautiful...extrovert ...yet homely woman.
Couldn't get a better mom on this Earth.

Happy Birthday Mummy....(that's what I call her)

Saturday, 4 December 2010


Somethings can hurt you for a lifetime!!