Monday, 13 September 2010

Life is (beautiful) like that part 16

Life is all about valuing people who realize our worth from the time they met us..rather than waiting for people who would one day know that we were special!

Friday, 3 September 2010

"My cousin touched me there"

For the first time when she came in I knew she is going to be one of my best pals. she was bubbly, chirpy sociable and a caring human being. She was I felt my true copy. But what I felt wasn't true and I'd never known that trait of hers which never matched mine.

She never liked to talk or be familiar to the opposite sex. I found this irritating but I just used to remember all her other traits which brought her close to me and she became one of the closest beings to me on this Earth.

As she and I had got very close in friendship that we began sharing secrets which we never thought  we would tell any one ever.

Then one day as we were alone in my room I asked her why she was so unfamiliar and irritated with boys. I felt I had opened up some wound of hers. She broke down. And amidst of all this she just let out the words......

"my cousin touched me there"

I was taken aback. I was wrong to be claiming that I understood her. I was wrong.

Ps:) This is not a piece of fiction its the cruel and crude truth my dear friend went through.
pps:) posting it the third time (previously posted on Jagruti and one of my personal blogs)