Saturday, 13 November 2010

A marriage proposal at 19 :P

Life is a bit surprising ain't it?
13th Nov 2010 kindaa ordinary day....(I thought)
The alarm went off at 6:00 am and I somehow managed to take my head outaa the cosy quilt just to SMS my java sir that I won't be attending the tuition today.(LAZY SLEEPY PEOPLE) ;)

Pulled myself back in and slept off.
At about 8:00 am the land line phone rang...
No one was around so I had to again somehow manage to get up and I did.

hello hello hello...... no reply... I put the receiver down and went back to bed.

The phone rang again...

This time mom picked up...
It was one our old neighbours from Jaipur.
Uncle: Was that your daughter who attended the phone before?
Mom: yes. Who's this?
U: This is V from Jaipur. I just wanted her to talk more thats why I ddn't reply. She's got a sweet voice.
Mom: Ohhh.. how are you ? Hows everyone at home?
U: Everyone is fine. So how old is she?
Mom: She's 19.
U: what's she studying?
Mom: she's doing he BCA final year.
U: So what's her height?
Mom: I think it is 5.3. But why so much of detailed inquiry?
U: Well our J's son is 25 and they are looking  for a girl for him.
Mom: ohh okay..(in a dull tone) :P
U: Can you send her foto via mail this is my
Mom: Well I'll ask Denzil and Priya about it and then would inform you because she's still studying and has not yet completed her graduation even.Lets see..
U: ok then do send the foto ok.
my mum was too polite wasn't she? :P

The guy is none other than someone I've played with when I was a kid. Langotiyaa yaar :P:P

But it's quite interesting to get marriage proposals at the age of 19 :P

am glad that my parents took it in the right way and are gonna say a no next tym the call comes.

Above all....I nevaaa evaa thought this would happen to me one "fine" morning of November.

and am sure my frnds are gonna remind me of this till the end of my life ..the marriage proposal that actually got me shocked...

come on I don't wanna get married like this.. To someone with a good job and looks....
I know I dun need anyone else to find him I guess i got that capability to find him for myself  :P

at the end of it...STILL  the guys is an investment banker (cool job ha? :P) I guess looks good too :P
I sacrifice him ;)


Phoenix said...

lol!! :)

you are one big nautanki PJ :) but i love you~:)

atleast you had an experience tat you can laugh about... i have ahd marraige proposals that said.. since ur daughter can wear a saree and she works.. that means a mix of traditional and modern girl of the 21st cen...i think she will be apt to stimulate my son intellectually emotionally and otherwise... i cud have blasted that Uncle!! these neighbors i tell you!! :x hmmpg

Suresh Kumar said...

arre yaar... karlethi na shaadi.... it wud have atleast benefited me...

u r so selfish re :) thinking of urself :)

u shud have married him and made him give me a loan.. i wud have made a movie on u...ajab priya ka gajab kahaniyaan..

deeps said...

looks like this time of the year works well for you..from the proposal point of view i mean!!
another bingo game and u won again :P

ANWESA said...

! Your Mom was too polite I must say. But when you actually get married (whenever that is), don't forget to invite me ;)

brajmohan said...

hahahaha lol...

you reminded me of mom's conversation with a lady ;)

Ria said...

Lol!! Seriously ppl can be weird...marriage proposal at such a young age!?

yamini meduri said...

Hello Priya Darling...

I tell you yaar...these marriage proposals are so irritating...especially when you are 23-24..!!!

but yours dont seem so....karlena shaadi...hum sab aayenge aur naachenge aapke shaadi main..!!!

Anonymous said...

I love you.

SatyU said...


hehehe.. Nothing

hehehe.. nice :)


Bikramjit said...

a banker hmm no no Not the coolest job anymore.. imagine all the people who hate bankers these days the cause of RECESSION :)

you did good he heeheh

ANd yeah november is a good month, the month of the scorpios so it has to be a GOOD MONTH:)

Nice one


Dhanya said...

Hahahah!!!! Get ready for more ;) This is the age when proposals start coming (for mallus at least) !!! :D :D

bibhash k jha said...

jesus christ . !!!!

Tulika said...

ha ha !!

Priya..! Wow ! That was great. Proposal etc..

Kya baat hai??!! Toh photo shoto bheja??

Tulika said...

ps: Yes, as Anwesa di said, do invite me as well. ;)