Thursday, 30 October 2008

Happy B'day ...Hemanth..

This post is a whole hearted birthday wish to Hemanth..aka...hemzii..From pj..his kidoo friend..

A special guy on blogger..special bcoz' he makes us all feel special..he never forgets any of our birthdays. He never fails to dedicate a post on our birthdays & other special days of ours..

Whenever I have felt depressed ..he has never failed to console me...
I have always admired his helpful nature..he has helped me so many times..

The bestest thing about him is his simplicity..his straight forwardness...

Actually there are many more special things about him...

I know he's a very special person for all of us...

A special friend...hemzii!!!!

Happy birthday....Hems Hemu HP H ...ha ha tats the many names he has...

I wish him all the good things in life....for the coming year...!!

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Kv in my memories....II

when I reached back ....
It was a special moment for me coz' now I knew that it has bcome a special school for me as I was missing it so much all the way to Kerala...

Hmmmm...My sr school has made a place in my heart coz of many things... of the main things...

I remember bunking classes to watch Indo-Aus series on the school TV...

Then I remember during the T-20 world cup..though our internal exams were going on..our maths sir used to talk of cricket..we were all big fans of his Match analysis.

We actually failed ..most of me too in our chemistry exam just the next day of the T-20 world cup cud we miss it ...u see..!!..Actually the match was over soon but we were busy in bursting crackers ....and lighting our

Kv can never be forgotten ....I remember the blunders.. we eleventhies created on the farewell party of the twelvethies..

Ha! I can never forget how much basketball we used to play the back side of our class...and run to get back to our seats ... whenever any approaching footsteps were heard.. we were scared of our

Can't forget tat small hilly place in our school which was our adda...and on tat place we used to discuss various serious topics..which u'll find HERE...

It can be never forgotten for the 3 best friends I made...pooja..aka..poo


kavita..aka kavi..I used to cal her poem ..also.

Yes it wasn't a very high profile school ..but it was a kv...I end by saying tat some places ..can never reely be forgotten or removed from ur memory..


Thursday, 23 October 2008

Kv actually changed me....

Today morning at four....I came usual no one was online....I just thought to go through my senior school website....yes KV....As the site was loading...I was thinking how I got admitted in that school..

When I was in Sacred Heart Convent School(SHCS)the best here...I always felt KV was discipline at all studies ..all students are just actually all of ma classmates too felt so...

The girls in KV wore salwar suits as uniform.....I used to feel huh! its so traditional...coz' we wore skirts...short that too...I was a very proud gal when I was in SHCS..almost daily I used to be scolded by sister principle for my short skirt...(it looked odd in such a small place as ours)..but then my pride never allowed to listen to her.

But then the tenth board results came...and it was just average...justtt average(pls don't ask me how much)...and the worst part of it was the results were declared on my birthday..
The worst birthday ever..27 may 2006..ah!

But then I got admission in one of the good schools in Kannur(Kerala) dad's place...I wasn't prepared to live away from my Ma Pa...I am so very emotionally attached to them. Infinitely..

Here in this place there was only one CBSE school except..SHCS(it was only upto tenth) and that was KV No 1 AFS...(there were 3 more schools..i mean kv cantt kv stps..and all but they were too far ..40-50 kms)

I already had started feeling...that I was destined to study there...was this from make me humble?....yes it was.

I wanted to study in some good I had studied..till tenth..

Ah! I joined KV..I became rude...I started blaming mum and dad for being in KV.

I started feeling bad that some of my friends went to their native places like Chandigarh..jaipur to study..

But then wat cud I do?...I never liked KV in the earlier days..

But then we got a very bad Aunt was terminally ill..she was on the last stage of cancer...So we all decided to visit her..

I had to take 15 days leave...

But I never thouht I wud miss KV so much in those 15 days...
I reely missed it so very much...

When I got bakkkk....

To be contd...

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Eve teasing can be!!

Yes we all know only one side of eve teasing ....Yes we consider tat we can't laugh at this....

wait and watch ..

These are some of the funny comments ma buddies & I got from guys...ha ha

#...This was wen I was in class 10...I was a li'l late to school so I just sped up ma cycle..and was going very fast..a guy passing by me yelled .."ye airplane nahi hai" (this..ain't an airplane..)

I was like ..going to burst out ma laugh

#..One of ma frnds..named Sheenam has a yellowish fair complexion her hair too is golden brown in wen Sheenam and I were going sumwer together ..we heard someone ..I mean 2 guys saying.." yaar ye Rajasthan me angrez kahaan se aaa gaye" (from where did these foreigners cum to rajasthan)

#...Wen I was in SHCS (ma high school)..i used to wear short uniform while going to school by cycle i had to place one hand on my skirt so tat it doesn't fly and with one hand i used to ride my cycle...seeing tat 2 guys ..again pasing by onlu..said tat.."style maar rahi hai.." (she's showing off)

#...Our school management had taken us for tour to Jaisalmer and while I was looking outside from the window...a guy..he didn't know much English he said"hey cuteee pie y r u shy shy"
I just burst out ma laff in front of him itself..i reely couldn't control..

#...Once I and ma buddies were eating the dairy milk chocolate while cycling ..and then we heard sum guy saying.."pappu paas ho gaya"
hey tats a phrase used with every dairy milk chocolate ad.

#..the again wen I was in eleventh..going for Physics tuition with my buddy...she was a lil fat..but she always wore jeans and tight reely looked bad..but wat to do ..

so on that day also she was wearing a pair of jeans and tight short top..I was just behind her ..wen a guy came from the backside and overtook me and looking into her face ..he told her "Sexyyy"

She was furious on

hmmm these was...the +ve side of Eve

Saturday, 18 October 2008

I am Special...

I always felt that I am just an ordinary human being.But when I think of the love and care I get ..I feel reely am very special at least for people around me...

At nights I sleep with my glasses on...this happens almost every night...but still dad ...when he comes to my room to give me goodnight kiss he removes my glasses and keeps it on the table...Is this not coz I am special...

Every morning I get up at 4:00 am ..yes for blogging..but ma mum gets up too...she makes a cup of black coffee for me ...I am 17 but..still she has never told me to make ma morning coffee by myself..

When I got high fever once...and I was in the hospital whole class came to visit me..It makes me feel so special.

On every twenty seventh day of May I am told stories that my name .Priyadarshini Joyce..(pretty long) was my dad's if he knew a gal..I was gonna be born..

When I once was very depressed with my results in std 7th..many of my neighbours came to ma home and helped me to come out of it...

We all are very special people on this Earth..everyone has come for a different purpose to this world...

Try and share at least one incident wen u reely felt or feel u r special..

Thursday, 16 October 2008

The unusual talent.....

Hmmm I came across this pic yesterday.... I had a gud laugh. But we my mum told the real thing happening in this pic I couldn't control my laugh..I went on for at least 15 continuous minutes. actually didn't

It is the pic taken by ma mum...I shud tell u that wen I was small I had more responsibilities than I hav now...

You can see me there...Hey..I am not sleeping I am trying to wake daddy up by kissing and licking on his cheek... so tat he gets irritated with the moisture and gets up....

Ha ha tell me how many of you hav this cool.. talent.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

The Opposite Sex.....My Opinion....Yours too!!

As the title speaks ..this post is going to be about men. Ah! but the twist comes up here....I am going to put up what are the 5 things that I hate the most in men.

So here it comes...

1. I hate men who are very strong physically but fail to give me the emotional strength(support) I need.

2. I can never can get along with men who think women can just beautify themselves but not conquer a subject like Maths.

3. I hate men who can't stop staring at ma legs when I wear a skirt..I mean who make me feel conscious.

4. I can't tolerate any kind of pride and dishonesty.

5. I never would like a man who doesn't care about what is happening in the world and is just bothered about his own selfish needs.

The first thing which wud attract me to a guy will be...INTELLIGENCE!

So now its time that I ask you questions...


just put up 2 things that u hate about men or wud hate.
Then again put up the thing which attracts or wud attract u the most to men.


You hav to put up the things you hate in women

and also which attracts you or wud attract u the most to women


1. What is the thing that you hate the most in me?

2. What is the thing that you like in me ..if any?

Saturday, 11 October 2008

My funny Pics III...

I donno wats ma age here but I am with ma cousin Alvin juss 6 months elder. The background is the beautiful scenery of Kerala ha ha my uncle's house.. See the way I am standing lol. And one secret .. ma mum told tat the payal i am wearing is of alvin'r elder sis I got it from buckets of tears ha dear Watson doesn't make any sense here i know).

This pic shows u wat a poser I was ...actually am even one now ha ha...u need to practice it from the young age itself to become as experienced as me in posing ha ha..Its in the tourist bus of Mount Abu.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Special thanx to......

Dear all....

I was feeling a bit low the last 2 days...ah! I won't talk of that now.

I just want to thank Chriz, Vishesh, Filo sofia, Sameera, Aayushi, Tara, Anwesa, Siddharth, sameer, Kiran, Divya, Lukkydivz(Divya), Praveen, Hemanth, Mayank, Keshi, Preeti, Aneesh, Neha, Vinu, Priya, Diana, Karthik, Saranya for the lovely words u all put in it reeeeeeeeeely helped me to come out of this situation.

The special thanx to Prashant for his encouraging words and the lovely attitude which helped me raise ma spirits high and be ok.

I also thank all of you coz u gave me the kindaa support I needed and not sympathy and pity.

And I am sorry for posting something like tat. Believe me.. ma mood made me do tat. It wasn't self pity at all.

ps:) There's sum probs wth blogger so if any of ur comments doesn't get published plz leev a messg on ma chat box.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

I can't take this anymore......

Habits are good or bad ...aren't we to decide that?

You all know me. I really don't know what are your opinions about me.

Ah! I was talking about habits.

I have a tendency to get into friendship with people very fast.

Whenever a fresher whether its a guy or a gal came to our class I used to be the first one to go and make him/her feel at is.

When the others used to just start asking the name I already wud hav started calling them by nicknames.

Then again during any journey on train I make a lot of friends..lots and lots such tat the separating doors of each cabin doesn't seem to exist.

Some people think that I am not from any good background and others think that .... don't ask!!

Those who have chatted with me know that how familiar I can get.I juss hope they don't misunderstand.

But now I am feeling that I can't take all this criticism any more....but how can I lose myself like this...

I always liked to be a teen and enjoyed entering adolescence and accepted the changes coming with my each birthday delightfully.

Now i feel that it was better that I was a small child...... I have lost the battle

Monday, 6 October 2008

My voicee!!!!!


The video coming up is ma voice. I saw Hemanth doing this so I too got a craze.
Nyways here's it

Listen to the crap

ps:) keep commenting on the previous post only this is just for fun. No no no tat was diplomacy I want ur comments k

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Don't take pungaa with PJ!!

Ps:) unedited post forgiv me for tat k

There was a family staying just next to our house. This was when I was in std 7.
The family was of a couple and son.

The uncle I mean the husband always tried to show off his knowledge or rather tried all the tym to make me feel tat I dinno wat a seventhee needed to know.

So now ....I had learned chemical equations lately at tat time..... and I as u all know hated chemistry also.. so wasn't so much clear abt the basics of chemical reactions.

He used to keep on asking me questions like complete this equation and wen I used to say uncle i donno then he scolded me.

I was like wat a man y can't he bother abt his kids?

So I had to take some pretty serious step to get rid of it.

Since he had a bike which he loved very much I got ma plan.

So wen i went to their house the next day and all were at home I told him ..."uncle yesterday night wen i got up in the middle of the night I saw 2 men coming inside ur house and touching ur bike and saying sumthing to each other ... I am scared i better advice u to keep it inside and take better care of it coz' now this city is no more as safe as before it used to be"

And he was sweating ha ha... scared like a small kid and after then he spent his free tym in taking care of his bike and so I lived happily ever after.

The moral is don't take pungaa wth pj otherwise such things mite happen to u.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Tags ...2...Tags !!

I was tagged by CHRIZ. This is a funny tag and its being funny or serious all depends on our dear Google.
You have to just type in ur name + needs and then put up wat comes out. U can add ur comments to it also.

I just typed in Priya Needs and here's what I found..

1.Priya needs to wait to be Malamaal.
... this waiting business is what I don't like.

2.Priya needs to realize that she's eating everyone else's food.
... hey any proof? no na?

3. Priya needs a dance master.
wah! wah! like ring master lolz

4.Priya needs to find a husband.
...kya? teri toh mein.(google ke bacche!!)

5.Priya needs a slap.
... wat? let me see who slaps me he ha ha.

6.Priya needs Amit's address. who is this Amit.

For this I tag
Aneesh, Neha, Hemanth, Prashant, Smriti,Tara and Saranya.... baaki sab bach gaye ha ha.

I was tagged by ANEESH. the tag is called the movie tag. Its about questions on ur favorite movies.

1. Name five of your all time favorite movies.
.... Titanic, Ek hasina Thi, Damien Omen II, Manichitratazu(or bhool bhulaiya), Basic Instinct

2. Name one movie which you recommend as a "must see".
..... Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

3. The one and only one movie that you've seen the most number of times [watching on TV won't count].
....Titanic (12 times)
And on TV also its the highest(22 times)

4. which movie comes to your mind first, when you think about the funniest movie?
...Dhamaal ha ha

5. which movie made you really emotional?

... Titanic, Pinjar, Kal Ho na Ho,

6. Which movie series, do you think, was as interesting as the first part in the series?

...The Omen series. Tats the only one lol

7. Which movie, according to you, didn't live up to your expectations, after all the hype you've heard?

...No English movie like tat but in Hindi yes. Last year wen I watched Om Shanti Om I felt watt crap !!

8. which movie, really surprised you?

...Rockford I thot it wud be just a lighthearted movie but no i wasn't. It was a pretty serious one.

For this I tag.... Chriz, Diana, Siddharth & Divkiran.

PS:) replies to ur lovely comments to the previous post will be given soon.