Tuesday, 14 October 2008

The Opposite Sex.....My Opinion....Yours too!!

As the title speaks ..this post is going to be about men. Ah! but the twist comes up here....I am going to put up what are the 5 things that I hate the most in men.

So here it comes...

1. I hate men who are very strong physically but fail to give me the emotional strength(support) I need.

2. I can never can get along with men who think women can just beautify themselves but not conquer a subject like Maths.

3. I hate men who can't stop staring at ma legs when I wear a skirt..I mean who make me feel conscious.

4. I can't tolerate any kind of pride and dishonesty.

5. I never would like a man who doesn't care about what is happening in the world and is just bothered about his own selfish needs.

The first thing which wud attract me to a guy will be...INTELLIGENCE!

So now its time that I ask you questions...


just put up 2 things that u hate about men or wud hate.
Then again put up the thing which attracts or wud attract u the most to men.


You hav to put up the things you hate in women

and also which attracts you or wud attract u the most to women


1. What is the thing that you hate the most in me?

2. What is the thing that you like in me ..if any?


lukkydivz said...

lol sweety y hate so much in men, i couldn't think of anything....the things i hate are short-lived :(

and yes good men are very caring and loving :P

how cud u even think i would hate you for anything?

Things that i like about you- the child in you, your deep thoughts and analysis on things, on people and the world, your voice...umm ummm i can go on ;)

preeti said...

I hate men when
1.they treat us not their equals but pamper us about, and show extra love and care, making us feel a weakling in front of them.
2.they dont shave :)

I like men when
1.they have real clean feet. I mean good pristine feet good nature ( don ask me how :))
2.they look into my eyes and speak, and just look into my eyes.

I dunno anything bad abt you, but good thing, you are innocent :)

Tara said...

Good topic re!

Umm...what I hate about men.

1. The MCPish attitude, it just puts me off. In photography, there is one step where you have to shake a tray vigorously. A guy and I were partners, and guess what he says "Yeh ladkiyon ke bas ki baat nahin hai" and I shouted at him badly. As if consoling he says, "I was just saying that your nails will get chipped"! Who cares!

2. The Mr.Know-it-all wala attitude. You can almost see through the shallowness instantly, and they end up making a fool of themselves. Urghh...

What would attract me:

I am no one to decide who is perfect and who is not. Plus, I don't like changing people as per my requirements, because I don't like anybody dictating terms to me. So, anyone who is genuine and not putting on a fake act, basically no hypocrites allowed. What you are, be that because no one else will be you!

To be honest, I hate nothing in you! Life's too short to 'hate' someone yaar, be friends! As for things that I like in you, I'd like to say just one thing,"you are beautiful inside and out!"

Yaar, itna accha topic tha, main bolti chali gayi! Kuch zyaada lamba ho gaya na?! Chalta hai! :)

mayz said...

this is a very sensitive topic...i'll stay away from it...can result in a bloodbath

mayz said...

this is a very sensitive topic...i'll stay away from it...can result in a bloodbath

Chriz said...

what do i hate in you?
haha kiddo.. blogmate... dunno much to come up with a judemental statement..

and be happy that men are just staring at your legs..

mathematics.. haha.. that was a new thingie...

@the things i dont like in women

1) foul language
2) girls who do not take proper care of their physical attributes ( smell / tangled hair/ crumpled clothes/ improper dressing sense)

Vinz aka Vinu said...

I Hate

1. Women thinking emotionally all the time(they need to be rational at times..)
2. Women giving more stress to their make-ups rather than their natural beauty(i hate those glossy lipsticks, eye shades and all..)

I Love

1. Opinionated Women
2. Women who talks a lot.


Priya Joyce said...

@ divvi:

ha ha ...only for a short tym great!!

hmmm loving and caring .. goood

awww tats so sweet of u to say tat dear...
thankuuu :)

Priya Joyce said...

@ preeti:

hey the first one is a good point

the second hmmm sum med do luk niice unshaved lol..

awww so romantikk re

and thanx dear :)

ANWESA said...

2 things which i hate in men:(i)false ego (ii) damncare attitude
1 thing which i like in men (i)honesty
wat i dislike in pj:overtly sensitive(wat i can make out 4m her posts,i dont think she can change it,n i dont want her 2,i dunno y):wat i like abt pj:her honesty n frankness

Priya Joyce said...

@ tara:

haan MCP's re they r intolerable reely.

ooh sachi mein sum guys reely do behave as such

aww how sweet of u to say tat dear thanx re

huggz :)

Priya Joyce said...

@ mayank:

I luved tat answer lol

Gud :)

Priya Joyce said...

@ chriz:

gud I thot ppl know me by now lol ..niways

y so?

ha ha yupp sum gals r like tat u see !!

Priya Joyce said...

@ vinz:

hey all r emotional re ye i agree sum gals can't stop crying even if a small thing happens.

hmm great
women who talk a lot wow !!

Priya Joyce said...

@ anwesa:

hmmm I like that cool...

ah! thank God tat u hate sumthing in me lol

awwww thanx dear

Ayushi said...

not all men are the same, so here goes:
I dislike men who are prejudiced against women and for themselves, who are conservative and impose upon others.
Attracttion :
Our similarities and if he can talk in a sexy manner(not compulsory, it just adds to the attraction,however, for that you'd have to knwo WHAT I would fine sexy!)
I also like men who are unpredictable(to me).

I do not like to notice anybody's faults, What I notice is their good qualities for they only are some good to me!
ok, I like the way you chat! Really, so freely and always so happily, I mean you can express what you wanna say nicely!

V. Archana said...

hmm...a very agressive topic to discuss about but ya..
Firstly,i hate men who think women are only sex dolls
2. Who speak low of them i.e.treating women as just a piece of crap
3.Men who go too sentimental(eeewww!! thats never a part of masculinity)
4.Bad body odour. yaakkk!! who try impressing good looking girls by acting much too wierd than their normal selves.
Hey..there are quite a lot to list out,me being an active feminist, but the most admiring qualities of men are
1.Their smartness apart from intelligence.
2.caring and loving
3.Dressing sense and
4.Romantic their own way(not the boring filmi way):P
5.Men who accept some bitter truth about themselves rather than having a pointless arguement y simply wasting time.

and coming to you,its too early for me to tell about u,as i know u only for a week now,but ya,i enjoy reaing ur blog,sweetheart :) keep up the good work.good luck!! :)

Aneesh said...

Hey great post PJ..

Things I hate in women?
I've thought a lot about this.. Frankly, I don't know or I don't hate anything. I think it depends on individuals than on gender..

Things I like...?
They are soft, caring.. atleast most :)

1. What is the thing that you hate the most in me?
As far as I know, there is nothing to hate in you 'coz hate is such a cruel word. if you mean dislike, that too is difficult, Well, yah, how about lies.. Hi Hi, but, being a girl, I'm sure that is not intentional.. So, the bottom line is nothing to hate..

2. What is the thing that you like in me ..if any?
[I'm thinking]... you are friendly.. charming...humble.. funny...

ithra okke pokki paranjathu pore?

sawan said...

i hate

* women who shouts for equality and at the same time holds banners for providing reservation for women!

i love

* women who reads a lot. the more they know the better hey are.

bout u:

* hate? u r not following my blog! ;-)

* love? i read that u r a gemini. what more reason do i need to adore u?


Saranya said...

I think I am on the same lines as what you listed of the things the you hate about men as well as what attracts you.
For the general qs:
Come on, I don't see anything that I dislike in u.

What I like abt u; you are very sweet, innocent but at the same time very honest!

vishesh said...

I can't hate girls :P

bhawana kapoor said...

I am siding with mayz :)

Buzzz said...

why do u have to hate men and write this kinda provocative posts ? are u equipped to handle hate comments that might come ur way from somebody who doesnt like ur post ?

grow up girl and if possible try to avoid gender biases....they dont help!!!

Praveen said...

dont think all men are like this...ehhehee:D

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

i agree to all d 5 points sweets.

i hate men wen they think that it's thr birth right to dominate a woman.

n hold on PJ... how can i ever hate u???

the best thing that i like abt u is that at the same time u r an innocent child as well as a mature girl.

m yeet to knw more @ u girl... :)

take care :)

phoenix said...

two things i hate in a guy are;
1st-they are so obsessed with themselves that they fail to notice what their loved ones are going through

2nd-weaklings who have no personality to stand/match up to their mothers/gf's and then blame them for being dominating.such people are like a showpiece who are just there and happy to,they wouldnt mind if u have forgotten that they are there as long as u toss some words at them every now and then.

what draws me to a guy
his eyes[ twinkling/kind,naughty,honest,or innocent]

the way he carries himself-
1.personal hygience
2.pride in personal appearance[good looks doesnt matter at all but the way he carried himself]
3.manners [a must]

the thing i like about you-

i love the fact that you always come up with something interesting to write about and the quite way in which you touch lives

Priya Joyce said...

@ ayushi:

hmmm great points re

Ye tats reely unbearable ..

so u like unpredictable men goood :)

hmm thanx dear tats very sweet of u to say tat.

Priya Joyce said...

@ archana:

good analysis there dear

I agree with u on all though its ur opinion..
but I wud say sentiments are a part of masculinity....I think so..

hmm thanx dear I am happy tat u njoy reading ma stuffs.

Priya Joyce said...

@ aneesh:

wow tats gr8 tat u hate nothing yupp its not me being a gal tat makes me hate men for those things..

ooh wow caring .yes ...most women r but men too r ha ha..

hmmm thanx dude

ayyo appum ithu okke veruthe parunathe

Priya Joyce said...

@ sawan:

hey I too gate such women ...

hmmm yes ritely said..

ah! now I am following ur blog ha ha i hope the hate is over lol

wow r u too a gemini?

Priya Joyce said...

@ saranya:

wow wat a resemblance and co incidence lol

thanx gal for such lovely words abt me...

Priya Joyce said...

@ vishesh:

wow then u like all the things in them wow...


Priya Joyce said...

@ bhawna:

tat's safe dear

Priya Joyce said...

@ sameer:

hey no one here has any probe re

u r the only one to giv me a harsh

so its ok u see..

Priya Joyce said...

@ praveen:

hey i never thot tat.. ha ha lol

Priya Joyce said...

@ pree:

hey tats good...

hmmm tats a great point re .. :)


thanx dear for those sweeet!! words.


Keshi said...

Good post!

All ur 5 points were good...I agree.

**The first thing which wud attract me to a guy will be...INTELLIGENCE!

me too. Thats why Im even attracted to older and not-so-HOT-looking men. To me Intelligence is hot. :)

two things that I hate about men...

1. Egoistic men
2. Shallow men

The one thing that attract me to a man is his SENSIBILITY.

**What is the thing that you hate the most in me?

I dun hate anything abt ya...ur too sweet to be hated!

**What is the thing that you like in me ..if any?

ALL of ya! ur really adorable, smart, witty, loving, cheerful and very intelligent. HUGS! :)


Priya Joyce said...

@ raka:

hmmm ye tat can be reely intolerable sumtymes

gud personality duss matter ...not very much though...

good points..

hmmm wow I am happy tat u like ma posts :)

thanx dear ..

Priya Joyce said...

@ keshi:

tats great we hav same opinions... wow.

hmm ye shallowness and egoism is not at all tolerable reely!!

and thanx a lotttttt!! for such sweeet words dear..


sawan said...

hate? what does that word mean?? ;-)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

you might ban me from reading your blog after this .
Most guys know that intelligence is a turn on for the girls (believe me ! ) & they use that as a weapon to patao any female they like , mind u , they might not be intelligent at all but they can put up a good show . my advice or how do i handle that ?? develop my own intelligence & stop looking for it elsewhere .

joiedevivre said...

well i really dont hate mens
all hav sumthing even n odd things in personality
i believe we all r unique in our own way
now dnt think dat was an diplomatic ans..its simply wat i feel
ab ladkiya hamesha honest ho yeh bhi jarrori nai hai..ladkiya bhi ladko ko stare karti hai..
toh vice versa is possible mayb not in d same ratio..
aur dady''s..frnds n bf also fall in d category..keep in mind

n m not gonna ans those common question..

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

& now 2 things i hate the most in guys :-
1. I hate it when they think that they can maro line on any girl they want to & then boast it off as if they've won a war.

2. I hat eit when they help only those gals who are beautiful & wouldn't do so for someone who's not

& two attractive things ?? :P :P hard to find but .....

1. when they behave in knight like manner without making u feel like damsel in distress ( thats very rare)

2. this is silly but a hint of sarcasm is good coz i think sarcasm requires lil wit & intelligence . plain rude is just plain boring.

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

what i hate most about u??/
nothing . why would i hate you???
wish u did'nt ask this question , you don't need to ask ppl what we like or hate in you dear , you are great the way you are. :)

what i like most about you?
your posts reflect your innocence , forthrightness & honesty .
keep it up :D

Priya Joyce said...

@ sawan:

wow gr8 going dude :)

descrying the shadows said...

he he .. there sems to be a buzz in bloggerville rather a trend amongst girls on blogger now a days to write posts on men .. he he .. nevertheless it was nice reading it ..
i like the fact that you are very candid in your posts ...

Priya Joyce said...

@ amrita:

wow! ye tats possible re but I think I can find tat out niways tat was so sweet of u

y wud i ban u re ?

Priya Joyce said...

@ joie:

hmmm gud tats cool re

yupp we all r unique and so though u don't hate i hate certain things..meri uniqueness u

hmmm ye i hav just said tat i don't like men who do such and such things
ye women r also like tat but not all

yupp surely our bro's dads do cum in tat category re..

Priya Joyce said...

@ amrita;

wow those r some gud points re ha ha
specially the first point on the likes ...

hmmm tats so sweet re
thanx for so much appreciation thanx dear.

Priya Joyce said...

@ sid:

hey u cud hav put something re wat u hate in gals

thanx for the appreciation buddy.

Meghna said...

ummm...Nice one Priya...different actually

OK- 2 things I dun like

1) Snickering , laughing staring etc.

2) they don red good books but crap (U knw wat I mean ;P)

2 thngs I like-

1) They understand ones emotions and support

2) they have mesmerizing eyes!

No grudges agnst you :)

Like ur smile in the pics :)

Diana said...


* I hate men who STAREEE.......

* I hate men who shout.....


I like the men who are Kind...

n Genuine


I like ur naughty character...n the way u write so straight....(I mean no running around the bush)
Frankly, I have nt come across anything bad about u yaar....Hugs

Priya Joyce said...

@ meghna:

wow great points there in both likes and dislikes ....hey all r not like tat na..tats wat u mean na..

hey thanx dear so sweet!!

Priya Joyce said...

@ diana:

hey I agree dear to ur points...

hmmm thanx for such sweet words re

Hemanth Potluri said...

u know all the answers of the questions....:)...i already told them long bac..:)...


Priya Joyce said...

@ hemz:

oks dude no probs..

Kartz said...

Good post... Ok...

What I hate/loathe- hypocrisy...
What I look for/admire- attitude, demeanour and looks too... :)

Enfin, about u... Don't know you enough to 'hate' anything. But yeah, I do like the way you take up issues and discuss them...


Shanks_P said...

new to this place .... Nice one u got here
About things i hate abt women ...Actually I don't see ppl as women or men, i see tham as individuals ...and in any individual i hate the most is Dishonesty ...
and the one i am attracted to will be Physically - 'Smile and Eyes' they r god given
characterwise ....Grace with which they go around ....


Priya Joyce said...

@ kartz:

hmmm hypocricy..yes its unbearable

gud looks choice..

hey thanx friend..

Priya Joyce said...

@ shanks_P
hey thats niice ye all women or all men don't hav these habits...
i agreee..

hmmm tats a cool answer..

hey thanx for visiting
keep coming..

Priya said...

I think nobody shud hate anybody. You are such an adoring girl with a beautiful heart.