Saturday, 16 August 2008

My Answers.....

1. Name the thing you sleep with.
I sleep with any of the novels that i read to get sleep. In winters its my cat so as to derive heat from her ha ha.

2. The best excuse you ever gave to your parents to miss school.
All my excuses failed. Mom and Dad are very clever ha ha.

3. Your dream man/woman ie the qualities you expect in your life partner.
That will be a man who is understanding and the main thing is shouldn't be an MCP.And also that he should love his country as I do that's all. Love comes by itself.

4. The first boy/girl who asked for your phone no.
Its Ravi. Actually he did not ask for my phone no. Principal sister had given to him to ask about the syllabus and portions as he was a new comer(in sacred heart) but later on he got admission in Kv. But when I joined Kv 3 yrs later and asked for his copy I noticed my phone no and address right there. I was surprised.I don't know frm where he got the address.

5. The worst quality in boys/girls.
I don't like bullying and fighting that they do.

6. The moment of life you felt proud of yourself. Please put up the incident also.
It was when I was in std 9. Actually I had to do an announcement of an item on the annual day and I was sad as i was not taking part in any other item. So I thought " do well what you do "
Then I went and announced. All clapped for me just an announcer and when i went back and changed and came to the place where mt dad and mum where seated a crowd of doctors, businessmen and other people of such high grade was there. As soon as I went there they said priya You were excellent on the stage, you held yourself like a mature modern lady and the way you said it that too Hindi it was superb. I was very happy and shocked also.

7. The worst habit/quality in you.
Laziness which takes me to second or third places when I can come on the first.

8. A thing you always wear except clothes.
Actually I wear watch, a cross and also a Thumb ring which my friend gave me when she was leaving the place. It has the words 'miss u' written on it.


phoenix said...

hey this was one amazing read!


blogrolled you :)

and btw the header is just so delicious...just didnt have the heart to scroll down :P

Hemanth Potluri said...

2.ur dumb..just kiddin buddy..nice ans..

3.nice description of future blogger ;)

7.i wud say mine would be much more...

8.u to r religious good thing buddy :)...


*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Nice to know more about you dear.

Have a nice weekend!

Saranya said...

Nice to read :)

Think Tank said...

hahahahahaha i luv tghe bit bout ravi ...blogrolled u :)

Aneesh said...

How sweet!! You really care about friends :)

Have a great sunday!!

Gagan said...

Loved the answers....bahut nice! Hehe....

Priya Joyce said...

@ raka:

ha ha
thanx 4 the broll
my header yupp yum it is

Priya Joyce said...

@ hemanth:

I know I am

future blogger? may be

u too lazy shame shame ha ha

yupp am religious.

Priya Joyce said...

@ saranya;

thanx dear

Priya Joyce said...

@ sami:

thanx to u dear
u got to knoew me more tats nice.

Priya Joyce said...

@ think T;

ha ha ravi hi hi

thanx for the blogroll dear.

Priya Joyce said...

@ aneesh:

yupp I care abt frnds.

thanx dr

Priya Joyce said...

@ gagan:
thanx buddy

bahut noce yaa bahut naughty.
ha ha