Sunday, 27 July 2008

I luv u..........!!!!

This is not a funny experience its a weird one. This happened wen I was in std X.

One fine day..... at 4:00 pm I was waiting for my friends to go for tuition.
I got a phone call........
I: yes, who's speaking.
He: Who r u.
I: I think you r the caller so u r the one who shud say, niway whom do u want to speak to?
He: My dear u only if ur mom is not somewhere there
I: who r u? grrr....
He: I am ur love just want to talk to u. mom there? then take ma cell no.
I: ( very angry) no no she's not here. ok fine I like tat niway wat tat u want to talk i wud luv to hear frm u.(fooling him)
He: ok ok fine can I come there.
I: come where
He: To ur home.
I: wat!!..(oops) I mean sure why not.
He: So give me ur address
I: u don't know? calling me without ma address chee chee shame shame.
He: of course I know but I want to hear ur voice
I; didn't u hear till now??
He: no I want to hear the address only.
I: ooho address only. ha! who r u wat do u think u can fool me I am the daughter of the ADM (though I'm not). Mere papa ko ek baar kaha na toh seedha lock up me samjhe!!( If I tell ma dad u'll be in lock up understand???).
He: sorry sorry plees don't do tat I'll never do tat again.

Now the fun of the matter is he called me on a landline tat has no caller ID
He he LOL this time I was the one to make fun of other person. I still laugh wen this conversation is relived.
So tell me how brave did I behave in tat situation of anonymous phone call.

He ha ha ha ha ....

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*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

What a wannabe desperate jerk!I donno where they get numbers of decent girls from.Has happened to me loads of times but never handled it with so much humor like you!

Keep it up dear :)

ThanaMoi said...

Haha.. funny guy he is.. OMG!!!
I hate this kinda calls sometimes.. especially when they call and play some stupid song and speak nothing.. I'll feel like screaming.. haha

Aneesh said...

Yah, you were really brave!! I guess, it might be some kid who called you LOL
There are people who blindly call some number just to hear some girl's voice, so they can continuously call her. Even, I once got a call. Well I first got one and I said 'Wrong number', but he wanted to know who I am and he won't tell his name. I disconnected the call. My friends have made a funny call to one of the girls in our college, I'll tell you that one sunday :)

Saranya said...

lolz. very mischievous u were! actually a good idea bt its also a shame tht he called u without knowing u or ur family well but just ur landline no. lol.. cool :)

Hemanth Potluri said...

hahah poor guy he must have pissed in his pants...and ur too clever priya..u rock...\m/...


Divkiran said...

Well i have done somethn similar...except i did have the caller id so i threatened him tellin him his number

Was such fun

I think u handled it well :-)

lukkydivz said...

:D nice counter there!

Priya Joyce said...

@ sam:

has happened many times to me also. so am an experienced person in this matter. will surely have to keep it up otherwise u know na........
niway thanx for coming

Priya Joyce said...

@ thanamoi:

hey can't call him funny he was mental piece. There r many such guys. my mom dad say boys r like tat niway they praise me 4 the way I handled it.

Priya Joyce said...

@ aneesh:

ha ha a kid with a manly voice of course.
Guys of school hav called me of course pretending to be Rahul. and I really thot so also.
but this guy was really dumb.
niway I will be eagerly waiting 4 ur sunday post. it's gonna be fun.

Priya Joyce said...

@ saranya;
ye a lil mischevious tats ma childhood trait. actually some people still call me a kid coz of tat.
luved tat u called it cool.

Priya Joyce said...

@ hemanth:

hey u give me so many complements. do u really thnk so or r fooling me as I fooled tat guy.

he he just kidding
thanx agn.

Priya Joyce said...

@ divvi:

he he thanx 4 tat.
ye I don't know frm where he got tat old landline no. we never make a call frm it. ha ha niway had fun quality tat too.

Priya Joyce said...

@ lukky:

hey really I enjoyed it. Its nice to fool such guys sometimes. ha ha LOL

Hemanth Potluri said...

wahhhhh :'( ...u insulted me from now onwards i wont appreciate..i will scold u...


mayz said...

u really got a call like dat...whoa!!! wat a loser!!!

Priya Joyce said...

@ hemanth:

hey plees don't do tat

Priya Joyce said...

@ mayz
ye I really got a call like that.
tat was fun.

Anonymous said...

Lol mann... they’ll do just anything except come up and befriend...but I s’pose otherwise it would take the challenge out and make it boring!
Tnx for blogrllin me, I don’t have a blgrll though coz i believe it goes against my personal nature.
And BTW,my name’s Ayushi(with 1 ‘A’),I’m saying coz I’ve had knowledge of a certain ‘Aayushi’ lurking abt somewhere in the blogosphere.

Priya Joyce said...

@ ayushi:

oh sorry I spelt ur name wrongly.
thanx for ur comment a serious look to ma fun.

The Geekie said...

wat a counterattack bbe :D