Saturday, 31 December 2016

He & She... An Everlasting Friendship...

When He & She got talking...

He: How's the cat today?
She: It's found love. It's found a girlfriend.
He: I was talking about you.
She: * wide smiles*


She: So where have you reached??
He: I'm nearing Tundla,U.P.
She: Hey have you heard about Tundla kebabs?
He: It's Tunde Kebab. ;-)
She: Boo Boo *hides face*

He:  Hello ma'am...
She: Hello hai.
He: Check mail I have sent you the project details. Go through.
She: My project. My Final year. And I am in no mood to talk study.
He: *wonders*
She: What are you wondering about?
He: So the Project is about...
She: *Escapes*


She: So what's up dude?
He: Listening to a beautiful song in a beautiful voice.
She: Female Singer?
He:  Yeah ;-)
She: Who? Share the song.
He: *shares audio*
She: Hello that's my sound cloud account.
He: yes!! :-)

He: An old colleague called to meet.
She: Male or female?
He: Female.
She: Committed or Single?
He: Single.
She When's the meeting? 
He: Today.

Well there is a thin line between friendship and love... or may be just ..that friendship is love like Rahul said in K2H2.

My only post in 2016. I felt like ending it with snippets of beautiful conversations that are part of all of our lives.

Happy 2017 Blogeville... 2016 will be missed dearly.

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