Sunday, 2 September 2012

Cash Depositing Kiosk.

Of what I've seen of human relationships I'd better wish they'd not existed. I suppose that is what many many people around the world think as well.

We all know how pathetic can human relations be. But then that's what I thought till now keep us going.
If we look into the relationships we build in our life time and not the ones we already get when we are born they somehow out number the existing ones.

That uncle at the shop from whom you buy those two packets of milk. Those people who you meet on the road.
In fact I remember two people I used to pass by when I used to go for work. One of them, on the way, daily used to walk past me with two of her friends. And one day suddenly she passed me a smile and since then everyday whenever we walked past each other we smiled. I do not know what connection that was.

The second a girl who seemed to me to be a little mentally slow (challenged) but then everyday she used to be there at the door to wave at me.  To tell you the truth I used to miss her whenever that door was closed.

Train journeys, adding people you meet on train to facebook to keep in touch. Relationships are built in every way.
Today's world is full of online shopping, home delivery, ATMs and cash depositing Kiosks.
Where do we interact?
We rarely interact. We lack in building relationships outside these days. May be that is why we lack in keeping up with the already existing ones.


ps: Inspiration was nothing but the sight of a cash depositing kiosk at a bank.


Sreejith K B said...

hmm.. correct

KParthasarathi said...

We often make the mistake of considering passing aquaintances and persons we meet in day to day work as friends or relationships.The milk maiid who delivers milk for decades or the grocer from whom you buy youur needs can at best be treated as known to you.
Relationships connotes much more to me,deeper and stronger than these.

Priya Joyce said...



No GP I wasn't talking abt the depth. i was just saying we've kind of stop interacting ...
we're busy with our own lives...

Anonymous said...

As technology invades more and more into our lives, the personal relationship we had with people around us is vanishing. With ATMS, internet transactions, mobile banking etc, i hardly go to the bank these days. The last i remember going to the bank was almost 6 months ago.