Thursday, 29 September 2011

Life is (beautiful) like that part unknown III

Loving someone is but gradually moving to being your real self before that someone..

Tuesday, 27 September 2011


He: Hey darlingggggg...
She: Public mei sansani ek baar karne do??
He: No I need your gmail password.
She: Okie why spy?
He: Naaahhh I trust you u know.. Just like that..
She: Ok *********
He: Why r u being so mean?
She: just like that.

To all guys and gals who ask their love for their passwords.

ps:) Dreamt this :P

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Addicted or Loving are you?

Definition of addiction. Meri nazar se addiction ko dekho :P

To define addiction would be difficult for me as I doubt if I qualify for it at all. (I'm lying :P)
Ok lets take a chance. :P
  • If you check someone's SMS more than 5 times to find out what he/she wants to actually say through it then you are addicted.
  • If the first thing you do when you open facebook is checking his or her profile then be sure you are addicted. Provided this happens almost daily. Tera kya hoga kaaliya?
  • If you always read his or her mail first ignoring everything else even a good job offer mail or any other important mail. Then trust me it's going to be tough for you in the coming days.  To get over him/her.
  • If you type his or her name in google and keep searching for anything and evrything what he or she does or did. Then don't ask me where you've reached with this.
  • If you keep checking (I mean SPYING) who all he/she talked to specially people from the opposite sex and ask him/her later about them or even if you don't ask him/her but feel terribly bad when he's/she's away from you for a while. Situation is critical dear.
  • If any thing from him or her be it just a miss call(which his/her li'l nephew must have accidently dialed,about which he /she tells you later) can give you relief...can give you lots of happiness because you think he's or she's lying and is just not ready to express him/her self.Doctorrr!! 
  • And finally if you introduce him/her to a friend of yours just to check whether she's/he's going to stray. My dear you have lost it

    These seem to me like the after effects of LOVE(yah of course I've written them don't yah even doubt :P)

    But then I can see a fine line between these two.Love and addiction I mean.
    That line is called trust. But that doesn't mean you don't do all the above. You sure do. But with trust :P
    ps:)  if the person you love is cheating upon you what much can you do?
    Ok fine emotional attyachar right?? :P but after that? Ok sit and cry?

    pps:) I
    dreamt about this post in the 2.5 hours of sleep I got :P
              So bear with it.
              thanking you.
              In advance :P

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Chat with a kamina :P

 Some hilarious morning conversations with a crazy kamina friend.  She: gud morning yaar
He: very gud morning yaari :P  ************************

She: hahahah......aur kya haal shaal h?
He: bas chal raha he
She: tum bas chalaate ho ?:o :P ************************
She: lolz
mei aati abhi Bbsrpitoge
lolzzzz :PHe: aaja aaja
chipkali ka godown pe chod dunga tujheme tera khoon NAHI piunga
She saale
:Pbtw kyun?
He: it sucks
She: tera scented hei kya?
:P **********************

She: ek baat poochu
it's very personal
He: pooch
OMG :s

She: Hmmmm wat PC do ya own? :P
He: mujhe pata tha grrrrr x(
She: :P:P
He: my PC
She: hahaha
slept off??
He: sexxxyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
He: continue karoon??
rehne de
bacchi he tu
She: baccha hoga tu
:Pmeeee adult
continue karo ji

ps:) wanted to start the day on a positive note :))