Monday, 28 December 2009

Memories .2009...Welcome... 2010

Yet another year gone...
For me this year was the year of extremes...
Extremely emotional year .Which ultimately made me more mature and be moderate to
handle situations and emotional breakdowns.

For me this year started with a long 3 month break from blogs-ville cos of various reasons.. main being Exams..
Yet I could not maintain that..
There were lots of situations when I just thought "this is the end of it"
Yet something made me get up and fight it out...

When my cat died..on 14th Jan..I just had to vent out my emotions some where..and I found my blog to be the best place .. (I still am thankful to each and everyone who supported me then).

There was a time when I decided to quit blogger....Well misunderstandings can cause blunders specially in relationships...yet some people are so good that they just forgive you even if you have spoiled their name in public (though unintentionally) :):)

My of the most beautiful ones I've ever had...I can only thank God for all the wonderful friends I've got...who care so so much for me...Thanks everyone :) that's the least I can say :)

There were many mushy moments..this year..the word "committed" in front of my "relationship status" brought questions in many minds...hahah...

But God willed something else...someone else..So here I am back to the old crush(y) and non-mushy moods of mine :P Yes outaa love :)

My college was like a picnic this time...the picnic which I was very irregular to attend..yet..I got a second rank ...and..scored well(not so well though, guys, who actually want me to top this year ...I can't promise you :P)

At the end of this year Nov 18 precisely...I lost my dear classmate...and the most hurting was the way people were speaking about her character...

I had to learn cooking. For the first time I managed the kitchen as mom does..yes I got a lot of help from daddy(he did the dishes for me :P)...
Basically that was a lot of work...haha.

Christmas was good anyhow.. I met many of my old schoolmates...bus mates..after a long long time..and celebrating it the way we used to then. It was a nice feeling all together.

And yes finally after 2 years of no non-veg(which I personally said no to cos of certain reasons of mine) I had to get back to non-veg specially fish.. cos my Doc says so...hmmmm:(

Extreme happiness extreme sadness...all came this year...
What I take from this year is the maturity I gained, the positivity that helped me a lot to not question life and yes..the ability to let go happily...

I think I have basically learned to be a person who now thinks a lot about every step she takes..
Now I no more share so freely as I used to...I became stingy in expressing my sadness..not happiness though
yes that makes my kiddish ness..a lot less also helps me to not fall into unnecessary troubles..

Any how...I know my facebook friends specially would keep calling me a kid...however much I try..hahah..Secretly I love to be a kid too :P

The year is gone..or just hours left...
Hope 2010 brings us all more happy moments than sad.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year :):)

Take care. Hugs to all :)

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

It's Christmas :):)

Living in a place where most of the people wonder what Christmas is? or assume it to be just the festival of Santa and gifts and's difficult to explain to them what Christmas really is..
Every time I hear people telling me..."hey pj this time what new have you bought for Christmas..??", "How are you decorating your house?", "When would be the Santa coming at your place?" I feel is Christmas all about this? No.
It surely has a more divine and important message..

The message is Humility which is followed by simplicity.

Jesus Christ was not born in a grand palace. He was not born to very wealthy or learned parents. Also He was not born in the full blaze of daylight with the knowledge of all men. Jesus Christ was born in a simple lowly place, a corner of a stable. He was born to humble and poor parents, who had nothing to boast about, except their own spotless character and holiness.

Also He was born in the darkness in the obscure hour of midnight, when no one even knew about it, except a few Divinely blessed people.The quality of true humility is one of the indispensable fundamentals. Then we find simplicity, holiness and the renunciation of all desire for worldly wealth and pride of learning.

This is the message I would like to give it to all of you too...
Yes..buying new clothes, decorating your houses with stars and bells ain't bad..but that shouldn't make us forget the true spirit of this festival...

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas...

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Truth hurts...but...

It's sometimes better to say a stern "no" rather than making a person doubt about what's going on in your mind...

I hate it when people take your generosity and hesitation to hurt them as something else..

The truth hurts but sometimes there is no other way around..

Yet....telling a truth to someone early can reduce their pain...
I believe so...

Monday, 14 December 2009

Friendship Love hmmm??

Somethings make me question...
Is the most beautiful relationship friendship and not love?

Thursday, 10 December 2009

NEver open the door for strangers :P

Read the title?? :P:P

Well this happened in 2006 feb the time I was preparing for my tenth board exams...
My mom had to go to the doc. for a routine check up. My dad told me to get ready and I as usual was lazy to go and told him I have to study so he said "okay you stay here...but if anyone comes tell then that we are not here ..please come later.."
Saying this they went away..

I was alone at home...I had to study ...but I was more worried about the match going on between India and Pakistan (first ODI)
Since it was almost getting over..I switched on the TV...but at that very moment someone rang the bell...
I looked through the window and saw two women...they came to ask something from my mom.
yes I opened the door for them and told them that my parents weren't there and they'll be back in half an hour.
They said "yes we have to go to the nearby shop we'll be back in half an hour"
They went away...
I watched 2 or 3 overs and then suddenly bell rang again...
I looked through the window(we dun have a spy hole :P)
THis was one Malayali uncle. :P
What went through my mind was "men cannot be trusted" :P:P
I switched off the TV
went into the bedroom and switched off the main power that the bell goes off..
he kept banging the door loudly..I remained silent (meanwhile I was talking to my friend on phone to get updates about the match :P)
He tried Tried...
then finally as he was going away the two women who had come earlier came in..
He asked them "Where have they gone ?? do you have any idea".
They said "they have gone to the doc. but their daughter was here she opened the door for us"
and then I see that mom and dad are back.
After that what could I do??
I had to open the door
switch on the main power switch
and what then all I had to hear :P:D

This was one of the biggest goof ups I ever had :P:D

Moral: Open the door for males who are Malayalees :P (though they cannot be trusted too :P)
ps:) wud reply to the comments of previous post soon :)

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Love at all times :P

The first time you fall in love it's a strange feeling..You don't even know that you are in love...
It feels as silly and naughty as one of your crushes...but then at some point when you realize it's love. That's when you almost lose stand amidst of a crowd and yet you feel alone...
It's all strange ..... strange ahh ...You find your reason failing before emotions. Yeah madness and absent mindedness are its symptoms too :P

Second love is quite strange often tend to compare your second love with our first...
that's perfectly human..
You don't fall in for any search for search for a better search for someone perfect ..your dream life partner..
But however wise the human brain is..however loses before emotions ha ha ha

you fall madly absent minded ly for someone yet again :P

I never thought I'd say this..but I think Love is love be it first or second...
it's equally mad at all times..hahaha

ps:) silly mad post please blame it on my mood :P

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Devilish me :P thnx to Ste ;)

Recently Stefun I mean Stephen :P tagged me on Facebook as the devil...
Well at that time I became furious :P but it's only now that I realize that there's a lot of truth in
it :P

I came to the conclusion based on the following things I do :P

  1. I love to fool 2 of my friends actually 3 :P who are now madly in love :P
  2. I eat my lunch in my parents' room on my mum's pillow tastes gr88 believe me...:P
  3. Recently one of my professors got married...and yeah since yesterday I and my two friends started fooling him too...:P that's the most enjoyable of my devilish acts :P
  4. I can sit and surf the net for hours but when dad/mom tell me to do some work I tell them I am a second year student and I hav lotsaa syllabus to cover :P
  5. Recently I was standing in a group and talking to my friends..when one of the guys came and almost took me away to talk something and I punched him in his tummy :P how the hell he disturb me and take me away from the girl talk :P
Now ain't these acts enough to prove me a devil?? :P

I thank Ste AKKA Stephen Anthony for helping me realize this :P devil in me ;)