Sunday, 26 April 2009

I'll just Go away..

One day..when u wake up..
One day when u think of me
one day when you click on
U'll find......
.....a void.........
(This no more exists)
I think.......that one day will come soon.....

Saturday, 25 April 2009

I luv this SMS :)

Friendship is when you have a huge fight and plan to break all relationships.
But then you decide to put aside your egos and say "oye nautanki i need you yaar"

ps:) have replied to some of the comments of the last post..will reply to the rest very soon..

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Think it out !!

Some time ago I got some questions from my dad...well..he told me to think and answer them.

To think as deep as I could..and find answers for each question I reach while searching for the answer to this question..

I'd give you just one of them.

Well..I would disclose my answer to it the last comment in the comments page..

till then.....

u juggle.... struggle..and do all that u can do.. to answer this........please don't think its easy ...(well think what u want :P)

the question is

Can we have valid knowledge?

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

I thought t'was him :P


I joined Orkut on 27th Feb and all was going well until fine day someone called *Rahul*

sent me a friend request.
It was Rahul Saxena... I checked his profile...

1. His birthday wasn't 12th jan
2. His surname was Saxena...not Badhwar..

well then I asked him...

Priya... Who are you??R u from KV?
Rahul...well you'll be shocked to know who I am..... am from Sacred Heart not from KV......Sis Anjali's fav student
(I was confused) :P

then I noticed a scrap...on his scrapbook..from one of my classmates..that read..."hey yaar y hav u used another name?"
(I expected him to have changed Badhwar to Saxena) :P

Hopes still High :P

Priya.. Hey I don't remember any Rahul Saxena...ok were u my junior or senior?

Rahul: no I was in the same class as u and I am the guy you disliked the most.

Priya:(thinking that if disliking meant liking :P) Arre Then your name should have been something else. U can't be Rahul.

Rahul: oh... pleez I am not Rahul Badhwar..ur love, and btw what should have been my name??

Priya: oyeee he was not my love...terri toh....ur shud have been Vikas.

Rahul.:hehehe ok ...waise....y do u hate Vikas so much.

Priya: hmmmm so r u Vikas??

Rahul: yeh I am ..waise maine aisa kya kiya tha...(what did I do that u hate me so much?)

He was the one stupid guy in my class...who used to always make fun of me regarding this Rahul thing....

whenever I passed this boys gang at school ..he used to say
"hey u know what Rahul called me yesterday "

then sing out the song...woh ladka bahut yaad aata hei :P:P


I think he mus be still wondering y i hate him....


Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Awards..from 2 sweet gals..and a sweet guy

Thanx Saranya..for sharing this with me. I'd share it with all whom I fooled in the previous 2 posts. Well, I do know that I hurt some of you. Par choti bacchi samajh ke bhool jaao na. :)

Special award from Yamini which I'd like to share with all whom I met I this virtual world.

This cutest blogger award from Hemzii...I steal his words ....I'd pass it to everybody whose blogs I read Coz i think all my friends are cute :P. To My newest friends also--> Amal Bose, Meason, Amit, Arv, Pratibha and Amit.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Date Moments.

date moments.:P I know u'll all be surprised to hear this..but don't get shocked anyway.

Since i haven't included two names that is Pratibha and lena.

Tcbuddies and please don't kill me for this ;)

Special thnx to you too.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

My first date...

This is going to be a very happy post. I am very very happy today.

The 2 main things that make me happy is

the date of Easter coming closer and the second thing which you'll be very surprised to hear is that on Monday the day after Easter is also a very very special day for me.

Yes on Monday ..its gonna be my first date...wohoooooo.....

yesh his name is Ravi. wow..he called me juss now and asked me for a date. wow...I cannot believe this ....

pleeez pleez help me guys and gals.... thode tips do na...gimme some tips buddies..

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Mental Ferris Wheel & my latest crush!

A long post indeed but read it pleez.

From the last 10 days I am in a completely weird mood(I call it weird bcoz' its very difficult to describe it). Writing posts which is the result of a momentary mood and feelings following it.

I really cannot write what all I feel. Its like a Ferris wheel, a thought comes to my mind then as I keep thinking about it another thought comes in. Then after a series of thoughts i find my thoughts getting repeated.

Today morning I was thinking about blogging and such stuffs...which we all do. We write what we feel, we get some comments, we feel bad if no one reads it, we write all big great things, we share awards, we make more friends, we say sweet things to them. I was kind of happy that I can share my views out here.

At that very moment I took the latest subscription of RD(Reader's Digest). The cover story about Slumdog Millionaire. I read it full. What do I feel? Sad......(the article was about the condition of those 2 kids of the slum one of them(Azhar,Rubina) doesn't have a roof over him.)

"Priya what do you do for these people?"

"When I grow up I'll surely do something".(very wrong attitude)

I have always taken decisions in life based on thinking. I mean i think a lot and then decide.

But what??...That doesn't mean always the "ferris wheel" would stop at the correct decision. I mean the correct mood and the correct feeling.

It was really depressing to lose my cat. Sometimes I cry buckets(not funny). I do not know anger come into my system all of a sudden.

But now while I am writing this..I feel an angelic compulsion to forgive those boys who were responsible for its death.

Now back to RD. The editor of rdIndia...wrote a very good article on the cover story.
He must be in his 40s but I got a crush on him. Mohan Sivanand

I do not know why the looks do not attract me to a person. Yeah even if it does it will be surely for minutes only.

I honestly feel all people commenting on my blog just do so coz I comment on their's.
I won't say please don't comment or please only comment if you like what I write because I do know that this momentary stage of the "ferris wheel" will also turn away.

I am going on writing what I am feeling now and surely i'd regret for this if .......(I hope you know now)
tc guys
and gals too
ps:) I had written it earlier published juss now.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Are you really in love?

No big words nor phrases..... You really love anybody...the बेइंतिहा प्यार only if....

  • You can make any sacrifice for that person. Any here means real sacrifice and not anything else. I hope you all know what real sacrifice means. Sacrifices aren't easy.
  • Whatever that person does I mean even if that person doesn't care about you or doesn't behave the way you do or may be is very rude to you. What I basically mean to say is loving that person without caring about his/her love/attitude towards you.

R U really in love?

ps:) My personal opinion..pleej don't come for a war :P

Monday, 6 April 2009

An answer that made me realize.....

Daughter : Daddy I do not want to talk to you and mummy.
Daddy : Why dear?
Daughter : You always agree with what mummy says and mummy agrees with what you say whether its right or wrong.
Daddy : OK! So tell me dear would you be happy if your mom and I never agreed at all.

The gal who finds answers so spontaneously for everything couldn't get any for this simple question.

This is true. It had reely happened. When i think of this now it makes me laugh..but am also proud of my dad who made me understand such a thing with such simple words....

Saturday, 4 April 2009

She belonged to him!!

After years she opened her personal diary that she had maintained from the age of 16. Now it was more than 5 years that she hadn't written anything.

The day was no good for her. She had a hectic schedule...tiring one...she tried to sleep...but couldn't. After all job hunting is not that easy.
Naima turned a few of the pages written on 8th April 1994.

Aalekh looked at me today and passed a smile to me. I thought I would faint of happiness. I had been desperate for a glance from him."

When she read the name '
Aalekh' tears came out of her eyes. He was a gem of a person. Such an understanding, caring soul. She couldn't believe that he wasn't in her life anymore. Her dreams to get settled with him....all were shattered when*****he died in a car accident the day before their marriage. Her first love. She decided to live with his memories. Be single for the rest of her life.

She then thought about Samar(he was the one who introduced her to
Aalekh). The name that she called her best friend.She missed his presence. He had not even bothered to come and console her. There was no one with her in the most difficult times. She was shattered.
Naima ....had always taken him for granted. Now she realized how important that stupid, flirty, funny guy was for her.

With each page...she felt she was reliving her past years

When she turned the next page...something fell down....It was a
rose...a red rose...
"My angel ... I love you"(written on the page).
She kept it back as a memory of Aalekh.

She couldn't express what she felt.
Those words had great make her forget all her troubles. She had been financially down for the last 2 months. Trying hard to find a job.
It was almost dawn. She got up from the floor, straightened her back. Got ready for another day..tough..but she was confident.
After locking her house she checked the letter box hoping for an appointment letter.
Everyday she had been doing this....but she never got a good news. But she still had hopes.
She just wanted it badly. Naima put her hand inside the box....there was a letter in it.
"God please let it be an appointment letter"
Ah! her face lit up. She had got a job. She felt it was a miracle. A miracle of love and trust.
First days of the job were difficult but soon she got settled.
One day as she was leaving for home....someone called out "Naima". She turned at once
and she saw
Samar. (His office was just opposite to her's).
Samar: Hey how are you?Naima: I am fine. Were were you all these years?S: Me...? My dad had a project abroad so had to go there with him.N: oh!
She invited him to her house. He reluctantly said yes.
Seeing her open the door he assumed Aalekh must be at work.
S: So hows Aalekh?N: (with tears in her eyes) He's left me forever. He's no more
S: (he was shocked) What? When did this happen?
N: On 17 March 1999.... the day before my marriage.

He couldn't speak up. Shocked...and guilty for not being there for her.
N: How's your life? Where's your wife? (she assumed that the 32 yr old guy must have been married).
S: No wife...I didn't marry.
He went away after saying this.
Naima couldn't digest this..."huh! this guy didn't find a girl for himself?"
Moreover his behaviour too had surprised her.
Days passed by...he met her daily....tried to make her happy...He had completely changed. This irresponsible guy who always made blunders had now become a caring gentleman and always used a white handkerchief(the gentleman accessory according to her).
At a restaurant one day.....after they had lunch...
The waiter came with the he took out his wallet one of his buddies came in...he gave the wallet to Naima... and told her to pay the bill.
She couldn't believe what she saw in the wallet. It was her pic. "Why on Earth would he keep my pic in his wallet?"
She took out the pic..
and turned it..
What she saw was even more shocking......
words....penned down...

"My Angel"

She could understand everything now...
the rose......
the words....
the abroad trip....
his being unmarried...
the change...
She now respected this guy. Who was in love with her but never told her so that she might not feel hurt.
In the depths of her heart......she too loved him for all that he had done.
She turned her eyes to the sky.....felt her name was true to her life....

Naima means belonging to one.

ps:) This is my very first attempt on a story as such. please do become my critiques :)
pps:) SPECIAL thanks to all (Jincy, Prashant, Harshita, Yamini, Madhuri, Sameer, Stephen, Diana, Sormita,Farah.) who helped me choose a name for the character NAIMA.
ppps:) The name Naima showed different meanings... when I consulted different just go with the meaning i mentioned above.