Wednesday, 30 July 2008

A Tribute !!!!

Ishmeet Singh VOI 2007
(Sept 02 1989- jul 29 2008)

This is a very sad thing that happened yesterday. When I got this news I was is great shock I couldn't digest it. All that I can do is pray for his soul to rest in peace.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

some more funny pics..... actually two!!!!

I hav a bad habit to try out anything. And so u can see I am trying to paint ma cooler. Anyway I get more career options. wat say!!! LOL

This was taken on my baptism day.
It really looks like here I am forced to sit there.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

I luv u..........!!!!

This is not a funny experience its a weird one. This happened wen I was in std X.

One fine day..... at 4:00 pm I was waiting for my friends to go for tuition.
I got a phone call........
I: yes, who's speaking.
He: Who r u.
I: I think you r the caller so u r the one who shud say, niway whom do u want to speak to?
He: My dear u only if ur mom is not somewhere there
I: who r u? grrr....
He: I am ur love just want to talk to u. mom there? then take ma cell no.
I: ( very angry) no no she's not here. ok fine I like tat niway wat tat u want to talk i wud luv to hear frm u.(fooling him)
He: ok ok fine can I come there.
I: come where
He: To ur home.
I: wat!!..(oops) I mean sure why not.
He: So give me ur address
I: u don't know? calling me without ma address chee chee shame shame.
He: of course I know but I want to hear ur voice
I; didn't u hear till now??
He: no I want to hear the address only.
I: ooho address only. ha! who r u wat do u think u can fool me I am the daughter of the ADM (though I'm not). Mere papa ko ek baar kaha na toh seedha lock up me samjhe!!( If I tell ma dad u'll be in lock up understand???).
He: sorry sorry plees don't do tat I'll never do tat again.

Now the fun of the matter is he called me on a landline tat has no caller ID
He he LOL this time I was the one to make fun of other person. I still laugh wen this conversation is relived.
So tell me how brave did I behave in tat situation of anonymous phone call.

He ha ha ha ha ....

See what's here updated

Saturday, 26 July 2008


This is another wonderful experience of mine. What happened is, my mom has a habit of putting a little(4-5 drops) Rum in the Christmas cake. So wat she did was, after putting rum in the prepared batter she kept the bottle, small abt the ht of a toothpick on the kitchen parapet and went outside for some other work. Now I and my friend saw her doing that and thought "wat if we try it out and see if its really worth".
So I and my frnd went and took the bottle and put half of its content in my glass and half in hers actually speaking there wasn't much at all. But we the the challenge takers got some kind of loss of balance after that. Next wat happened I didn't know.
But when we got up in the morning the next day first of all our head was aching like anything secondly had missed the cake. And then came the real fun wen mom told us that how we we had behaved. It was fun hearing it.
We both had sung songs like drunkards do danced and moreover spilled some of our secret crushes in front of the guests. Mum said it was a gr8 entertainment for them.
Ye anyway we made a joke of us.
KV updated!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 24 July 2008

I take Pride in............

I got a crush on him when I was in std X. That was in April beginning of the session.
Actually when I went to my friend's house she was watching the serial. Its title was KYPH. I luved his acting. Now that I came to know that I was crushed by him the first thing I did was to save his pictures and trust me I saved his 32 pics.And print outs.
Actually I get crushed now and then so I had deleted all his pics. But never mind I had kept bak one of his pics just to make sure tat i have one of his pics if I get a crush on him again.
Actually we all that is all my classmates(gals) had a crush on him and we used to watch that serial in watever situation we were in.
Now the fun of the matter came when one day someone (a boy) lost his 75 rupees. So wat! Teacher personally checked all our bags and u would be surprised as our teacher was after seeing that all the 19 gals had his photo in their bags. And u would also be surprise to know that the teacher who checked our bags was a sister(nun).
Of course she did give us a big lecture. And after that only tat means this crush incident only a youth guidance teacher was appointed.
Though our crush syndrome did continue but wee were careful not to keep pics in bag.
I feel proud of being a part of a class responsible for the appointment of a youth guidance teacher. He he ha ha ha ha LOL.

i really don't know whether its worth the suspense I created.

That's Awful updated!!!!

Wednesday, 23 July 2008


The next Post is also going to be on one of my crushes. I 'll put his pic also.

coming soon he he.
Till then have fun.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Characteristic features of my cat.......... LOL.

My cat is a complete original piece. She can be kept as an antique piece. LOL

Why am I saying tat.........coz

1. She is complete vegetarian.
2. Drinks only cold milk with sugar dissolved in it.
3. Doesn't like any male touching her: dad exception.
4. Gets up at 5:00 AM and goes and sits in the prayer room.
5. Gives replies to all your questions.
6. Never sits on anybody's lap only on shoulders.
7. Doesn't like anybody touching her face.
8. Doesn't like anybody sitting in front of the PC, she comes and disturbs by standing on the keyboard.
9. Only takes out her nails when a male comes close to her.
10. Whenever the sound of the kitchen key is heard she leaves all the work and starts begging for milk.

And moreover she has many names, all funny

i Flute for her voice
ii bottle brush for her tail
iii Irene for her sleep
iv draki for her eyes.

Monday, 21 July 2008

Some Funny Pics!!!!

Can you spot any anything special in this pic. Thats our cat. The rope tied tats my work. Anyway our cat is a complete original piece. I doubt there are any other cats of her same character. BTW tats our store room.

This image was taken when I was in Kerala. I tried to experiment a lot with things out there. So what Did I do? I took 2 leaves of Colocasia( chemb: arabi) and took many photos like this. and you know what that night I took bath 5 times as I couldn't sleep due to the itching. all because of those leaves.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Just any one of these; and u are in luv!

Does any of this apply to you????

1. You check his/her horoscope after checking yours.
2. You who normally were sad now feel a coat of happiness in ur life.
3. You can't stop thinking of him/her.
4. You feel happy when he/she calls you.
5. You always expect him/her when the doorbell rings.
6. You start wearing all matching outfits.
7. You find that you have started thinking positively.
8. You start getting upset when recharge gets over.
9. You don't feel bad when someone else ignores you.
10. You who were so bad in memorizing historical dates now remember all dates connected to him/her.

If any of these applies to you then you are surely and deeply in love.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Crush Project!!!!

In KV I was called miss crush as I have had so many crushes.
So this time the crush was on a journalist. I liked the way he presented a news item so cleverly. His initials were DC. Since he was 34 yrs of age when I was just 16 so many of my friends made fun of me. And to tease me they filled the last page of my Physics tuition copy with the initials DC. since in Physics DC means direct current, I did not also bother about it.

But one day one of my friends asked me for my tuition copy. I gave it to her thinking that she wanted it for copying notes.

Now that day I was on the first bench so sir asked for my copy for some calculations. I gave it to him thinking that he won't understand.

But he said oh! God Priya you have made a whole project out of DC.

Only then I realized that my friend had stuck his photo and had written under it. DC(expanded) PJ's latest crush and signed my name.
ps:) public of today updated.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Blank Calls!!!!!!

This incident is again about the so called Rahul.
This happened after that teacher incident. Since I was determined to talk to him I copied his phone no from the attendance register. Then later that day ie at about 5:00 in the evening I called him. What happened is his sister took the call and since I wasn't confident to say that I wanted to talk to him just for fun and no special work, I kept on holding the phone. This happened at least thrice.
So next day I told this incident to my friends. Then I told my friend who used to come with him to school as they were both from the army cantt to ask him "did u get any blank calls" saying that she got some. she told fine I'll do that and went away.
then at 3:00 pm she rang me up saying that he was upset and said that his father can be put to jail fot getting such blank calls coz it could be anyone and told me to ask him sorry. So I immediately rang him up and asked sorry. He said "so you were the one calling me" and said ok now its fine.

Next day when I went to school only I came to know from my friend that she had revealed everything to him earlier on and it was his plan to fool me.
ps:) The name Pj was coined by Rahul only.

Monday, 14 July 2008

My first Boyfriend!!!!!

So wat do u all think tat I am a kid and know nothing about romance and luv. So let me tell u all 1 incident about ma childhood wen I was just 3 yrs old. My first boyfriend was at the age of 3 actually the only boyfriend. His name was Ankit. He lived on the second floor wen I was on the first.
Daily at three in the morning ie 3:00 AM I used to wake up my parents saying that I want to go to the toilet and wen they used to get up and open the front door I was no where to be seen. They used to search for me everywhere then wake up all of the neighbours and finally go to Ankit's house where I used to be found playing with him.

I heard about this yesterday from my mom. I couldn't control my laugh can you?

Note: the image is mine.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Stupid social work!

Oh! God, this incident happened when I was in std five. Since we had Diwali holidays we decided to go to Goa. Since my dad's childhood friend was there we didn't have any problem in seeing places. Now one day my mom, dad's friend's wife and I went for some shopping. So after shopping when we were returning back we decided to buy some fruits.
When we were buying I saw a beggar sitting there. I decided to give him something without his asking only. I asked for a 2 rupee coin from mom and gave it to him and he ungrateful fellow did something which made all the fellow buyers even aunty laugh hilariously.
Now wat did he do? He threw that 2 rupee coin on me and grumbled something in konkani.
It was aunty who translated the words to me. He actually said "you think I am a begger or you have some mental problem of doing social work".

After that I never gave anybody money before that person's asking.
Now you know how much effect that person had on me.

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Wat fun!

This is an incident which happened when I was in my ninth std. The teacher who taught us SSt also taught us moral science.
So when the teacher came to our class in the fifth period for teaching SSt she asked us to revise the lesson taught on the earlier day. I raised my hand voluntarily. But she did not ask me to revise the lesson instead scolded me. She said "Priya what have you drawn on your hand. Today morning only I taught in moral science how to behave right in different situations". I did not want to say anything but since I couldn't control myself I spitted it out "but mam you taught that lesson in the third period and I had drawn this on my hand in the second period itself" before I finished the whole class bursted out laugh. And so I had to face another embarrassing moment.

Friday, 11 July 2008

Et Tu Brute..

This is one of the many funny experiences I had I school.
Actually it happened when I was in the tenth std. As usual our class teacher came to our class and after taking attendance she started continuing the chapter of Julius Caesar which had been started the earlier day.
So when the famous line of Julius to Brutus that is "Et Tu Brute" were said by the teacher it by mistake became Brutu. No body laughed at that time but after some time I laughed. Teacher asked" Priya why are you laughing".I said mam "I can't tell" but she forced me to say. And what I said actually insulted her.
And I had laughed because my friend who was sitting beside me said"Brutu kya kutta hai kya(brutu, is it a dog or what)"

Thursday, 10 July 2008

The New Boy

On the start of the new session a new boy came to our class. His name was Rahul. He was so brilliant to give answers etc and had many other talents. So I just Wanted to have a conversation with him.
Since my parents knew about this they discussed this matter to my class teacher as she was very familiar to us.She told me "all of you should interact nicely why do you behave like this".
Now on the next day when she came to our class I thought she was going to give a lecture on interaction between boys and girls in a co-ed school and praise me for having raised the matter.
But the thing she did made me unable to stand straight in front of the class from that day.
She told "Rahul stand up, why don't you talk to Priya she wants to badly talk to you". And I was dumbfounded thinking oh! God what's she saying.
That day in front of all 48 students I was so much ashamed that even now some of my friends tease me for that.
And to tell u something I was only in my eighth Std at that time.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

The sandal

Today is gonna be the first post in this blog. So lemme start with some childish experience.
All the facts of this blog are going to be the ones which I have truly experienced and felt.

This one is going to be fun for all of you.

This one happened when I was in the fifth std and I had gone to visit my paternal granny.
Now as any kid I also had a craze to buy things new dress new sandals etc. But the sandals i bought were really lose and used to open by itself. So dad said"Priya tell me what will you do if your sandal gets opened in the middle of the road when you are crossing and a big vehicle is coming close"? I said very bravely that I would leave the sandal on the road and cross the road fast. Dad said good girl and ended the discussion.
Next day we had to go to a near by place so we were on foot. But when we were crossing the road to go back to our place then my sandal got opened, what did I do? I stood there crying on the road and since my dad was holding my hand he picked me up and took me to the other end thats when i saw all were laughing at me. I still laugh when daddy talks of the incident.